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Ford Crown Victoria Livestock Transporter Gives Longhorn A Ride: Video

People have been transporting livestock for a very long time now, but these days, we have big fancy trailers and trucks to pull those animals around in. However, a man named Lee Meyer from Neligh, Nebraska opts to give his longhorn a ride around town in a different sort of vehicle – this former Police Interceptor Ford Crown Victoria livestock transporter.

A Reddit user recently posted a video of this Crown Victoria livestock transporter giving the gigantic animal a ride around town, and it understandably blew up. However, as it turns out, this rather insane vehicle and its owner have been doing this for several years now, as we dug up this KJZZ report from 2017 discussing the unique vehicle.

The car itself is quite ingenious, as the passenger side is essentially cutaway, including the roof, windshield, and doors, to make room for the large animal. It even has a big metal gate instead of a door, which presumably makes getting in and out of the car easy for its passenger.

But what’s particularly interesting about this Crown Victoria is that it apparently isn’t an uncommon sight in Nebraska. The man that spotted it years ago noted that people use modified cars like this to show off their prized cattle or other livestock at festivals. Shows you how much we know about these kinds of things.

It’s no surprise that the Redditor who posted the video mistook it for something you might see in Texas, but as it turns out, crazy stuff involving livestock happens in other places, too. But personally, we wouldn’t exactly want to be in the car with this big old animal when it inevitably needs to use the, ahem, facilities.

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  1. Dan Beilman

    Its so FAKE!!!

    1. Walt Simmons

      Can’t get anything past you Dan. Of course it’s fake. Did you really expect an old police car to have “ACTUAL LEATHER” in the interior?


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