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Ford F-150 Sinks In Frozen Canadian Lake, Becomes Impromptu Fish House: Video

Without fail, every year, we hear countless tales of people falling through the ice on various bodies of water. Oftentimes, this occurs in early or late winter, when the ice isn’t terribly thick and certainly unsafe to walk on or drive on. Unfortunately, the was the case at Lake Simcoe in York, Ontario, Canada recently, while a resident could only stand by after his Ford F-150 sinks into the abyss.

The York Regional Police posted pictures and a video of their rescue efforts as a way to warn residents of the inherent dangers out on the lake at this time of year. Clearly, with temperatures trending upward, ice fishing season is over, though these folks didn’t get the memo. Members of the York Regional Police Marine Unit received a call when seven fishers found themselves stranded on the lake when the ice began to break apart, at which point the Ford F-150 sinks into the cold water.

Those officers worked in tandem with the South Simcoe Police and Durham Regional Police Service Marine Unit and Fire and Emergency Services to rescue the seven people, five of whom were treated for mild hypothermia, while one person was taken to hospital with severe hypothermia.

As for the Ford F-150, well, as the marine unit points out in their tweet, it’s now become an impromptu fish house until the spring. Obviously, there’s no safe way to extract the pickup until then, unless the marine unit wants to rescue itself. But above all, this incident should serve as an important reminder that no icy body of water is ever truly safe, especially when temperatures aren’t cold enough to sustain a nice, thick layer of ice.

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  1. Jean-Francois Rivard

    And this fishing season’s proud Darwin Award recipient is…

    1. JoeBryant

      Every ice fishing person out there.

  2. Joey

    At least…..You are covered, provided you have comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy. “A customer who drove on the ice for the purpose of ice-fishing would be covered under comprehensive coverage if their car fell through the ice. That’s good:-)

  3. Larry Hisel

    What were you thinking cars&trucks do not belong on any lake ice dum ass glad it was a ford and not a dodge good for a great laff hope they charge you for the recovery let it be a lesson for you

    1. Jefferson

      Don’t be a sanctimonious jerk. they were thinking: FISH. and have probably driven out on that lake dozens of times. what does the the brand matter? damn, you’re shallow. Enjoy your couch, lardass.

      1. Michael D Sutterlin

        Lmao, Dodge. That’s the biggest joke of this whole ordeal.

  4. Geo

    Yeah, what Jefferson said!

  5. Daniel

    We’ve seen a thing or two. We. Are. Farmers. Bum-ba-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum!

  6. Jonathan

    Yeah what jefferson said!! Larry is a typical doge owner most of them have some sort of attitude. Not sure why though maybe regret!!

  7. Tony

    The Ford was an accident. People do that with Dodge Trucks to get rid of them🤣🤣🤣

  8. Michael852

    I for one was glad to see the truck sink to it’s watery grave. This was an excellent teaching tool for all the dumb “A$&’s” out there about ice fishing and thin ice. Could not of happened to a nicer person.

  9. Jonathan A DeRenzo

    Unfortunately only a 🤡 CLOWN drives his vehicle on the ice and believes that it is not going to fall through the ice

    1. Bryan R.

      Amen Jonathan , some people find happiness in others misfortunes. That Troll with suffer Karma soon. Hope the guy gets a new truck soon.

  10. Kenneth Soule

    Insured, maybe not my insurance co. ( Farmers recently told me they would not cover trailer damage to a trailer going down the road because it was moving. But they would cover it if It was a yard ornament or if a flying ( f*****g ) pig that hit it or holding
    up flowers. They only covers acts of God on comprehensive or acts of vandalism so they will try not to pay. Even if there commercial says otherwise.

  11. Anon

    Accidents happens and are unpredictable. I wish everyone involved a rapid recovery

  12. Jonathan Tuck

    Unfortunately you cannot legislate stupid…


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