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Ford GT Wreck Splits Car In Half, Catches Fire In Los Angeles: Video

A first-generation Ford GT has been completely destroyed in a devastating wreck in Los Angeles that also involved three other cars, including a BMW X3 and Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. The Ford GT wreck split the supercar in half, and it was engulfed in flames when the L.A. Fire Department arrived on the scene on Wilshire Boulevard in front of the Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel & Spa.

Two people were transported to the hospital following the fiery Ford GT wreck, though the extent of their injuries is currently unknown. One person was ejected from their vehicle and was found lying motionless in the road. Road & Track spoke with a witness named Frank Gagliano, who described a rather destructive scene.

“The impact that tore the GT in half sounded like a bomb exploding; it shook our entire building,” Gagliano said. “Before LAFD arrived, flames were about 20-feet high as the front end of the Ford GT burned and filled the air with dirty brown smoke.”

The GT was split cleanly in half, with the front portion of the car coming to a stop several lanes over from the rear portion of the car, with various bits and pieces strewn all over the road. Another witness claimed that the Ford GT driver lost control of the car, while Gagliano noted that street racing is a common problem on Wilshire Boulevard, though authorities have not yet released details regarding the crash or what caused it.

Additionally, what appears to be the very same Ford GT was spotted wearing temporary tags in Beverly Hills the same day as the accident. There’s obviously much more to this story, and we imagine that the authorities will be providing more details once their investigation is complete.

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  1. JimL

    First and foremost, we hope everyone is going to be OK. On an automotive front, it’s sad to lose such a beautiful machine this way.

  2. Commbubba19

    i feel bad for the car. the idiot with too much money and not enough skill i could care less. any bystander hurt in the process should sue the crap out of whoever was found at fault.

  3. George S

    Three expensive vehicles known for speed involved? Temporary plates? Someone didn’t known how to drive with all that horsepower.

  4. jozzzeee

    People that do this should pay a heavy price if they live through it. they are endangering innocent people and cannot be permitted to continue this insanity!

  5. Blather

    What happens when irresistible force meets immovable object.

  6. Wanda J

    I believe the driver was killed. He was thrown at least 40ft from the vehicle. There was local Citizen app video showing the driver motionless on the pavement with no one attending to him. Just people standing around filming with their phones. Very sad. That particular stretch of road in Beverly Hills, is very tempting to race on, without traffic you can drive at high speeds on an open wide hilly street. We LA locals are always tempted to speed there, regardless of the type our cars.

  7. Marie Shipes

    Combubba19 & jozzzeee, Just FYI:
    He lost conscience due to a brain bleed, so please keep your ugly comments to yourself. This man is someone we love very much and he is our family.

    1. Wilshire

      Amazing how he was able to downshift rapidly and tried swerving after “losing consciousness.” I was there.


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