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Ford Has The Most UAW Represented Workers Of Any Automaker

While Ford and the UAW may not always see eye-to-eye, union workers remain an integral part of The Blue Oval, as the company is the largest employer of UAW autoworkers in America. Their contributions helped make Ford a significant asset to the U.S. economy in 2020 and they play an extremely important part in the construction of every Ford vehicle made in America.

Ford employed over 57,000 hourly UAW autoworkers last year, making it the top UAW employer over cross town rivals GM and Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). According to a 2020 Boston Consulting Group Study, union employees producing the Ford F-Series are part of a group of Ford workers that are indirectly supporting about 500,000 American jobs through their efforts churning out the insanely popular trucks.

“The numbers confirm Ford’s leadership and commitment to American manufacturing and the U.S. economy. Not only is the auto industry the backbone of the U.S. economy, Ford is vital to it,” said Kumar Galhotra, president of the Americas and International Markets Group at Ford. “We are a proud supporter of American manufacturing – and we do back it up year after year, investing in our workforce and the country.”

Part of that investment will enable UAW autoworkers to construct the Ford F-150 Electric at the Ford Dearborn Truck plant at the Rogue Complex, where The Blue Oval is investing $700 million to build the truck. The Ford Rogue Electric Vehicle Center will enable Ford to create an additional 500 jobs for the company’s first-ever battery electric full-size pickup.

As part of its current four-year contract with the UAW, Ford has committed to invest $6 billion into its U.S. plants overall. Combined, these plants have made Ford the single largest producer of vehicles in the country, and the nation’s largest exporter of vehicles as well. In fact, Ford contributed approximately $100 billion to the U.S. GDP in 2020.

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  1. Tom

    And this is a good thing?? Maybe goes a long way to explain the large recall/warranty cost.

  2. royl

    How many Mexican workers? Are the ford plants in mexico represented by the UAW? If so, are they included in the numbers? The export numbers should be balanced with the ford import numbers. For example: if ford exported $100,000,000 worth or American made vehicles, yet at the same time they imported $100,000,000 from other countries, this is a Net Zero. Ford builds the bronco sport (BS) and now the maverick in mexico (along with everything else they do in mexico), the idea that fords are American made is a thing of days past. The new bronco (maybe ford will actually build and start to deliver in June of 2021) will be offered with a chinese made manual transmission!!! The last time I checked, Americans know how to build some really tough-long lasting manual transmissions. SAD

    1. 2.7ecoboost

      Can you read? If so, try to re-read the article and save your little rant.

  3. Kim

    Workers in Mexico (working for Ford or any other automaker) are not unionized and not represented by the UAW. UAW is US only. Workers in Canada or EU have their own unions and have nothing to do with the UAW. All global auto manufacturers build in multiple countries. What this article is pointing out is that Ford has more hourly auto workers than any other auto maker in the US. Since Ford hourly workers are organized by the UAW union, Ford has the most UAW workers. It does not mean that Ford doesn’t build outside of the US, it just means Ford builds/employees more blue collar workers in the US than anyone else (GM, Stellantis, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Tesla, Hyundai, etc). If you want to complain about an auto company not building in the US and not using American workers, maybe you should start complaining about the others first.

    1. royl

      Actually the ford hermosillo plant is Unionized under SINTRAFORD. Most of the leading gloabal mfg’s build in countries other than “own”, even Hyundai, even with the largest vehicle production plant in the world ~~~75,000 workers, builds in other countries-but they sell them in those other countries. Ford likes to present itself as an American company, not as a multinational, importer. Why would I complain about Toyota, BMW or Hyundai for importing cars into the US?? While each one is a multi-national corp, none present themselves as a good old American Company. Even the UAW isn’t happy with ford’s operations outside the US, as they seem to think jobs promised to American workers-are going south. Now, just to be clear, with the new administration, I expect ford to move as many jobs as they can out of the US, just importing the product back to the US, we shall see.

  4. Dan Beilman

    Well the UAW made a huge mistake supporting Biden!! Once the Democrats increase the Corporate Rates they will lose thousands of dues paying members as will other Unions. Ford, GM, Chrysler etc. will move more jobs out of our country…….HUGE Mistake!!


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