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U.S. Ford Motor Company Sales Down 14.1 Percent In February 2021

Ford Motor Company sales decreased by 14.1 percent to 163,520 units during February 2021 in the United States. Sales decreased at both FoMoCo’s U.S. brands – the namesake Ford marque as well as at the Lincoln luxury division.

“The all new F 150 PowerBoost Hybrid and the fully electric Mustang Mach E lifted Ford to an all new February electrified vehicle sales record. The all new Bronco Sport and Mustang Mach E worked to deliver our best February retail Ford SUV sales in 20 years,” said Vice President, Ford Sales U.S. and Canada, Andrew Frick. “Our newest products have been game changers in the electrified vehicle and SUV space for both our dealers and customers,” he added.

FoMoCo Sales Notes – U.S. – February 2021

  • Total Ford Motor Company sales during February 2021 decreased 14.1 percent to 163,520 units
    • Ford did not provide any information on retail vs. fleet deliveries
  • Like in January, Ford retail sales outperformed the industry yet. Ford’s estimated retail share in February totaled 12.0 percent, compared to 11.7 percent last year. Share gains came from trucks and new product offerings – the Bronco Sport and the Mustang Mach-E
  • The F-Series sales total 64,478 pickups in February 2021, while expanding its retail share of segment.
    • Despite winter weather that impacted much of the nation’s central region, F-Series gained both retail sales and share. Thanks to the all new F-150 and F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid, F Series retail share expanded an estimated 5 full percentage points in the full size pickup segment as retail sales grew 7.9 percent
    • The all new F-150 continues to post strong days to turn on dealer lots at 19 days. With a F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid being offered for the first time ever, truck buyers are learning of the added feature of onsite power generation and improved fuel economy. F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid sales were up 40 percent over January.
  • Ford brand SUVs had their best February retail sales in 20 years, thanks to Bronco Sport and Mustang Mach-E. Both SUVs are turning quickly, with days to turn on dealer lots at just 13 days for Bronco Sport and only four days with Mach E. Combined sales of Mustang Mach E and Bronco Sport are up 11.8 percent.
  • Lincoln Navigator achieved its best February sales performance in 14 years. Navigator sales were up 20.8 percent in February on total sales of 1,715.
    • Strong retail sales gains helped to propel Navigator volumes to levels not seen in 14 years. Sales expanded in the southeast by 21 percent, while in the west, Navigator sales grew 12 percent.
    • Black Label accounted for 21 percent of retail sales for the month.

Inventory & SAAR:

  • Ford did not provide inventory or SAAR information, representing a notable change in the details provided by Ford in its sales reporting

Brand & Model Sales

Ford sales decreased 13.6 percent to 155,856 units:

Lincoln sales decreased 22 percent to 7,664 units:

During the first two months of the 2021 calendar year, Ford Motor Company sales decreased 11.5 percent to 307,098 units.

Sales Results - February 2021 - USA - Ford

MODELFEB 2021 / FEB 2020FEBRUARY 2021FEBRUARY 2020YTD 2021 / YTD 2020 YTD 2021YTD 2020
BRONCO SPORT* 5,526**13,576 *
E-SERIES+4.41% 3,9563,789+2.42%6,992 6,827
ECOSPORT-36.79% 3,5965,689-19.84%7,978 9,952
EDGE-47.78% 6,49512,438-32.35%13,332 19,707
ESCAPE-32.66% 11,85317,603-27.39%23,043 31,737
EXPEDITION-10.11% 7,2288,041-15.86%12,337 14,662
EXPLORER-1.97% 20,74521,162+3.70%38,840 37,453
F-SERIES-1.42% 64,47865,404-3.36%119,754 123,914
FIESTA-94.72% 51966+41.16%3,354 2,376
FUSION-84.92% 2,21914,719-80.42%4,896 25,003
GT-55.88% 1534-57.69%22 52
HEAVY TRUCKS+142.94% 1,686694+121.52%2,687 1,213
MUSTANG-16.39% 5,6536,761-10.86%9,977 11,193
MUSTANG MACH-E* 3,739**3,977 *
RANGER-3.59% 6,9547,213-1.29%13,056 13,226
TRANSIT-27.22% 9,18912,626-29.71%16,687 23,740
TRANSIT CONNECT+6.32% 2,5242,374-12.75%4,539 5,202
FORD TOTAL-13.62% 155,856180,425-11.12%291,693 328,170

Sales Results - February 2021 - USA - Lincoln

MODELFEB 2021 / FEB 2020FEBRUARY 2021FEBRUARY 2020YTD 2021 / YTD 2020 YTD 2021YTD 2020
AVIATOR-18.35% 1,6151,978-13.70%3,554 4,118
CONTINENTAL-56.17% 231527-53.75%494 1,068
CORSAIR-7.44% 2,1162,286-0.79%4,135 4,168
MKZ-72.28% 3981,436-68.70%823 2,629
NAUTILUS-25.92% 1,5892,145-14.75%3,329 3,905
NAVIGATOR+20.77% 1,7151,420+15.11%3,070 2,667
LINCOLN TOTAL-22.03% 7,6649,830-17.38%15,405 18,645

Sales Results - February 2021 - USA - FMC Totals

BRANDFEB 2021 / FEB 2020FEBRUARY 2021FEBRUARY 2020YTD 2021 / YTD 2020 YTD 2021YTD 2020
FORD TOTAL-13.62% 155,856180,425-11.12%291,693 328,170
LINCOLN TOTAL-22.03% 7,6649,830-17.38%15,405 18,645
FMC USA TOTAL-14.05% 163,520190,255-11.45%307,098 346,815

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Motor Company sales for February 2020, unless noted otherwise

Further Reading & Sales Reporting

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  1. Jim

    Lets be honest. Ford is not offering much if any rebates on the 2021’s (trucks) yet. If they did, we’d be even or better in the segment versus 2020.

    Help us out “Henry”!!!!


      I see they’re offering 0.9% APR + $500 cash back on the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport for the entire month of March 2021.

  2. Lee Glidewell

    As long as vehicles get more expensive (to the point of needing a 15yr mortgage to finance them) and FoMoCo keeps pursuing electric vehicle production, the sales will continue to decline. Sheesh people git-a-clue before it’s too late. Easy Henry, don’t roll over in the grave.

    1. Phillip hines

      Lee, you are absolutely right. Ford like Chrysler and GM have gotten too expensive. I honestly think Ford giving up on cars was a bad move and even before that putting out bad transmissions further pushing away their customer base. I think consumers see the competition as a better value in some ways, but that’s my thoughts. Price is still the issue.

  3. Scott

    I have in the past received personal rebate for being a loyal ford owner. I sure wish they would send those out again. May help with the sale decline? I can say for myself that If i received one of those I would make a purchase.

  4. J

    gosh Ford is bleeding a slow death…!

  5. Jeffery

    Ford is setting on the launch pad. Watch what happens to the stock in the coming months.
    Oh, and your welcome.

  6. Susan

    Maybe they should treat their customers better. I brought a brand new Bronco & warning lights were going off when I was driving it off the dealership lot. Lemon law & they refuse to buy it back. Karma


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