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Ford Planning Next-Gen Transit Connect To Be Built At Hermosillo Plant

The current, second-gen Ford Transit Connect has been in production since the 2013 model year, though it did undergo a mid-cycle refresh for the 2019 model year. Regardless, it appears that Ford is already working on a next-gen Transit Connect that will be reportedly be built at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico alongside the Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Maverick.

Ford has already approached suppliers regarding the construction of this next-gen Transit Connect, according to a new report from Automotive News. Ford requested parts quotes from those suppliers for a van it has code-named V758, which would enter production at the Hermosillo plant in 2023 at a volume of around 40,000 units per year.

Ford previously announced that it intended to move production of the Transit Connect to Mexico back in 2019, but quickly changed that plan following UAW contract negotiations later that year. As we previously reported, Ford was most recently expected to import the van from Europe as part of its new partnership with Volkswagen.

Like the Bronco Sport and Maverick, the next-gen Transit Connect will reportedly ride on the Ford C2 platform, which also underpins the Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair. The current-gen Transit Connect shares its Ford C1 platform with the Focus and is currently built at the Ford Valencia Assembly Plant alongside the Galaxy, Kuga, S-Max, and Mondeo, and is imported into the U.S.

The Transit Connect is currently the top-selling small van in the U.S., and most recently, Ford Transit Connect sales increased 6.3 percent to 2,524 units in the month of February, despite the automaker suffering an overall 14.1 percent decrease in overall sales, serving as a bright spot in The Blue Oval’s lineup once again. The small van has routinely dominated its segment for some time now, as we’ve previously reported.

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  1. Ross

    The American worker gets screwed again. Sure that’s what the Kansas City Assembly Plant employees and the KC post Covid Economy needs the Most. To have the Transit built in Mexico let alone the Bronco Sport and the New Maverick. Fords Brilliant Global Moving of their employee checker pieces. I know I right after I look for all I can buy from China my second choice is always Mexico. Yes I’m disgusted.

  2. David Sinka

    I hope nobody buys your Mexico made crap . Build in the us . NOW THAT BIDEN IS IN CHARGE WE ARE BACK TO SENDING OUR WORK TO FORIGEN COUNTRY’S

    1. Jeremy Moore

      It’s not like their US made cars aren’t crap either. I have a US built Ford and its been nothing but I headache. The other owners I contract with have the same problems I have. In 3 years, I’ve lost $10k of work due to repairs

    2. Scott C

      David, your orange god made this possible with the creation of USMCA….don’t blame Joe for the failings of the last POTUS…aka LOSER 45.

  3. Me

    Lousiville or Flat Rock could use another model.

  4. Walt Kelley

    When can I get a transit courier in the usa

  5. Scott C

    This will make the TC a North American production vehicle in the eyes of USMCA and will also be easy to export to South America….

  6. Archie Covell

    When is the 2022 transit connect coming to UK

  7. Robh

    I always go by a simple rule that has served me well over the decades. Always buy American made. Or at least North American made. whether its cars, tools, appliances, i always have better luck with US made products. Imports may be cheaper (but not always), but most times the US made item just lasts longer. As my father would say, “good things don’t come cheap and cheap things don’t come good”. If you buy a chinese piece of junk and save two dollars, its two dollars wasted as the item falls apart the following week. better off just buying the better quality to begin with. To the person who posted he had problems with a US built Ford…, I know its possible, especially in newly released models that they don’t iron out the flaws in for the first couple years. but since i don’t care about having the latest tech or model, i do the opposite. I buy the model they are on the verge of discontinuing. And don’t lard it up with too many gadgets you don’t need that will increase the chances of problems. For example, the last new car i bought was a 09 Ford Taurus X right as it was going out of production. In the 13 years I have had that car, it has not had a single break down and still runs like new. i have only changed tires, oil/fluids and a battery once. I love that car! If it was not running so well in 2019, i would have gotten a Ford Flex when they stopped making those as they were similarly dependable and good value and safe. but if ford tries to peddle me a car they bring from Turkey or Thailand, thats not happening. they can keep it.


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