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Here’s How The Ford Puma Would Fit Into Ford’s U.S. Lineup

Quite a few Blue Oval fans (ourselves included) have long clamored for the automaker to bring the Ford Puma to the U.S. Even Ford CEO Jim Farley is among that group, as the automotive executive and enthusiast recently expressed that he “wishes” the Ford Puma would come to North America. And as it turns out, there’s a real, viable business case for such a move as well.

As it stands, the subcompact crossover segment has grown tremendously in recent years, both in terms of raw sales numbers and in the number of entries themselves. However, there’s a twist – there are two “subsegments” within the subcompact crossover segment – the value-oriented (and generally smaller) subcompact vehicles and the larger, more premium subcompact plus vehicles.

General Motors recognizes that there are two sub-segments within the subcompact crossover space, which is why it brought back the Chevy Trailblazer as a small crossover for the 2021 model year, positioning it in between the Chevy Trax and Chevy Equinox as a more premium offering, as GM Authority exclusively reported last fall.

Sales Numbers - Mainstream Subcompact Crossovers - 2020 – United States

JEEP COMPASS -24.99% 107,969 143,934 14% 17%
CHEVROLET TRAX -9.00% 106,299 116,816 14% 14%
HONDA HR-V -15.21% 84,027 99,104 11% 12%
KIA SOUL -26.70% 71,862 98,033 9% 12%
JEEP RENEGADE -18.26% 62,847 76,885 8% 9%
FORD ECOSPORT -6.43% 60,545 64,708 8% 8%
KIA SELTOS * 46,280 0 6% 0%
BUICK ENCORE GX * 44,841 0 6% 0%
TOYOTA C-HR -12.25% 42,936 48,930 5% 6%
BUICK ENCORE -59.23% 41,752 102,402 5% 12%
MAZDA CX-30 +4,134.04% 38,064 899 5% 0%
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER SPORT -14.29% 28,836 33,644 4% 4%
HYUNDAI VENUE +1,675.77% 19,125 1,077 2% 0%
KIA NIRO -28.74% 17,434 24,467 2% 3%
MAZDA CX-3 -48.64% 8,335 16,229 1% 2%
FIAT 500X -42.69% 1,443 2,518 0% 0%
TOTAL -5.67% 782,595 829,646

Now that Ford is at least thinking about bringing the Puma to the U.S., it would make perfect sense to take a similar approach. The Ford Puma could slot into the automaker’s lineup above the Ford EcoSport – which is currently lagging behind its competition at the lower end of the subcompact crossover segment – most of whom now have a wider spread in the segment with two vehicles.

Ford's U.S. Crossover Lineup
Subcompact Subcompact Plus Compact Midsize Full Size
Ford EcoSport Ford Puma Ford Escape Ford Edge Ford Explorer

This move would not only enable Ford to better compete within one of the hottest segments in the automotive world at the moment, but it would also help it continue to fill out its post-passenger car crossover lineup. The EcoSport would serve as Ford’s subcompact crossover, with the Puma filling the gap at subcompact plus, followed by the compact Ford Escape, mid-size Ford Edge, and full-size Ford Explorer. And with any luck, we’ll see it hit North American shores in the future, though that’s obviously still not a given.

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  1. John

    My understanding was that Puma is actually smaller than EcoSport, albeit a far better product as a whole. I believe it would compete with other highly (over?) styled, pint sized crossovers like Toyota CH-R and Hyundai Venue.

  2. Me

    Built it at Flat Rock, or Louisville, they have room.

  3. Joe

    Ford has abandoned me as a customer. My 2012 Focus (with a stick) has been excellent. I want to replace it with something like a VW GTI (with a stick). Ford has nothing to compete, unless they’ll offer the Puma ST (with a stick).

    1. Archknight

      They left a lot of people hanging moving to crossovers, but not offering anything in the US that handled as dynamically as cars. I know they thought the new Escape would be a trump card in the lineup, but it doesn’t have the flare to get buyers that excited about it. However, it looks like they are recognizing their mistake. If they are looking at the GX and CX30, it probably means a larger Puma like model could make its way into the lineup in the US. The poser interiors of those two models are what helps them sell, but the CX30 also drives really nicely. Ford would only need to get rid of the heavy duty hardware in the Bronco Sport platform to make this happen quickly. Getting rid of the Ecosport would mean they could start this at $22K to $23K.

    2. Joseph Drew

      I’m with Joe, apparently we have more in common than our name!

  4. Archknight

    73.5″ W x 64.5″ H x 175″ L

    Give it low wide looking stance and have the best handling in the class.

  5. fpvfan

    Here’s how the Puma should REALLY fit into the US Ford Lineup. Ford should drop the Escape and the Ecosport and since we already lost the Focus, the Puma would take the place of all three. Give it an ST version and an RS version with a Hybrid version of the 2.3L High Output with a DCT setup pushing power to about 385hp/430tq with a more Robust version of the Focus RS drivetrain and call it a day. Ford already has the Bronco Sport, the Mach E (to replace the Edge) the Explorer, the full size Bronco and the Expedition so that’s all that’s really needed. Explorer needs a high output RS variant as well.

    would love to see an RS and ST version of the Maverick. Bring back a Ford F150 Lightning as well. Other than that, the truck lineup of the Maverick, Ranger, F150 and Super Duty seems to be just fine.

    ford needs to get back to making actual cars. If Ford really wants to make a Family of cars with one name then the Torino should be the new performance vehicle, not the Mustang. The Torino was the true Ford Performance car with trim levels such as the GT, the Cobra, the King Cobra, the Talladega, and even the Thunderbolt. Being that it’s larger than the Mustang it could truly share the CD6 platform and use other engines besides the V8 without upsetting so many people like they did with the Mach E. a new lineup of inline-6 cylinder engines such as the 3.3L, 4.1L and 4.9L Twin Turbo Ecoboost and Twin Turbo Ecoboost Hybrids would come into play with these new performance vehicles with RWD based AWD systems In both Coupe and sedan form and would better rival the Challenger and Charger from Dodge.

    1. Archknight

      You are proposing the dream line up of product that would make Ford hard to match. I also think they should add the “Vignale” trims they offer in Europe, which would give a premium line to ST and RS products.


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