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Lawmakers Ask USPS To Freeze Oshkosh Contract Pending SEC Investigation

As we reported last month, the United States Postal Service awarded Oshkosh Defense with a $6 billion dollar contract to build a new delivery vehicle that will replace the current Grumman Long Life Vehicle (LLV), which Ford could potentially supply engines for. However, this decision has run into a bit of a potential snag, as three lawmakers are now calling on USPS to freeze the contract amid some questionable stock trades and allegations of possible political influence.

Marcy Kaptur, Jared Huffman, and Tim Ryan are all calling for a halt to the proceedings until a proper investigation can be completed. Thus far, politicians have been unable to view USPS’s contract with Oshkosh, which was controversial from the start because the postal service committed to converting a mere 10 percent of its fleet to electric power. The politicians also question if this move aligns with President Joe Biden’s recent executive order, which directs the government to electrify its entire fleet.

Ryan has also written a letter to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) asking it to investigate a $54 million dollar trade involving shares of Oshkosh made just hours before the USPS contract was announced. The letter did not specify who allegedly traded these shares.

The decision to award Oshkosh with the USPS contract came as a surprise to many, as Workhouse Group, which proposed an all-electric fleet, was considered the favorite early on. On Monday, Democrats in the House of Representatives introduced legislation that would give Workhorse another chance at selling its all-electric delivery vehicles to the post office with an additional $6 billion in funds to purchase EVs and charging stations.

The bill would require 75 percent of the post office’s new fleet to consist of electric or zero-emission vehicles. USPS has said that with this infusion of funds, it could electrify its entire fleet by the end of the decade.

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  1. crabbymilton

    Well, they should just let individual PO’s or groups of local PO’s to just go the to dealer abeit FORD, GM, DAIMLER, RAM, or whomever and buy the van which is the most cost effective. I mean if they’re gonna drag this out, it may take 10 years to straighten out and those new one’s will never get built.

  2. Dan Koch

    If they want electric power vehicles, why not replace the gas fueled power train in the Grumman LLV with an EV one, plus the battery power required? EV power train systems are currently used in metro buses.

  3. Mike says..

    This is a large government contract….. put it to tender…. select the best design…. award the contract and do it. Require disclosure statements from officials involved and get the politics out of it. Legit companies like Ford only want a level playing field. Just sayin…

  4. Mike

    They’re just pissed they weren’t told about the deal so they could buy the stock. It’s supposedly legal for congress to commit insider trading. How else to they become multi millionaires on $175k a year


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