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Next-Generation Ford Ranger-Based Volkswagen Amarok Will Look Completely Different

Since Ford and Volkswagen first began talking about forming a partnership, one of the most notable fruits of that tie-up was going to be a Ford Ranger-based next-gen Volkswagen Amarok pickup. Almost exactly one year ago, VW released a teaser sketch of that future model, but things have changed a lot over the last year, including the fact that VW and Ford finalized their historic partnership. Now, a new, updated sketch of the forthcoming Volkswagen Amarok has surfaced as well.

Volkswagen Amarok Teaser, 2020

The most notable thing about the next-gen Amarok is that it doesn’t look anything like the Ranger, which is precisely what VW was striving for. “It’s not just going to be a fantastic pickup. It’s going to be a genuine Volkswagen too – with clear DNA in both technology and design,” said Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles CEO Carsten Intra.

Volkswagen ended production of the current-gen Amarok at its Hanover, Germany plant last year. The next-gen pickup will be built at the Ford Silverton Assembly Plant in South Africa, where the automaker is investing $686 million to increase production from 168,000 vehicles per year to 200,000 units and add 1,200 jobs. Rangers and Amaroks produced in Silverton will be exported to over 100 countries around the world.

2020 Volkswagen Amarok

In addition to the new Ranger-based Amarok, the VW-Ford mashup will also lead to a new Volkswagen Transporter van built alongside the Ford Transit Custom at the Ford Otosan Assembly Plant in Turkey, a Ford version of VW’s new Caddy compact van, a one-ton van produced by Ford, and a compact Ford EV built on VW’s MEB platform. Altogether, the two automakers expect these joint projects to produce up to 8 million units.

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  1. Njia

    You misspelled “Voltswagen.” 😏

  2. Mike says..

    Are auto makers treading on thin ice? How do long term VW loyalists buy a Ford sourced VW? To use Lincoln as an example….how would the brand loyalty equation translate if the next gen Lincoln was a Stelantis based platform? Where a product is assembled is a totally separate issue from who designed and built its parts. Done well, these products can win big if the underlining tech/quality is a step up…. if it isn’t, the opposite effect is even more damaging than doing nothing at all on so many levels. Company bean counters can destroy a company with their recommendations in this area. Just sayin….

  3. Vdud

    And of course non of these new models will be available in north america…


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