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Original 1965 Ford Mustang Brochure Is A True Time Warp

While vehicle brochures are somewhat of an afterthought today, decades ago, we fawned over them, soaking in all the details and cool pictures of the latest automotive models. Today, scoping out these cool documents is like taking a trip back in time, and that’s particularly true with this 1965 Ford Mustang brochure. It also gives those who were too young to appreciate the magic of this brochure back then a chance to do so now.

Ford called its ’65 Ford Mustang lineup the “total performance” range, which consisted of hardtop, convertible, and fastback body styles. The latter body style gets the most love here, however, as Ford calls the 2+2 fastback “an aerodynamic honey” saying that it “has the looks and action you’d expect in a $5,000 sports import.” Luckily, back then, buyers could get all these great features as standard equipment.

According to the 1965 Ford Mustang brochure, these luxuries included individually-adjustable deep-foam bucket seats, leather soft all-vinyl interiors, color-keyed, wall-to-wall carpeting, courtesy lights, a glove box light, and a sports steering wheel. Altogether, Ford offered a whopping 70 different options for those that wanted more from their pony car as well, including air conditioning, backup lights, and styled steel wheels.

The automaker touted the Mustang as both a fun car and a family car – a true multipurpose ride. Some examples of its versatility include Silent-Flo ventilation, which draws in fresh air with the windows closed to dispose of stale air and tobacco smoke because everybody was lighting up in the 1960s. When not in use, the back seat folds down to triple luggage space, too.

In terms of powertrains, Ford touted the 200 cubic-inch I-6’s “twice-a-year maintenance,” along with self-adjusting brakes, though we’re not so sure about their “quick and strong” claim, since the mill churns out a mere 120 horsepower. Regardless, a trio of “Challenger V8s” were also available with outputs of 200, 225, and 271 horsepower, as well as a four-speed manual transmission.

Original 1965 Ford Mustang Sales Brochure

All of this colorful language is enough to make us want to hop in a time machine and take a 1965 Mustang for a test drive, that’s for sure. But then again, we already wanted to do that before we took the time to read through this entertaining brochure.

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  1. McKeith

    It should read – “Ford touted the 200 cubic-inch I6’s…” The I is for in-line. For did not make a V6 in 1965.

  2. Marvin Askins

    Yes! Yes! Those were the days when you could order your Mustang your way! I miss those days since now you are limited to packages and their content. I passed on ordering the “Track Package” on my 2014 Shelby because I did not like the rims it came with. In 1970 I ordered a Mach 1 with Grabber Blue paint, White Interior, Sports Slats, 351 Cleveland engine with Shaker hood , 3 speed manual transmission and 3:25 gears. I miss those days when when you could check off boxes and not packages!

  3. Gary.

    Mr Marvin that was my favorite color Grabber blue with white interior. Yes those were the days,😆

  4. Greg

    Can I buy a couple of these brochures? I am sure many people would want them!

  5. Keith D Vogt

    I lived about 5 miles from the Milpitas, CA Ford plant and every day I drove to work I lusted after one of these. What an iconic design. I finally got one (2005 for a Christmas gift from my wife) when they went back to the original design. Awesome vehicle.

  6. Steve

    I still have the brochure for the 73 Dodge Charger I was going to order, but did not have all the cash at the time so I figured I would just wait to 74. Well, Dodge went and discontinued the Charger without telling me! Same with the Challenger and Cuda. I ended up ordering a 75 Road Runner. It was loaded and the sticker reflected it. It was $5,116.85! I paid $4,500 cash. I soon regretted it and sold it in 77. I also have owned a 67 Mustang, my first car in 68 and a 69 Charger in 73. I now own a 03 Mach1 purchased new in July of 03.

  7. Patrick

    I simply loved my new, at the time, Ford Mustang GT’s!

  8. Gary W Spalding

    I’ve always been a Mustang fan. My first Mustang was a ’65 with a 289 V-8. It had the dealer installed air conditioner. Then later on I bought an ’89 GT brand new. Which I still have to this day. I also have a 2014 GT
    brand new that I still have as well. Love my Fords.


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