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Pickup Truck Production Has Been Largely Unaffected By Chip Shortage

Over the last couple of months, Ford and other automakers have been battling a global semiconductor chip shortage that has greatly impacted production both in North America and Europe. Ford CEO Jim Farley recently stated that the problem will be solved by Q3 2021, but also noted that Ford is being strategic with how it uses the chips it has on-hand, focusing on installing them in vehicles that are both profitable and strategically important to the automaker. As such, it should come as no surprise that pickup truck production has been largely unaffected by the shortage.

According to AutoForecast Solutions, pickup truck production only accounted for around 9 percent of the total vehicles affected by the global semiconductor chip shortage. This, in spite of the fact that trucks made up 20 percent of the total vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2020. On the flip side, passenger cars have suffered the brunt of the impact, as they represent 30 percent of all vehicles affected despite accounting for 24 percent of last year’s total sales.

SUVs, however, suffered more than any other type of vehicle, accounting for 60 percent of those impacted by the chip shortage despite making up 54 percent of last year’s total vehicles sold. Regardless, it appears that automakers have done a good job of prioritizing their most profitable vehicles amid the shortage.

Those vehicles affected by the shortage tout an average selling price of $35,918, versus $38,322 for the models that haven’t been affected. Regardless, 882,000 vehicles have not been produced as a direct result of the chip shortage, and AutoForecast Solutions estimates that 1.7 million vehicles will ultimately be affected.

Ford recently outlined its plans to manage the chip shortage with its dealers, and noted that Ford F-150 production had been impacted more than many of its other models. However, to this point, dealer allocation has reportedly not been affected by the shortage.

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  1. Michael Fornetti

    I ordered a 2021 F350DRW Platinum on October 30th of last year and I still don’t have it.
    Are you telling me that 4 1/2 months is an acceptable delivery for a high end, high optioned truck?
    Does anyone from Ford look at this site???
    Supposedly, my truck was scheduled for being built on Feb 8th, with a delivery expected on March 8th. Is it good business to hold inventory for a month????
    I need my truck!!!!
    Where the hell is it?????

  2. john harmon

    Thank you for the confirmation. I have also ordered a 350DRW and see al the reports of excessive delays. There isn’t enough communication from Ford, to the customers who order a truck. I am not happy about that and now we wait, wait, wait.

    1. Michael Fornetti

      I Did finally get my F350DRW Platinum, 19 weeks total delivery.
      It was worth the wait, the 4:30 gear, 10 speed and 7.3L pulled now already 3,000 miles with high drag 9,000# enclosed race care trailer and averaged 8.3mpg.
      My 2017 F250 6.2L averaged 8.2 over the same route.
      I do not push hard, speed of 62 to 75mph, transmission spent about 75% of time up in 10th with that gearing.

  3. Kent

    I ordered a 2021 F150 November 11 I 2020, I ordered the V8 with 373 rear end XLT, I have tired of waiting, might start looking at other vehicles

  4. Bob S

    These are lies. There is a shortage of every major brand of pickup in the United States currently.

  5. Bill Dunn

    Ordered a new Chevy December 8 and was told 6-8 weeks. It has been 18 weeks and no info on when it will be built. Very bad costumer service.

    1. Michael Fornetti

      My F350 took 19 weeks.
      24 days of that was to deliver the truck to me after build, seems excessive considering i paid $1,695 for deliver charge.


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