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Slick Custom 1956 Ford F-100 Dubbed ‘F-This’ Is Headed To Auction: Video

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The second-generation Ford F-Series pickups are widely considered to be the most beautiful ever produced, and those fat fenders also make for some pretty sweet hot rods, too. That’s certainly the case with this custom 1956 Ford F-100 that was originally built by Jordon Quintal of Super Rides with the help of Chip Foose. The truck, dubbed “F-This,” was completed back in 2005, and now it’s going up for grabs at Barrett-Jackson’s upcoming Scottsdale auction.

This custom 1956 Ford F-100 features major revisions in every department, beginning on the outside. There, the pickup has been treated to a sectioned cowl and three-inch chop for the top. The front wheels were moved forward, while the rear fenders were widened and raised.

The finishing touches include suicide doors and a hydraulic lift for the bed and front end, along with an attractive orange paint job and just the right amount of chrome.

The F-100’s nickname comes into full play when the hood is tilted forward, which is when we can see the mammoth motor that powers it – a 540 cubic-inch mill built by Greg Scott Racing Engines. The big motor has been machined, bored, stroked, and topped off with a giant blower, which helps it send 800+ horsepower to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual transmission. The interior of this custom 1956 Ford F-100 is a work of art as well, thanks to a one-off tan and black snake leather interior with a custom dash, seats, and JL stereo system.

Put it all together, and it’s no wonder this truck has lived the last few years at the Petersen Automotive Museum. Now, it’s going up for grabs with no reserve, and one lucky person will have the chance to add it to their own private collection.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Agreed. Another pos chev motor ruined a beautiful classic Ford. I’m seeing an annoying trend of Ford Authority publishing chev motors in Fords; pretty sure most readers disapprove of this. I certainly do. The BBF (429, 460) is a superior motor, and is overlooked by many builders. What a shame this is.

  2. Agree with Mr. Yeoman…………..its a Ford truck not a Chevy, Chevys are common as dust on a doily, need something with more bottom end credentials like a Ford or a Mopar. This is an oxy moron to “perfume on a pig”


    • The big block Chevrolet was an inferior engine from the day the first technical drawings of it were penned. This engine suffers from numerous design flaws that must be remediated before it can be out to reliable use in any application where it will be doing real work (think racing, industrial use, etc. – not some garage sculpture that gets dragged t a parking lot to be admired by old fat guys on folding lawn chairs). There is a reason that design always lost out to the 460 Ford and Chrysler engine in industrial applications. The big block Chevy is a big disappointment that ruins this vehicle.

  3. Chip should and does know better. And yes 429 is the better engine. They spent alot of money on this build so why not spend more for the better power plant???😕

    • Everyone knows that 540 Chevy was not a “budget build.” This was a poorly thought out choice. Foose butchered an otherwise beautiful idea.

  4. I’m with the rest y’all, I’m far from a purest, but come on…. nothing is more gut,wrenching then to see a drop dead gorgeous truck with a…..(think I puked in my mouth a little)….cheby drivetrain….Chip,man just stick to your wheels, …

  5. you guys just will just not learn your lesson, do you think if you don’t tell us it is a POS chivy we won’t notice, we all have to put you in the spam file

  6. Most people don’t know, chevy’s best,The small block, was a Ford patent. Chevy didn’t have oil pressure to the rods until “55”. Nothing to be proud of. I’d pull that Chevy out and buy the after market parts for the SOHC 427 ford that truck desrves, and get a $100,000 more for it! Yu’all can’t argue that !!!

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