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Which Would Make The Better Full-Size Bronco: The Ford Expedition Or F-150?

Back in December, we showed off a series of renderings created by artist Oscar V. that raised an interesting question – what would a new full-size Ford Bronco look like if it was based on the 2021 Ford F-150, in this case, a Tremor? The result was rather attractive and realistic since the last full-size Bronco produced was also based on the Ford F-150, but it’s also quite possible that The Blue Oval could base a new full-size Bronco off the Ford Expedition, too.

Thus, Oscar V. is back with new renderings that show us what that might look like. This rugged Ford Expedition is based on LGE-CTS Motorsports’s SEMA Expedition that it built a few years ago, but in this case, features two less doors. It certainly looks sharp thanks to a lift, a skid plate, some new wheels, and aggressive off-road tires, along with fender flares to cover up the wide rubber.

This Expedition has also been treated to a two-tone paint job that looks great, along with LED lighting in the front bumper as well as the roof rack, which is big enough to hold a tent or a ton of other gear used on weekend excursions off the grid. Overall, it’s a more aggressive design than the F-150 based Ford Bronco we saw months ago, which was more traditional and based on the last-gen Bronco from the 1990s.

The Expedition rides on the same Ford T3 platform that the F-150 and Lincoln Navigator ride on, of course, so Ford could go either way should it choose to make another full-size Bronco. Both of these renderings look pretty handsome to us, making this decision harder than it probably should be. Thus, we’ve included a poll below to gauge how our readers feel about these two cool ideas, so be sure and let us know which one you prefer!

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  1. Thurston Munn

    Hands down the Expedition for us !!!

  2. Shane Hildebrand

    The expedition based model for sure, it has more traditional bronco lines the back quarter glass the straight up and down grill the fender badges the wheel arches everything looks more traditional bronco. the F-150 version looks too short the quarter glass looks like something off of an explorer and the grill looks like a 5 year old Ford pickup throwback. I think it would look better though if on the expedition based rendering they had either a removable top or a false parting line where a removable top line would be just give it that more traditional bronco look.

  3. Roy Chile’s

    The FORD BRONCO has a long history of sharing its front end with the F150 so let it be the 3 door based off the RAPTOR model and leave the Expedition and EL the 5 door models

  4. Ross Tomkins

    Please do this!!!
    My Ford wish list…..

    Ranger based Lightning – 3.5 Eco, big brakes, wide rubber etc
    F-150 based Lightning – XLT Regular Cab, Coyote, same as above
    F-150 based Bronco – unstoppable off-road toughness and luxury, something to throw in the face of a Landcruiser – I’ve really wanted this for a long time

    And then please export everything you have to Australia. Ford has such a long history and a lot of love down here but we’re being forgotten.

  5. Dennis

    Expedition. Nice sloping hood that ‘thins’ out just above the grille, tying it all together with symmetry. The F150 with that doofy-looking tall hood will ruin two generations of pickup trucks until sanity returns and they fire the designer who thought up that silly thing.

    Below the grille on the F150 is a dividing line separating it and the lower bumper adding more visual noise unlike the Expedition which appears to be sculpted in one piece.Though this last generation Expedition has somewhat dated design language, it still looks miles better than the screwy F150, and the current generation Expedition spiffed up like this would distance the two even further.

    I have zero love for the new generation F150 front end. Look at the grille of a 1997 Econoline and you can see where Ford borrowed that strange alien oval design they thought would look good. Bet the Dodge designers got a raise after management saw the first current F150 roll off the line.

  6. Mike says..

    Who cares really….they are both fantastic but what and who are they competing with? How many pieces of the truck/SUV pie can you cut before they all cost fifty to one hundred thousand plus dollars…. Luxury pick ups…getting a little funny as most of these knuckleheads looked down on luxury sedans in the day because they were ‘luxury’. Just sayin…

  7. Dennis Anderson

    the expedition looks like a hohum suv , the F-150 looks like a real bronco

  8. royl

    FULL SIZE will require a real full sized engine, how about only V-8s!! Base: 5.0 SUPER CHARGED. HI/LOW 4×4/ white removeable roof etc. An optional manual (American made) would be the cherry on top..
    This would give us the bronco sport (BS), the baby bronco, and finally a full sized and powered bronco….we can only dream.


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