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2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid, C-Max Hybrid Deliver Class-Leading Fuel Economy

With the exception of some recent trends spurred by the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage and COVID-19, it’s generally a wise financial choice to purchase a slightly used vehicle versus a new one. With that in mind, Consumer Reports recently took a look at its own data to determine the most fuel-efficient five-year-old hybrid sedans and hatchbacks one can buy today, and both the 2016 Ford Fusion hybrid and 2016 Ford C-Max hybrid made the cut.

These vehicles have already taken the majority of their depreciation hit yet aren’t too terribly old yet, placing them in the veritable sweet spot of used vehicles. Both offer many of the modern conveniences present in brand new vehicles, but at a much lower price. As CR also points out, acceleration, braking, and fuel economy are also on par with new vehicles, too.

Consumer Reports praises the 2016 Ford Fusion hybrid for upscale and stylish looks, strong handling performance, excellent ride quality, quiet cabin, and SYNC 3 operating system. It also provided an excellent overall average of 39 miles-per-gallon and 41 miles-per-gallon on the highway. The only knocks against the sedan are its more limited amount of headroom inside, as well as poor visibility.

Likewise, the 2016 Ford C-Max hybrid offers up an impressive amount of passenger and cargo space in a small package, as well as 37 average miles-per-gallon. CR also found the C-Max to be enjoyable to drive and quiet, with great visibility. Knocks against the hatch include a lack of space for the driver, a low and flat rear seat, and compromised cargo space stemming from the fact that the battery pack is located in the rear.

Both of these cars are also great values at the moment, with the 2016 Ford Fusion hybrid selling for an average of $11,650-$16,500, while the C-Max goes for anywhere from $11,250-$13,425.

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  1. JimL

    Scraping bottom of the barrel for articles, are we?

    1. Brett Foote

      Yea, you’re right. I’m sure no one is interested in a fuel-efficient used car that’s also a solid value.

  2. JimL

    Ugh, you’re right, Brett, I made assumptions and totally jumped over the fact that this was about a good used-car purchase. My apologies to the Ford Authority staff.

  3. Chuck

    Happy owner of one.

    One good thing is all of the hi tech stuff is included even in SE trim and you can remote start with App, at least with 2018

    Bad thing – this thing is dog slow. Faster than my first car a 77 Cutlass but still.

  4. Mick1

    My 2013 C Max is the best car with least maintenance I have owned. Car is peppy when you need it. MPG is over 50 in mild weather.

  5. Ford Merritt

    Yep, got a c mas energi— 2016 great little car

  6. Stella

    the only downside to my 2016 Ford C-Max is, because it has great visibility I am essentially driving in a fishbowl. I need to get my windows tinted ASAP lol. This car has great acceleration, mpg stats, and has a generally sporty feel. It’s not the coolest car to drive, but hey, I know it’s gonna last


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