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2020-2021 Ford Escape vs. 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander: Dimensional Comparison

Despite sharing its C2 platform with the rugged Bronco Sport, the 2021 Ford Escape crossover presents much differently, with an even more car-like shape than previous generations. So how does that sleek new sheet metal stack up against Mitsubishi’s latest competitive CUV, the 2022 Outlander? Let’s find out in today’s Ford Authority Dimensional Comparison.

Exterior Dimensions

With a more traditional roofline that leads to a boxier design, the Outlander’s profile looks more like a traditional SUV than the 2020-2021 Ford Escape. Mitsubishi’s offering is larger in almost every external dimension, which makes sense given its three-row seating configuration.

At 68.7 inches, it’s 2.6 inches taller than the Ford, but the most striking difference is in overall length. At 180.5 inches, the Escape falls short by nearly half a foot against the Outlander’s 185.4 inch span. Here’s where it gets interesting: they share an almost identical wheelbase, with The Blue Oval’s offering actually 0.2 inches longer between the front and rear axles. Measurements of ground clearance, overall width, and front track are all within an inch or less. The Outlander is slightly bigger in each, but not by much. Rear track on the Ford is a bit narrower at 61.8 inches versus 63.1 inches on the Mitsubishi.

2021 Ford Escape vs. 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander - Exterior Dimensions (Imperial)
Dimension Ford Escape Mitsubishi Outlander +/- Ford Escape
Wheelbase (in.) 106.7 106.5 +0.2
Overall Length (in.) 180.5 185.4 -4.9
Overall Width (in.) 74.1 74.7 -0.6
Overall Height (in.) 66.1 68.7 -2.6
Front Track (in.) 62.4 62.7 -0.3
Rear Track (in.) 61.8 63.1 -1.3
Maximum Ground Clearance (in.) 7.3 8.3 -1
Dimension Ford Escape Mitsubishi Outlander +/- Ford Escape
Wheelbase (mm) 2710 2706 +4
Overall Length (mm) 4585 4710 -125
Overall Width (mm) 1882 1897 -15
Overall Height (mm) 1679 1748 -69
Front Track (mm) 1585 1593 -8
Rear Track (mm) 1570 1603 -33
Maximum Ground Clearance (mm) 185 211 -26

Interior Dimensions

On the inside, it’s clear that Ford’s slightly longer wheelbase does help maximize the available space. The 2020-2021 Ford Escape has more room in four of seven categories in the first two rows. Front seat headroom does fall short about half an inch to the Outlander’s 40.6 inch total, but legroom in that same seat of the Escape is more substantial by 0.7 inches. Hip room in the front is also a win for FoMoCo, with a 1.2 inch advantage against the Mitsubishi, though the Japanese car does have marginally more shoulder space. Because it doesn’t have to accommodate a third row, the 2021 Escape is able to provide more space for back seat passengers as well.

2021 Ford Escape vs. 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander - Interior Dimensions (Imperial)
Dimension Ford Escape Mitsubishi Outlander +/- Ford Escape
First Row Headroom (in.) 40.0 40.6 -0.6
First Row Legroom (in.) 42.4 41.7 +0.7
First Row Shoulder Room (in.) 57.6 57.9 -0.3
First Row Hip Room (in.) 55.2 54.0 +1.2
Second Row Headroom (in.) 39.3 39.1 +0.2
Second Row Legroom (in.) 40.7 39.9 +0.8
Second Row Shoulder Room (in.) 56.0 55.9 +0.1
Second Row Hip Room (in.) 53.3 53.3 Equal
Third Row Headroom (in.) - 34.5 -
Third Row Legroom (in.) - 18.7 -
Third Row Shoulder Room (in.) - 51.2 -
Third Row Hip Room (in.) - 42.1 -
Dimension Ford Escape Mitsubishi Outlander +/- Ford Escape
First Row Headroom (mm) 1016 1031 -15
First Row Legroom (mm) 1077 1059 +18
First Row Shoulder Room (mm) 1463 1471 -8
First Row Hip Room (mm) 1402 1372 +30
Second Row Headroom (mm) 998 993 +5
Second Row Legroom (mm) 1034 1013 +21
Second Row Shoulder Room (mm) 1422 1420 +2
Second Row Hip Room (mm) 1354 1354 0
Third Row Headroom (mm) - 876 -
Third Row Legroom (mm) - 475 -
Third Row Shoulder Room (mm) - 1300 -
Third Row Hip Room (mm) - 1069 -

Cargo Dimensions

Being longer overall allows the Outlander an edge in terms of ultimate cargo room at 79.7 cubic feet with all rear seats folded, which is 14.3 feet more than the Escape can muster. With the second row seats upright on both, however, the Ford offers four cubic feet more than the Mitsubishi. Despite the Outlander’s extra length, it seems that the folded third-row seats do cut slightly into the vertical cargo room available behind the second row.

2021 Ford Escape vs. 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander - Cargo Dimensions (Imperial)
Dimension Ford Escape Mitsubishi Outlander +/- Ford Escape
Cargo Volume Behind First Row (cu. ft.) 65.4 79.7 -14.3
Cargo Volume Behind Second Row (cu. ft.) 37.5 33.5 +4
Cargo Volume Behind Third Row (cu. ft.) - 11.7 -
Dimension Ford Escape Mitsubishi Outlander +/- Ford Escape
Cargo Volume Behind First Row (liters) 1852 2257 -405
Cargo Volume Behind Second Row (liters) 974 949 +25
Cargo Volume Behind Third Row (liters) - 331 -

For potential buyers looking to cross-shop these two vehicles, the 2021 Ford Escape is priced from $24,885, and offers some advantages for those not concerned about a third row. It’s also worth noting that Ford is working on a three-row version of the Escape, but all signs point to the variant being exclusively available in China, though that might change with the cancellation of the next-generation Ford Edge.

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  1. jose velez

    The comparison should be against the Toyota RAV4 which is the leader in that market.

  2. Mark Tilton

    Mitsubishi is the last vehicle to compare to the company loss its EDGE 20 years ago. Suzuki was more advanced at its end. If Ford can’t out do Toyota and Mazda, if just equal is too much to ask— in the suv field may they should drop them and go for the sedan market ——–

  3. Joe

    Test it out against a CRV and find out why it is not selling like it use to. I have owned 3 Escapes and on Mercury Marinier and looked at the 2020 model. It was cheap inside, the 3 cylinder was rough, cargo room was smaller than the 2019. I bought a 2020 Edge. If you discontinue that model you are really making a mistake.

    1. Jose Velez

      I have a 2014 SE 1.6L and 2016 Titanium 2.0L. I am not too enthusiastic on the 1.5L on recent Ford Escape. If I change my 2016 will be for the Plug in Hybrid. I like the size of the Escape 2020/2021 and Honda CRV is too narrow for my taste. Sensors on the CRV are dealer installed which I find cheap for such an expensive vehicle. My brother and my nince purchased the CRV in 2020 and I do find them cheap. My wife switched her 2011 Edge sport to the Mach E and she is very happy with it. Ford will introduce new EV when the Edge production which should be less expensive that the Mach E


    would like to know……………ford mondeo on way out here………………can we find out its replacement asap………………………….with prices and photos…………………….and also need will it be quality at good prices……………………….will it be better than q5…………audi……………..?? when can we see in uk and ireland


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