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2021 Ford Bronco Roof Component Weights Revealed

The 2021 Ford Bronco roof options have been a hot topic in recent weeks, particularly after it was announced that the painted modular hard top was being delayed to the 2022 model year. Regardless, we have some good, or at least useful, 2021 Ford Bronco roof news to share, as Bronco Nation just published the weight of each individual component of the molded-in color hard top, as well as the soft top.

First up we have the MIC top for the four-door Ford Bronco. Interestingly enough, the left-hand front panel weighs in at 13.45 pounds, just a tad less than the right-hand front panel, which tips the scales at 14.55 pounds. The middle panel weighs in at 27.56 pounds, while the rear cap is more of a team-lift endeavor since it tips the scales at a significant 68.12 pounds.

Two-door Bronco buyers will have a bit more weight to deal with, even though there are fewer panels to remove. The left-hand panel in this case weighs 14.11 pounds, while the right-hand panel weighs 15.65 pounds. However, the rear cap is quite a bit heavier on the two-door, tipping the scales at 80.47 pounds.

Finally, we have the soft top, which weighs a not-insignificant 110.89 pounds altogether, or 101.96 pounds with the side and rear panels removed.

Aside from needing a friend to remove some of the heavier/bulkier Bronco top components, removing these roofs, along with each individual panel and shell is a breeze, as we’ve covered in the past. This can be attributed to the Bronco’s modular design, which allows the entire vehicle to be stripped down to its base structure and rebuilt with new doors, fenders, roof, and a different grille in just an afternoon. Given how popular modifying the new SUV will be, that’s music to the ears of future owners.

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