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2021 Ford Bronco Safari Bar Gets Styling Tweak Following Customer Feedback


Even though the 2021 Ford Bronco is on the verge of entering production, that isn’t stopping Ford from making at least one styling tweak before it starts rolling off the line at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant. Much the same way as the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 was updated prior to its initial deliveries, Ford has made some subtle changes to the optional Bronco safari bar following customer feedback, according to Bronco Nation.

Safari Bar – Old Design

People were quick to notice that with the original design of the Bronco safari bar, the “Bronco” lettering on the front grille was covered up partially. In fact, a good portion of the R through the C was hidden by the presence of the bar, This didn’t settle too well with hardcore Ford Bronco fans who want to make it very clear to others that they’re driving a Bronco, so Ford decided to tweak the design a bit.

“We heard the feedback on the safari bar and, like the unique First Edition color and interior, quickly incorporated changes in the design based on reservation holder input,” said Bronco Brand Manager Esteban Plaza-Jennings.

Safari Bar – Old Design

Plaza-Jennings is referring to Ford’s decision to add Lightning Blue to the Bronco First Edition’s color palette, as well as Black Onyx for the interior, the latter of which happened after quite a few reservation holders expressed displeasure that Navy Pier was initially their only option.

Safari Bar – Old vs New Design

As far as the safari bar goes, Ford simply made it sit higher across the grille so that it doesn’t obstruct the Bronco lettering anymore than is necessary. Now, a small portion of the letters are covered, but it’s much easier to make out the “Bronco” name than before. We imagine that this will please those that were considering the safari bar, but weren’t happy with that original design.

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  1. stryder13

    So why didn’t they just lower the top of the bar so that all the letters would show???

  2. kc craig

    why not just engrave “BRONCO” on the bar itself??

  3. Jake

    It would interfere with the front view camera

  4. Lou

    Looks to me like they have another year to keep developing this thing. You can drive around Detroit, Pontiac and all the other outlying cities around Detroit and see plant after plant that has been boarded up because of outsourcing. Ford is really dropping the ball on deliveries.


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