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2021 Lincoln Aviator Introduces Auto Air Refresh Feature

The 2021 Lincoln Aviator represents the second model year of the Aviator crossover, bringing with it some color changes, automatic heated and ventilated seats and the addition of an upgraded cabin air filter. But FoMoCo’s luxury arm delivered even further enhancements, equipping the 2021 Aviator with an optional Auto Air Refresh System (which Ford Authority was first to report on). Let’s take a closer look at this feature.

2021 Lincoln Aviator

The Auto Air Refresh feature is engineered to constantly deliver fresh air into the cabin. It pairs a PM 2.5 laser sensor with a cabin air filter to ensure that occupants are receiving high quality air from outside and fresh air within the vehicle. Auto Air Refresh is activated as soon as the vehicle is started and can refresh the air at up to 1.5 times per minute, if necessary. As the name suggests, the system is completely automated and requires no input from cabin occupants.

The Auto Air Refresh system is included with the Elements Package Plus equipment bundle. That package includes the following features:

  • Auto Air Refresh
  • Auto heated/ventilated driver and passenger seats
  • Heated/ventilated second row outboard seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Heated VisioBlade wipers

The Elements Package Plus is unavailable on the 2021 Lincoln Aviator Standard trim, but is optional on the Reserve trim with the following equipment collections:

  • Reserve I 201A
  • Reserve II 202A
  • Monochromatic Reserve I 208A
  • Monochromatic Reserve II 210A

Additionally, the Elements Package is included on all Black Label models.

The 2021 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring (the Plugin Hybrid model) can also be paired with the package. On that model, it is offered with the following equipment collections:

  • Grand Touring I 301A
  • Grant Touring II 302A

2021 Lincoln Aviator

The 2021 Lincoln Aviator is bound to follow its 2020 forebear by resonating with younger demographics. Additionally, it is no doubt a valuable part of the standalone Lincoln dealer showroom experience, a relatively new trend for Ford’s luxury division that is also winning over retail shoppers. The three-row crossover rides on the Ford CD6 platform and is built at the Ford Chicago Assembly plant.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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    We are almost halfway through 2021. And you just now realized the auto air refresh feature? Nice.


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