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2022 Ford F-150 Convertible Introduced As Ultimate Open-Air 4X4 Vehicle

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In a surprise announcement broadcast to all Fortnite players between the hours of 2AM to 3AM EST on the morning of April 1st, 2021, Ford revealed the 2022 Ford F-150 convertible, set to arrive in U.S. dealerships this Christmas. The company expects the drop-top pickup to revolutionize the segment when it launches later this year, as truck shoppers have been unable to purchase a light-duty full-size convertible until now.

“By 2022, Ford customers will have the ability to pick up one of the most versatile trucks in Blue Oval history,” said Ford CEO Tim Barley. “We are supremely confident that 2022 Ford F-150 convertible owners will be dropping the top frequently, be it on the coldest December night or the hottest August afternoon.”

Ford has outfitted the 2022 Ford F-150 convertible with a number of structural modifications that allow it to retain its impressive towing and payload capability even when compared to its fixed-roof counterparts. Those enhancements include reinforced door sills, thicker frame rails, full-length cross bars, and new structural panels in high-flex areas. When all is said and done, the open-top truck boasts a 10,500 pound tow rating and a 2,000 pound payload rating when equipped with the Ford 3.5L EcoBoost V6.

Ford is offering the convertible in SuperCab and SuperCrew configurations on XLT, King Ranch, and Platinum trims, paired solely with four-wheel drive and the 5.5-foot box. The company expects most buyers to opt for the SuperCrew configuration.

Inside, 2022 Ford F-150 convertible buyers will find standard water-resistant ActiveX seating, flanked by a 12-inch Sync 4 equipped touchscreen that enables them to open or close the optional soft-top with simple voice commands. The entire process for power-folding soft-top models is completely automated, and can be activated at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour.

In fact, Ford also revealed for the first time that the 2021 Ford Bronco modular hard top production delay was entirely due to the production ramp up of the equivalent top for the F-150 convertible. “We figured future Bronco owners deserved a better explanation as to why they would not get their painted hard tops in time, and this is the reason,” said Spike Ravine, product communications manager of Ford North Dakota, while patting the top of a nearby F-150 convertible. “Obviously, they’ll be totally cool with this news, and we expect some of them to even ditch their Bronco reservations for one of these babies without hesitation.”

Ford is currently taking $3,000 non-refundable deposits for the 2022 Ford F-150, and expects pricing to start at around $80,000 for entry level XLT SuperCab models. The optional automatic power-folding soft-top is a $25,000 option.

“Our all-new F-150 convertible arrives at a time when demand for vehicles with removable tops is at an all-time high,” said Bim Jaumick, Enterprise Product Line Manager. “By catering to open top enthusiasts and truck buyers simultaneously, we expect it to become the top-selling vehicle in the Northeast by 2024 at the latest, as that region has been starved of a four-wheel drive convertible that can be operated in sub-zero temperatures for quite some time,” he added. “Frankly, I have no idea how we can ever top this…pun intended.”

The new F-150 convertible represents one piece of our 2021 April Fools’ Day content, and will never see the light of day in any form whatsoever. That might not be the last prank we introduce today, so subscribe to Ford Authority for more Ford F-150 news and continuous Ford news coverage.

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Written by Edward Snitkoff

Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. April fool, you must be fool NOT to get this one. A better joke would be that Ford is going to launch the Chinese Taurus in the USA as a police interceptor and Camry competitor. Actually, it shouldn’t be a joke BUT a reality as Ford gives away the market to Japanese brands and let’s be honest. For Authority released the sales fogures of the Escape and let’s be honest, they’re really bad.

    • Let’s be REAL honest. What Is Ford giving up to the Japanese automaker? Profit-destroying sales to daily rental fleets? Even with fleet sales propping up the Camry and Corolla, their sales are still falling, and have been for some times.

      So, yes, LETS BE HONEST about this, Ford needs to invest billions in a shrinking market with no profits, just so you can go ahead and not buy one.

      • Fwd econo-boxes have hit the evolutionary point of diminishing return. Foreign brands call a refresh a new generation all the time.

        Why not intentionally offer a rental fleet only but nicely equipped, 4 banger with Corolla highway mpg? Aim it to be a very attractive CPO car. Toyota/Honda market position is propped up by stupidly inflated resale values. Hasten their downfall, maybe earn some brand loyalty that pays off elsewhere.

        • Rental fleets only make money when the cars they offer work. Ford’s 4 bangers just don’t have the reliabilty, even if they run the milage up to 24,000 prior to selling, who in their right mind would buy a know problem???

          • I own a 1992 4 banger with 1/4 of a million miles your statement is not true it’s called maintenance that is why mine has lasted so long

        • Ever owned a ford with 100k miles? How about a honda or Toyota? It’s a VERY different experience that the market has appropriately accounted for.

          If ford gets their act together and make cars that don’t disintegrate at about 80k miles, they’ll eventually see those same resale values. That said, my ’19 mustang that’s been to the shop half a dozen times in the last year makes it seem like they weren’t there yet in 2019.

          • I’ve had mostly GM stuff. In the last couple decades, I’ve rented strong mpg cars for very long trips, and owned pickups or econobox beaters. I’ve seen close relatives waste tens of thousands of dollars on Honda & Toyota stuff, sticking to conventional wisdom that isn’t.

            My friends with Fords are satisfied; they did avoid the DCT Focus. One of my Uncles recently dumped a clunker Camry for a Mazda. No reason Ford can’t produce a reasonably nice econobox, if their former re-badge partner does.

          • My ’74 Ford had 300,000 miles on it, ’91 134,000 and counting, ’02 now at 194,000…..Fords are reliable. And American.

          • I have a 5 years old Focus ST with 60k on it and drives like new. Still didn’t change the brakes on it, everything functions. I had to change the steering wheel due to bad leather under warranty after 2 years and engine mounts under Drivetrain warranty at 55K but beside that Everything is running smooth. I regret paying extra for 8 years 96k extended warranty.

          • I’ve had various Fords at or well over 100,000 miles. My 2002 Escape had 247,000 when I sold it and my current 2011 Escape with a 4 banger has 199,000 and still going strong! Not Fords are better, but they are not worse!

      • OH MY GOSH you got me. The only thing that puzzled me was you mentioning unmet demand for a drop top 4×4. I can’t figure out why American buyers won’t buy more convertible cars, as they are so fun and my girlfriend makes my 2008 Sebring convertible look even better when she’s in it. Another funny note, years ago I had a Mercury Sable wagon I was thinking about using a Sawzall to take the top off of. As it was on it’s last legs, no real loss when the police ticketed me off the road. At 68, it’s fun to be an old fool who gets April fooled. Thanks guys. Mike in DC

  2. April fool, you must be fool NOT to get this one. A better joke would be that Ford is going to launch the Chinese Taurus in the USA as a police interceptor and Camry competitor. Actually, it shouldn’t be a joke BUT a reality as Ford gives away the market to Japanese brands and let’s be honest. For Authority released the sales fogures of the Escape and let’s be honest, they’re really bad.

  3. you forgot to mention it also has carbon fiber reinforced shwizzle rods and port polished stainless steel canooter valves

    • You might be surprised at how many people would actually pay over $100K for an F-150 convertible. No joke about that.

      • If Ford offered a Raptor version with roll bars, 40’s, and the 7.3 Megazilla, the line would be around the block!

  4. I for one was being reeled in until the final paragraph. I was all the way to the side of the boat when I spit the hook out. I was already spending the money I was going to make on my Ford stock.
    This is exactly the type of forward thinking Ford needs. Not crappy little SUV’S that blow head gaskets or crack their plastic intake manifold.
    A six seater convertible would be awesome. I have four kids. My wife and I would love to be able to drive around in leisurely style with the family in a drop top. The last time they made a cool six seater dates back to the 60’s Continental. That car isn’t practical with all the air actuated parts.
    Produce a six seater convertible and you move to the front of the line!

  5. How about Ford works on delivering the Bronco before working on another project they can’t deliver!

  6. ford would be fools NOT to introduce this into the lineup. BORN IN DEARBORN, Dad worked for Ford for 20 yrs.. i would love to have one of these. have a Platinum with sunroof now, better than the dvd player i had in my King Ranch. come on Ford ! !

  7. Ha Ha sorry the joke is on Ford. If this truck was built/offered in F150 or Ranger would be huge. Not doing so shows why Ford stock sucks.

  8. Giveaway was the first sentence….Fortnite. I am an F-150 driver and Family of Ford Employees. I would never consider buying this or the dumb plug in F-150. Ford does need to step it up and not in this way.

    • Electric truck? I want a truck not a R/C toy. Give me dual exhaust, tow my atv’s
      Seriously people buy trucks mainly to haul and tow. An electric in the Summer
      Running the a/c, towing a small boat, or two ATV’s etc… that battery will not last. 120 v it can take up to 24 hours, 240 v like 10-12 hours, and 440 like 30 minutes.
      So when you have lots of electric vehicles on the road, and they need frequent charging look at the electrical load at say a coal plant? More coal is burned coal plants is like the worst polluters, as is jet planes especially with up to 5,000 per day day fly and closer to the ozone.
      So if people are really concerned about the ozone.
      Well we do not need cruises ships
      Drag racing
      Pleasure boats
      Off road vehicles
      Reduce air travel
      Replace coal plants ( well jobs would be lost, so figure out some sort of a cleaner burn )

      Reduce flying to frickin Mars ( don’t get me started on that ) mostly Government funded, we need infrastructure not photos of Mars

      None of the above engines have any type of emissions.

      Cars do.
      You young people need to think before you do, your designing ugly ass vehicles, cheaply made vehicles. Heck if someone’s car is stuck good luck finding a durable area of the car to push on.

  9. Although this may be a prank, I’m sure this idea has floated across board members desks to be mulled over in the past. It would be nice though if Ford was the first to bring this concept into fruition.
    Better, for more originality, would be to have a folding hardtop. But then again, the only copies would be in the hands of people with big bucks and nothing to spend their money on.
    I’m sure anyone with enough money to float could have one custom made, like you see on some of them Motor Trend shows.
    Good idea only if it was affordable for the average buyer. But then, as the old saying goes “ The Difference Between Men And Boys, Are There Toys”. Or, to be politically correct it should be an inclusive thing and not an “exclusive” one.

    • I’m not sure Ford is building trucks for “average” buyers anymore. They go from basic fleet editions to pricey trims pretty quick.

  10. I’m not sure Ford is building trucks for “average” buyers anymore. They go from basic fleet editions to pricey trims pretty quick.

  11. @scorpionking0102: For already made a convertible in the Model T. But in the modern era, the Chevy SSR was offered as a convertible from ’03-’06. And Dodge offered the Dakota as a convertible from ’89-’91.

    Also, if you considered Hummer and Jeep both offered a pickup, of sorts, as the H1 and Scrambler, respectively. And then there’s the current Jeep Gladiator.

    Ford would actually be late to the party…

  12. I would actually buy this. Price it as $80K and make the top doesn’t let too much noise in when it’s up and there will be buyers.

  13. I was on board. A convertible f150 IS a great, out of the box idea. It works on so many levels consumer wise. Creatively its new, stylish and attention grabbing. Functionally it allows even more room to load and tote stuff. Versatility is it main selling feature. From transport to a night out on the town in style. Why Bentley convertible when you can f150 convertible. Its bigger, longer, taller and stronger. Whether riding solo or with a group. It is a go anywhere or anyplace beautiful must have vehicle.

  14. The Left is in seething rage that they fell for VWs Voltswagon renaming. But they are probably not interested in a truck anyway.

  15. Looks like a throwback to 1989-90 when fabricating convertible trucks was hot. Dodge even made a factory Dakota version back then.

  16. 🤮 Seriously guys where are your heads at the bronco was a disappointment nothing like the original. Now we’re messing with the best selling pickup in this great country. Back to the drawing board people!

  17. Are you telling me that this is a joke? It’s the best idea Ford has ever had no one has had a convertible truck since Dodge did it in the 1980s with the Dakota it looked really cool they would probably sell millions and millions of them and it would be a classic that goes up in value which is rare for a Ford unless it’s a Mustang or cobra

  18. Are you telling me that this was a joke and that the best idea Ford ever has had it’s an April fools gag a convertible truck is an awesome idea and it hasn’t been done since the 1980s went dodge did it with the Dakotas I think it’s really cool and it would sell millions

  19. I was about to place an order on one but I guess we screwed like Biden is screwing America right now !!!! Ps I will never buy another Ford !!! April fools !!!! But it was cool anyway !!

  20. First hint; Tim Barley?.. Jim Farley is the April Fools joke. Of all the things we’re told we don’t need (Mick), more tree-huggin’ morons is something NOBODY WANTS or NEEDS!

  21. You got me…although the starting price had me wondering – what the heck?…and the $25k power option..well I was like double what the heck? And well, I absolutely ignored the forenite part……lol

  22. Well considering ild never buy a brandnew anything because resale value sucks. But the idea of convertible trucks are cool! Because people love sports cars but we buy trucks because they are more practical & most men use their trucks to work with & everyone likes to make work fun. & to add jeep did it with gladiator So why not. I hope gmc does it next!

  23. Dodge made the Dakota pickup convertible from 1989-1991. Obviously it was a sales success that nobody remembers it. I’m sure Ford will bring this concept back along with the Electric Edsel.

  24. I’m A Ford Lover 35 years continuous Ford ownership.
    Was not aware you existed.
    Thanks For Teasing Something I Would Buy.
    I’ll Never Trust Anything You Publish Again.

  25. Yeah. Fit it with that idiotic V6 with the internal water pump that will fill your crankcase with antifreeze when it leaks

  26. It was a fun spoof which I was slightly sucked into at first. The option price confirmed the doubt. I remain a loyal F150 owner. As for the rest of the fleet, I wish Ford would make the designs more unique. They look like everything else on the road – have to see the badge to identify. Saw a new Bronco at dealer recently. Wasn’t impressed. Looked like just another SUV one “might” take a little off road and get dusty. At least Jeep’s still look like Jeep’s and yurn to head off road.

  27. Wow, I’m literally at a total loss for words !!!
    So, gonna be real honest with ya’ll, not a big Ford fan, never have been, but, like opinions, everyone is entitled to their own, opinions, and favorites of anything.
    Just curious, but where would this convertible be nice enough where a driver says, ” Thank goodness I have this convertible top pickup”, or as a status thing, ” Check this out, ain’t I cool “, yeah, especially with that messed up hair, or whatever else, get that thing on its lid, and you’ll be sporting a nasty scar , or does it come with helmets.
    Reminds me of the 85′ camaro convertible, no structural support, first one that hits something head on, or first rollover, you’ve lost another customer at your Ford dealership !!
    I’m sure glad I’m not a “blue oval fan”, and not too keen on the “bowtie” emblems either, both are hideous looking, and made with aluminum, that’s gotta be real strong, I’d feel safer in a Yugo , sorry, but had to chime in on this one, ya’ll have a great day !!

  28. GM actually had a convertible pickup truck.
    Chevrolet SSR.
    It was a hardtop convertible and the top folded down between the cab and the bed.

    It was a good looking truck, that got horrible gas mileage.

    I’d buy a convertible truck.

  29. For the last 8 years the F150 line has been known to have a severe flaw with the door locks in cold weather where you CANNOT unlock them because they’re frozen shut. If their little prank was true at least you could GET INTO your vehicle if that happens! To bad they didn’t spend their time and energy actually coming up with a solution for this problem instead. I’ve had it “fixed” in my 2017 raptor three times and STILL have the issue!

  30. This is why Ford goes bankrupt every 10 years, lack of real innovation. No electric car and no convertible truck, ford is the joke.

  31. Yeeeehaaww!!
    Oo yeah boy Imma gon git on dat and do dirt-dounts and when I end up wearing it for a hat with my entire family all decapitatin’ Ford’s gonna look real smart!!

  32. I had one just about like it, 1974 Blazer , the hard top roof comes off & you have a convertible truck, I took it off many times, nothing new here

  33. I think it’s beautiful. That is a truck I would look good in. If the ford motor company needs to send one all over New England to show it in person, I volunteer.

  34. I own a 1996 F250 XL with the 300ci big 6 with 5 speed manual transmission. It has over 280,000 miles and I am still driving it. I still pull a 22′ 5th wheel camper. And no this is not an April fools post. Love my Ford.

  35. I bought an 1981 Ford F-150 used had 62000 miles I drove that truck over 10 years yes had to change miner things but I tell you that 300 straight 6 was powerful I hauled some big loads on it I was a building contractor and painter used it on both jobs beside I drove it all the time when I got read of it had 245000 miles on it still didn’t use oil but I kept it changed every 2500- to 3000 miles greased it change transmission oil twice all that time have to say dam good truck like to find another one like it

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