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Biden Administration To Meet With Automakers Regarding Chip Shortage

As we’ve covered extensively in recent months, automotive production has been severely impacted by the global semiconductor chip shortage. As of right now, it doesn’t seem like this issue will be resolve until Q3 at the earliest, so automakers are forced to do the best they can with what chips they are able to secure, which in Ford’s case are being used in its most profitable vehicles like the 2021 Ford F-150. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has been considering its options to help get the supply chain back on track as well.

Ford F-150 Production

Regardless, Ford F-150 production has still been shut down on three different occasions, and both President Joe Biden and Ford CEO Jim Farley have publically called for more domestic chip production to prevent this shortage from happening again. Now, two top Biden administration aides will host a meeting to discuss these supply chain issues with both automakers and chipmakers.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that Biden’s security adviser, Jake Sullivan, and economic aide, Brian Deese, will host the meeting on April 12th. The goal is to conduct a broad policy review on the issue and determine what, if any action, can be taken to help get the supply chain back up and running.

As we reported earlier today, Ford and its suppliers are already rethinking the way they approach the supply chain, and both are ditching the tried-and-true just-in-time approach to inventory and production by stocking up on critical parts and components. Additionally, Ford has begun buying specialized chips from chipmakers rather than going through middleman suppliers in an effort to speed up the process of receiving the much-needed components.

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  1. Lee Glidewell

    Hey Farley, Ford used to build vehicles that didn’t need chips and the battery only had to power the lights and the starter motor.
    Y’all have ‘technologied’ y’all’s selves right into the corner.

    1. Bruce Holberg

      Time for Ford to start a chip business

  2. ME

    China is laughing us into submission with this stooge in Washington DC

  3. Chevys and Fyords

    Joe will probably recommend wearing a third mask and print more free money.

  4. Gary.

    Maybe you Einstein’s should be running the country! 😆 China’s already had there laugh.

    1. Me


      1. Mr.Gary.

        OKAY! China’s already had THEIR laugh.😆

  5. Dan H

    How is the Biden administrations “stress test” of the chip market going to improve this situation? None of this is government’s business.

  6. Mr.Gary.

    Well I guess MAYBE our government is trying to help an American company deal with a problem they are having since the economy can possibly be affected. 😆


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