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Biden Infrastructure Plan Includes $100 Billion For EV Consumer Rebates

President Joe Biden has yet to reveal all the details surrounding his $2.3 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan, but some details leaked out last week, including the fact that around $174 billion would be earmarked for EVs and clean energy. Now, we’re learning that $100 billion of that money in the Biden infrastructure plan would go toward electric vehicle consumer rebates, while $15 billion will be spent building 500,000 new EV charging stations, according to Reuters.

The Biden infrastructure plan also includes $20 billion for electric school buses, $25 billion for zero-emission transit vehicles, and $14 billion in other tax incentives.

The inclusion of EV consumer rebates is great news for General Motors and Tesla in particular. Currently, buyers of electric vehicles from those two automakers do not receive the federal $7,500 tax credit available to buyers of other brands, including Ford and the Ford Mustang Mach-E, as both have already sold more than 200,000 EVs.

Biden previously said that he wants Congress to “give consumers point-of-sale rebates and tax incentives to buy American-made EVs while ensuring these vehicles are affordable for all families and manufactured by workers with good jobs.”

This news is sure to appease automakers, the UAW, the Alliance for Automobile Innovation, and the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association, which recently wrote the president a letter urging him to back a more aggressive EV plan that would include large government tax credits, subsidies for manufacturers, and other financial incentives.

Since taking office in January, Biden has made it clear that one of his top priorities is reducing greenhouse emissions. Biden has already met with automakers to discuss ways to make that happen shortly after he directed the U.S. to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, a move praised by Ford. Earlier this week, Biden’s newly appointed head of the EPA – Michael Regan – also promised that tougher tailpipe emissions requirements are coming by the end of July, so taking action to speed up EV adoption is a critical component to make all of this work.

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  1. Dan Beilman

    You guys send way to many emails in one day. Why don’t you just send one nice big one?? Several friends quite all your sites due to all the junk everyday

  2. Njia

    More $ for charging infrastructure? Sounds good. More $ to increase incentives? No thanks.

  3. MAGAtsAreAwful

    It’s great to see true leadership step up and make things happen. So glad the. last admin is gone forever and his inept terrorist followers are being proosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. Joseph Stolen

      Yeah, that child abuse at the housing center in San Antonio is wonderful.
      Lying to the American people about the Georgia voting laws is another joke.
      Go back to your welfare life and let somebody else use the Internet in the library.

    2. Bob

      yep, the last administration was absolutely insane.

  4. Mr.Gary.

    It’s called looking and planning for the future not taking us back 50 years. I don’t agree with everything and it ashamed our congress can’t work together. Blame on both sides.😕😕

    1. Mike says..

      I agree with you and you only have to reach back 4 years to see how quickly we can get left behind.
      My friends ask ‘why are we self destructing.’ Nobody needs to work at beating us, rather, just stand back and watch the wheels fall off all things American. So sad…

  5. tom

    Why not let the market decide. Without gov’t subsidies on EV’s they would fall on their face in the marketplace.
    Why are we letting this brain dead president have any say on how we spend money?

  6. Bruce Holberg

    So the government by coupling tougher impossible emission standards and subsidies puts it in the position of forcing Americans to buy EVs that are impractical and mostly unwanted. Another freedom has just gone down the toilet. Anyone else alarmed?

  7. Mike says..

    The upside of this plan will bolster U.S. made BEV and hopefully sell them into the mainstream market. I am an ICE man, however, no ignoring the truth and future of the automotive industry. It will be cleaner, greener and hopefully U.S. lead. FORD and GM need to get this one right, out of the box…. If they don’t, Korea, China and Europe will be eating their lunch and we will be paying for it. Government financial incentives are only a tool needed/used to launch this bold initiative. This is a complicated time for the automotive industry. I am glad the government seems to have their back. As for the bevy of whiners this post attracts, hard to imagine how some of them evolved to have hot/cold running water and flush toilets. Who knew??

  8. Mick1

    Rebates are tax breaks for the rich. The government giveth and taketh away. The game continues.

  9. Mike

    What a load of garbage. I have enough of a time paying for my own car, never mind helping pay for other people’s cars. Of course these cars aren’t being bought by people that are just getting by either. They may not all be sold to wealthy people but at least upper middle class. Nor do I want to be paying for infrastructure. The idea that taxpayers pay for this, then someone else makes money off of it without paying it back, is bs. Especially since we don’t need this. There is no man made global warming, we aren’t running out of gas or oil. And your clueless if you don’t think a huge chunk of this money is going to go right back to Biden’s family and other demorats.

    1. Bob

      you must have forgotten your tin foil hat in your Dodge there Mike. lol


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