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Brazilian Ford Ranger Sets New Segment Sales Record In March

Ford’s U.S. sales (along with the entire automotive industry) came back strong in March, despite a number of production woes stemming from the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage. But it seems that FoMoCo is having some success in other countries as well. Case in point – the Brazilian Ford Ranger, fresh off a quick sell-out of the first 100 units of the new Ranger Black, just set a new segment sales record in the month of March.

The Brazilian Ford Ranger dominated the competition both last month and in the first quarter of 2021. Ford sold 2,386 Rangers in March, which accounted for 25.9 percent of the entire pickup segment – beating its previous record of 24.6 percent, set back in June of 2020. In the mid-size truck segment, the Ranger commanded 45.9 percent in March. Across Q1, Ford sold 5,620 units and enjoyed a 21.9 percent market share.

The Ranger XLS and Storm enjoyed particularly dominant growth in market share from February to March, gaining 11.5 percentage points over that timeframe. Top-of-the-line Ranger trims grew 6 percentage points, reaching 25.7 percent for the XLT and Limited trims.

“This record is another step in Ranger’s consolidation process, which has been gaining more and more space in different market segments, with growth in quality and customer satisfaction indexes,” said Antonio Freitas, Ford Pickup Marketing Manager.

Meanwhile, with the introduction of the aforementioned Ranger Black and the Ranger Storm, which joined the lineup last year, Ford’s dominance of the Brazilian truck market figures to continue this robust growth moving forward, even as the automaker recently ended production in the South American country following 100+ years of history there and 160 Ford dealerships are changing brands or closing altogether amid the major changes.

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  1. Mike says..

    This is what you talk about when you don’t have anything else to say…… yawn….yawn….snore! FORD losing 160 stores in Brazil and trashing their long history of doing business there will linger a lot longer…. I get that business decisions are made…just hope it doesn’t come back to bite them hard?

  2. Amilcar

    Error, la Ford Ranger que se vende en Brasil, se fabrica en Argentina, y como dice Mike en su comentario, están destruyendo su imagen en Sudamérica, de ser fabricante a ser solo un importador en Brasil y eliminar el segmento de autos populares como Ka, Fiesta, Focus y Ecosport, es regalar la historia y la fidelidad de sus clientes a la competencia…

    1. Mike says..

      Thank you for this….. you said it much better than I.

  3. Matheus

    I do not doubt that this sales record is motivated by discounts applied at dealerships. Certainly, many resellers saw the number of potential buyers decrease, with the fear of the brand leaving Brazil completely.


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