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Cadillac Has Already Introduced Its Last New ICE-Powered Vehicle

General Motors recently walked back its commitment to ax all of its ICE-powered vehicles by 2035, pointing out that this was merely a goal, not a declaration. However, it appears that Cadillac will continue pushing toward an all-electric future regardless. When it introduced the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq – the automaker’s first all-electric vehicle – Rory Harvey, vice president of Global Cadillac, was quick to point out that it also marks the start of the brand’s transition away from ICE-powered vehicles.

“Every new Cadillac that we introduce from this point on in North America will be a state-of-the-art luxury electric vehicle,” Harvey said. “It is public record that we said we would enter this decade as an ICE brand and we would leave this decade as an EV brand.” Harley also pointed out that Cadillac has “one of the freshest lineups in luxury,” which affords it the time needed to make the transition to a fully electric lineup.

This doesn’t mean that Caddy won’t continue to give its existing models mid-cycle refreshes over the next several years – only that it won’t be rolling out any brand-new ICE-powered vehicles. It goes without saying that this is a major commitment, even for an automaker that’s focused on transitioning to an all-electric lineup at some point in the next decade and a half.

Meanwhile, we have yet to see the first Lincoln EV, though we know that one is on the way after plans to underpin a crossover with Rivian’s skateboard platform were ultimately canceled. It, along with a Ford-branded EV crossover, will be built alongside the Ford Mustang Mach-E at the Ford Cuautitlan Assembly Plant in Mexico and are expected to enter production in late 2022 or early 2023 and go on sale for the 2023 model year.

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  1. Chris

    These electric vehicles are going to be so much fun to drive in the Northeast during our brutal winters. Can’t wait! Nothing like the start-up sound of an EV. Makes you feel alive!

  2. Mick1

    GM can always rebrand any of their Chevys into a Cadillac, remember the success of the Cimarron.

  3. Mark L Bedel

    Queue the song ICE, ICE, BABY by Vanilla Ice in the background…under pressure…!

  4. Mark Tilton

    Just when Cadillac caught up with 10 years ago. —- I worked at a Cadillac store in the 70-80s I could not of been prouder of the product, the smell of the leather, the class of the customers — That was a LONG TIME ago. The Brand Their Culture has been gone since then too —–

  5. Tom

    I remember when they said the big 1976 Eldorado was going to be their last convertible produced. They will build what the market demands and should stop virtue signaling their “green/woke” credentials.


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