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EV Shoppers Already Considering The Mustang Mach-E As Much As The Chevy Bolt

Mach-E Range
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The Chevrolet Bolt EV was introduced for the 2017 model year and recently underwent a complete redesign for the 2022 model year. General Motors has sold nearly 100,000 of them thus far, establishing the Bolt as one of the more successful and commonly seen EVs on the market. However, it appears that the recently-introduced Ford Mustang Mach-E is already gaining on the Bolt in terms of desirability among EV shoppers.

According to CarGurus’ recent Electric Vehicle Sentiment Survey, 30 percent of EV shoppers said they would consider purchasing a Bolt, while 28 percent said they would consider buying a Mach-E. CarGurus surveyed 1,097 U.S. automobile owners to come to this result, which as we reported yesterday, also revealed that Ford was the fourth-highest brand buyers would consider when shopping for an EV.

This result isn’t terribly surprising given the vastly different approaches Ford and GM took when designing the Mach-E and Bolt, even though both are EV crossovers. The Bolt was GM’s first long-range, consumer-grade electric vehicle. The compact, five-door hatchback features rather docile styling and performance that no one would describe as exhilarating.

Meanwhile, the Mach-E takes a decidedly different approach to attacking the electric vehicle market, combining sporty styling with a bit of traditional EV flair to create a product that looks like a true performance vehicle when compared side-by-side to the Bolt. Depending on how it’s spec’d, the Mach-E is also a capable performer as well.

This approach is what made Tesla so successful in the first place, as it was the first automaker to build and sell truly compelling EVs. And while the Bolt made little headway over the last few years, the Mach-E was already stealing market share from Tesla in its first full month on sale. Meanwhile, positive reviews from owners have enraged Tesla fans to the point where some have even received death threats.

We’ll have much more on the Mach-E and the state of the EV market soon, so be sure and subscribe to Ford Authority for more Mustang Mach-E news and ongoing Ford news coverage.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. As an EV shopper and owner of a Chevy Volt, I consider the Tesla Model S and the Model 3, the Volvo Polestar, the new Lucid Air and if I had more budget, the Porsche Taycan or the Audi e-tron GT. Boring cookie cutter SUV’s or crossovers are not for me. Regarding the Bolt, it simply falls short against the Volt. On the other hand, I had the opportunity to drive the Mach-e and I’m dissaponted. The car is not a Mustang, it doesn’t feel like a Mustang, it doesn’t look like a Mustang, it doesn’t have the character of a Mustang and it doesn’t drive like a Mustang. The Mach-e is just another boring SUV with Mustang grille, Mustang badges, Mustang tail lights and Mustang pretentions. If Ford wants a real EV 4 door Mustang, then it needs to target something the likes of a Porsche Taycan or the Audi e-tron GT instead of the make believe Mustang they produced. GM at least is going to produce the Cadillac Celestiq.

      • Yes, but I don’t believe I will like it. Anyway I’ll drive it when its available on the market to find out. Regards

      • You should take Jorge’s words with a grain of salt. He’s claimed to own a number of vehicles in this past commenting tirades.
        Not much of a brand loyalist, if true, which I find harder and harder to believe every time he goes full keyboard commando.

  2. The Europeans are late to the party, even after many years they still can’t copy the Tesla. Their batteries can compete with the Bolt, for twice the money and we already know their reliability (or lack of) has to improve. The Lucid has not hit the market, but the specs is promising, though they should have offered an SUV instead of a car. The Mustang Mach-E can compete with the Tesla Y, the Europeans need to do a better job.

  3. Jorge, eres un loco por escribir eso sobre el Mustang Mach-E sabiendo que Ford es quien decide que será un Mustang. Y te debe dar vergüenza por escoger autos importados sobre el Mach-E que es un producto puro norteamericano ya que es construido en Mexico.

    • No tengo porque sentir verguenza de absolutamente nada. Compro lo que me gusta y lo que me viene en gana. Para eso trabajo. Ni Ford ni nadie me va a decircque comprar. La cosa es simple. Me gusta, lo compro. No me gusta, no lo compro. Todo lo demas es secundario.

    • Por otro lado, ya condujiste un Mach-e? Lo que escribi es despues de haberlo conducido, asi que lo reitero. Aunque Ford lo diga y quiera hacer creer lo contrario, el Mach-e no es un Mustang ni se parece a ningun Mustang de la historia. Es solo otro aburrido SUV con emblemas, parrilla y pretensiones de Mustang.

      • Ah, Jorge, as always wrong and strongly opinionated. Typical European faux-sophisticate. You do not determine what does or does not make a Mustang any more than Volkswagen or Amazon would. Ford says it and that settles it. You want to change that at any point, feel free to stop whining and buy Ford. You do that, and I’ll shake your hand while agreeing the Mach-E isn’t a Mustang. Until that happens, grow up, boomer.

  4. You’re right. It drives better than a mustang. And it has real style but the boring ev cookie cutter look.

  5. You’re right. It drives better than a mustang. And it has real style needs not the boring EV cookie cutter look.

    It’s okay if you don’t to want one. Too many people already wanting them anyway.

  6. The question should not be how it compared to the bolt(euv) but how it compares to the Model Y. The bolt is crap. End of story. But Tesla is the brand every person (primarily younger generations) are trying to get. But Ford has one thing Tesla can’t get. Quality. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 10 years Teslas are considered shít boxes because of how poorly they manufactured the Model Y. But Ford, they know how to do quality and now they have the over the air updates so you don’t have to buy a new car as frequently and they can upgrade the Mach-E’s proformace. So there goes one of Teslas major benefits. Then of course there’s styling which we all know how ugly the Model X and especially the model Y is. Then there’s materials which is really depending on what you like but the Mach E from reviews sounds like it’s materials are better. Then there’s the gauge cluster which Tesla doesn’t have which is almost a safety issue. Then if you buy a Tesla there’s also the association with Tesla owners which have a nasty reputation of telling people to kïll themselves because they didn’t buy a Tesla, cyber bullying, them being incredibly stupid and not driving the car and wonder how they got in a car crash, and so on. There’s so much things to criticize the model Y on that it’s going to take forever to list but the

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