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First Wrecked Ford Mustang Mach-E Shows Up Online Looking Rather Sad

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The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E has only been in production for a few months now, and following a quality-related stop-ship, a number of customers are still waiting to take delivery of theirs. Ford is compensating those folks by reimbursing them for missed incentives and with free charging, but the automaker’s EV is still a very new product. Regardless of the fact that there aren’t many on the road as a result, we now have images of the very first wrecked Ford Mustang Mach-E.

This wrecked Ford Mustang Mach-E showed up on Instagram looking rather sad after what appears to be a serious collision that devastated its bodywork. No angle of the electric crossover was spared from damage, with heavy damage to both sides, the front end, and even the rear, which looks alright save for the lower portion of the bumper.

According to comments on the post, the Mach-E was involved in a high-speed wreck on the highway and was subsequently taken to Sanderson Ford in Phoenix, Arizona. Luckily, the vehicle’s occupants weren’t seriously injured, though it has to sting to wreck a brand new vehicle that still has its paper tags intact.

It’s hard to say if the Mach-E will wind up getting totaled out or if it’s a candidate for repair, but we’d lean toward the former, given the amount of damage here and the unknown state of the battery pack underneath. If that’s the case, perhaps it will end up on Copart or another salvage auction site, where it would make an intriguing donor for an EV swap of some kind, at the very least.

Regardless, it was only a matter of time before we saw the first wrecked Ford Mustang Mach-E, and we went a few months before it happened. Soon, we’ll be seeing these things popping up on auction sites, and perhaps leading to a very cool future project or two.

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H/T: The Drive

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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Leave a Reply
  1. Of course it’s totaled, beyond the shadow if a doubt. It appears there’s not one salvageable body panel + all airbags + suspension + tweaked unibody (Look at the doors) + compromised stuff under the heavily dented hood. She’s a goner. It looks like someone rolled it, several times over.

    • No brainer, sturdy armor out of heavier curb weight. No wonder, safety first out of a carmaker with over one century experience.

  2. Awesome, something good is coming out of this dumb ass vehicle. Now just 200k to go. Get rid of the mach e.

  3. I’m glad the occupants aren’t seriously injured (perhaps their pride?), but good riddance to the POS electric vehicle.

    • I’ll have to agree with the majority of people. What was Ford engineers thinking when they assigned Mach E to this vehicle. For those old enough to remember the Ford Galaxy, aka LTD in its later years. Galax-E would of been more appropriate.
      As for the mashed up Mach E hopefully the injuries weren’t too serious. But it calls it for a line in Forest Gump. “Stupid Is As Stupid Does”!

  4. I have no interest, currently, in an ev. But I’m surprised why some of you seem to hate them. It’s like you came home and caught your fat wife in bed with one. How do you go about hating a commodity? Or perhaps there are just a lot of hateful people looking for an outlet. Hate must be the new mid life crisis since it’s getting harder to afford a home let alone a new sports car

    • The only problem I have with EV’s right now is the lack of charging infrastructure. As far as houses being unaffordable, mortgage interest rates are at historic lows. Housing market is booming.

  5. How you clowns sound:

    “Internal combustion? Good riddance. Horses only. Get these cars off the road.”

    Backwards-a$$ hillbillies.

    • Hey dip$hit,

      The problem isn’t that they made the mustang electric, quite frankly I would love an electric mustang. The problem is that they made it a suv with a mustang badge. I would still be mad if they pulled out a gasoline suv mustang.

    • EV buyers think they’re going green without realizing the impact on the environment in making of the batteries. Not to mention the lifecycle, or shall I say recycle of them. I recently relocated my family not realizing I moved to the land of Acuras and Tesla’s. Teslas are as common as BMWs here.
      If all that effort was expended on the hydrogen platform vehicles, life for us and Mother Earth could be better along with zero harmful emissions. It’s not a new concept. Car companies have been pondering this for some time. It’s just that GTO
      companies (gas, tires and oil) have got a stranglehold on the vehicle market.

  6. Well if it was a high speed crash on the hiway what do you expect as it looks like it rolled multiple times but take a good look at the cabin and it’s still in pretty good shape and the people didn’t get killed, any car is going to be ugly in a high speed hiway roll over so don’t try and pick on the little electric mustang , this can happen to any car.

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