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Ford, General Motors Among Companies To Oppose Voting Legislation

In recent weeks, new voting legislation passed in Georgia has caused quite the uproar across corporate America. Major League Baseball relocated its All-Star game, planned for Atlanta, while companies like Delta and Coca-Cola publically spoke out against the legislation, which they allege will make it more difficult for some people – chiefly minorities – to vote. Now, over three dozen Michigan-based companies have issued a joint statement opposing the voting legislation, including Ford Motor Company and General Motors.

“Government must avoid actions that reduce participation in elections – particularly among historically disenfranchised communities,” the letter said. Previously, Ford CEO Jim Farley has also spoken out against the legislation, which is in the proposal stage in several other states, saying that Ford wants to “assure everyone who’s entitled to vote is able to exercise that freedom.”

In addition to Farley, the letter contained the signatures of GM Chief Executive Mary Barra, Swamy Kotagiri, CEO of Magna International, Jay Farmer, CEO of Rocket Companies Inc’s Quicken Loans and Rocket Mortgage, Jerry Norcia, CEO of DTE Energy, Christopher Ilitch, CEO of the company that owns MLB’s Detroit Tigers and the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings, Rod Wood, CEO of the NFL’s Detroit Lions, and Arn Tellem, vice chairman of the NBA’s Detroit Pistons.

Ford CEO Jim Farley

Many CEOs recently indicated that they would reassess their political donations to candidates who support this type of voting legislation, as well as reconsider investing in states that pass such legislation. Back in January, Ford decided to suspend all political donations following the incident at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. but resumed making political donations as of April 1st. At that time, Ford said that it would not rule out including politicians that voted against certifying President Joe Biden‘s election win in January.

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  1. Mortimer Duke

    Yet neither can explain a single voter whom Georgia’s elected government’s election laws would marginalize, unless they think black people aren’t competent enough to possess either a state identification or social security number.

    This is woke corporate virtue signaling that should be rebuked by all means.

    1. Thurston Munn

      100 % correct, stick to building cars and stay out of politics.

    2. 2.7EcoBoost

      Yep. Laws in GA are the same for everyone. I guess the white liberals feel that blacks are not smart enough, or are too lazy to meet the same standards? Talk about racist and prejudice. Even Joe Biden said “poor kids are just as smart as white kids.”😆😆😆So where’s the problem?? SMH

    3. Mark T

      Exactly! Don’t these idiots realize that for every woketard leftist they appease with this nonsense there is at least one (hopefully many) sane people who they turn off or even anger?

    4. Hendrik Joseph Haan

      Yeah, stay in your lane. Who knows, maybe Ford can actually turn a profit instead of burning up the stockholder’s money on themselves!

  2. Victor

    “Everyone who is entitled to vote”…

    This is how we verify who is entitled to vote.

    Why ask for a driver’s license?

    To verify who is entitled to drive.

    1. Lurch

      The Constitution doesn’t guarantee your right to drive.

  3. Joe Friday

    Ford needs to keep its nose in its own stall, paddle its own canoe, etc. As a Ford owner and a stockholder, I seed no benefit – only damage – coming from this decision. Moreover, it’s actually damaging to the Representative Republic and the Constitution. I believe it’s based solely on the precept of, “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” of the new “woke” and cancel culture. Simply put, Ford doesn’t want to be labeled “racist” by these folks who call themselves social justice warriors but are actually social anarchists. It’s time that Ford, other companies, and people in general, stand up to the lunacy, the lies, and the threats coming from those individuals and groups that portray themselves as compassionate and caring arbiters of change.

  4. The Gentle Grizzly

    I recall when some loud-mouthed singer was doing a political rant at a concert. Finally, someone said, “Shut up and sing!”

    Ford and GM: Shut up and build vehicles we want, and in Ford’s case, don’t introduce it until it is ready.

    Delta: Shut up, and take us where we want to go in your airplanes in exchange for a paid fare.

    Coke: Shut up, and sell sugar water and your other products.

    Et cetera.

    1. Jerome Charles

      I agree 100%.

  5. Joe Atkinson

    I have been a Ford fan since my brother-in-law designed the 1st Mustang sales brochure at J.W. Thompson for the car’s intro. I am a Conservative and was so proud of Ford to not take the Obama bailout. Now, I have to decide if this company still is in sync with my values. Are they just knuckling under to prevent being protested against or do they truly believe in this position? Either way, I’m highly disappointed in the upper management and will look at other non-woke brands for my next vehicle, unless they publicly reverse this position. I have owned Ford products since I was 17 years old and I’m not 68. Say goodbye to a life long customer.

    1. bob

      So your values are stripping away voting rights from black people? Good to know.

      1. Peter

        Hypocrite. Dems push to reduce voting integrity in battleground states to make it easier to cheat. Meanwhile in CA Dems now require signatory addresses and other personal info to be given to anyone petitioned for recall (ie newsome) and allow the person to withdraw the name for 45 days after the recall. Gotta have time to send the goons to make sure a mind gets changed.

      2. Me

        Stop being a fool. Go away.

      3. Greg Gallaher

        Voter ID is not stripping away anyone’s rights…’s free to get the ID……

        1. Lurch

          Really? In most places a picture ID isn’t free. Tell where an ID card accepted by a state’s voting authority is free. Some states will accept a CCW card but not a student ID. That makes a real political statement.



  7. Dave

    I’ve owned 22 new Ford cars and trucks in the past 30 years; but, unless Ford
    changes their stance in this controversy, I’m through with them.
    Today, I am placing tape over the Ford emblems on my current Ford
    vehicles to show my protest. If no evential change in their position,
    my present three Fords will be sold or traded.

    1. Bob

      So you stand with keeping black and brown people from voting then? Wow, Ford doesn’t want or need your business Dave.

      1. Chris

        How is a voter id law keeping black and brown people from voting Bob? You must be part of this ridiculous ultra pc nonsense. Do you think those same black and brown people do not have to present id when buying alcohol, tobacco, drive a car, fly, etc, etc, etc? And don’t come back with that absolutely ridiculous response of “they can’t afford an id.” Almost every state, county, etc will supply you with a free id these days.

        1. Pete

          The laws aren’t just about ID (which by the way is ridiculous, everyone is entitled to vote so why require ID “papers” – the only few proven cases of voter fraud turned out to be repulicans).

          There are countless other issues with the legislation – for example banning giving food and drink to people waiting HOURS in line. Oh and why are people in Georgia waiting hours in line? Because the Republicans reduced their voting locations dramatically in specifically black areas!

          Instead of being so emotional reacting to people’s new opinions, why don’t you look in to it a bit and see why people have a viewpoint!

          1. 2.7EcoBoost

            EVERYONE is not entitled to vote. Your ignorance proves just how important these laws are. They did not ban food and water in line, just from people peddling it and trying to influence the vote (non poll workers). Self serve stations are still available. Do a search on 9 facts about GA voting law CBS news. You’ll find:
            1. Early voting expands in most Georgia counties
            2. ID is now required not just for in-person voting, but also for mail-in voting
            3. Absentee voting: New rules regulate drop boxes and shorten time frame for requesting and returning mail ballots
            4. Food and drink distribution to voters in line by non-poll workers is banned, but “self-service” water stands are allowed
            5. Changes to in-person voting are being implemented to address long lines and reduce provisional voting
            6. State election board will have new powers and won’t be chaired by the secretary of state
            7. Results are to be reported faster
            8. Voters may call a new hotline with complaints alleging voter intimidation or illegal activity
            9. Runoff election period will be five weeks shorter

        2. Jimmy Ford

          Exactly… Bob is troll and probably hates the color of his own skin. Jump ship lemming

      2. Dave

        Hey Bob,
        Ford (and you?) thinks no one should need an ID to vote?
        But try taking a test drive or buying a car at a Ford/GM dealer
        without an ID. Hypocrisy isn’t it? And since you libs hate our
        Constitution, don’t use it to justify your extremist views when
        posting. That’s hypocrisy too!

    2. Vasily Zaytsev

      Put up or shut up. Ford isn’t going to change its stance because “Dave from the Internet” threatened to trade their cars in, so g’head and do it. Post pictures, couch warrior. Can’t wait.

  8. JimL

    Ford can go f*ck itself over this, and I am a lifelong Ford owner (up to now). Why is it accepted to show ID for EVERYTHING in life, but to protect the integrity of our vote, it’s considered racist? Really, just bugger off, Ford. I’m done.



  10. 2.7EcoBoost

    While I agree company’s need to stay out of politics, I will not stop buying Ford because of the wokeness and PC of their executive board. What’s the end goal? Hypothetically speaking.To put Ford out of business because they are sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong? That punishes a lot of hourly workers who are just like you and I trying to make a living. For all I know my truck was built by a few snowflakes who hates me for not being a liberal. Haha. I think they (Ford, GM etc ) should not be able to donate for political gain either. No wonder crooked politicians represent corporate America and not the people. Oh well. Colorado and all it’s 76% white population are sure glad that PC is alive and well. Think of the revenue that Atlanta and it’s majority of 51% black population missed out on. Geez. I think MLB must be racist. Clowns…..

  11. Hendrik Joseph Haan

    Just another Clown Show more interested in placating the CCP and the woke crowd than reaching out to the working class where their customer base is.


    When the playing field ( the box ) is the same for all , you don’t need to continue to change the base number . the state of Georgia has opened the box to bigger , a larger field to play in, and is better than many other states such as
    Co<. NY< fla< the Black Atlanta are doing there best to say we are better than the BOX and want change what part of STUPID do the not understand ? point fingers at the white people who set the base line now bring yourselfs up to that base line before you ask for change. First tell the public what is wrong with the base line that has done well for 100's of years, the public does not need to lower its standards , get like it and then ask to improve. if you want more voter to turn out , put in more pole places not drop boxes . the reason to set a date is to give everyone an oppertunity to vote , don't need mail in or drop boxes, only service men and woman and out of country gov't employees or those in nursing /medical care should be allowed absentee voting

  13. Shawn

    Please don’t be one in the crowd, Ford! This PC crap is destroying our country. Legal voters need to prove they are legal voters-PERIOD! That is not descriminating against anyone and to say otherwise is purely BS. Stick to building vehicles and stay out of politics…

  14. Mark L Bedel

    Why change something when there didn’t seem to any issues in the first place?

    1. Mike

      No Issues with what? Stolen election?

    2. 2.7EcoBoost

      Do a search on Philadelphia voter fraud. ACORN in Las Vegas in 2008. It happens. Dead people voted in more than one election, even on some local levels. There is no excuse in 2021 for any legal resident to not have an I.D. It’s your civic duty to vote. People get deployed for months and years to give us this freedom we have. If we are medically able and we can’t stand in a voting line for an hour or two then we don’t deserve to vote. This law is not racist, unless you consider accountability a racist act. I can’t vote in a local union election without proof of ID. Get real.

  15. Average Joe

    Truly disappointed in Ford for jumping on this bandwagon as I believe the elected officials in Georgia are better qualified to make voting decisions than a Corporate CEO is! I have been a Ford owner since I was 18 and now I am 73 and just within the past three months have purchased a new Ford truck. I like the brand but do not like the taking sides in political fights. If Ford takes sides then should automotive customers take sides is the issue by using political views as one factor in deciding automotive purchases? I hope Ford just stays away from either view and lets the politicians decide what voting rights actually mean. This country now has enough issues and divisions without the corporations and MLB getting involved!

  16. Jerome Charles

    These Ford and GM executives only care about supporting the Woke generation and their huge paychecks. They need to stay out of politics and just design and build vehicles. I own major shares in both GM and Ford. I just got my proxy vote request for both. I voted no on all the current and pending idiots on their Boards. If they keep up their stupid political opinions my next new truck will be a Toyota

  17. Larry

    I have been looking to replace my 2017 Lariat with a King Ranch but if Ford is going to play politics instead of fixing the electrical issues with the new F-150s I will take my business to Toyota.

  18. Thomas Podd

    Be careful making political statements as your customers will boycott

  19. Mike says..

    Democracy is hard…. real democracy is messy. Seems a number of us forget this and set our hair on fire at the first syllable about change. For those that quit products and companies…. please grow up. In times of misinformation and political manipulation (on both sides), don’t be the fodder that is so easily turned against your own people and country. No surprise that many countries no longer view the USA with admiration. Our enemies must laugh all the way to the bank watching and listening to citizens tear down their own country.

    1. Dave

      Mike, I love America. I’m a Marine veteran and retired from law enforcement
      to open my own business. It matters to me what is happening to my country
      and I will only support those corporations/businesses that share my views.
      Don’t forget that Ford publicly sided with the NFL players kneeling for the
      National Anthem; now this. You may not share my convictions; but, be assured
      that I WILL NOT succumb to the “change culture” mob.

  20. Hendrik Joseph Haan

    True, self flagellation fits right in with Iranian Shiite culture! We truly are a multi cultural country!

  21. Materialman

    I would strongly advise Ford to stay out of politics. This can only hurt the company.

  22. The Gentle Grizzly

    Free or not free is not the issue. This never-ending condescention of blacks IS the issue. The issue is: do they need their hand held; do they need guidance from the benevolent and nice white-folks for everyhing? No. They don’t. They either have the common sense and initiative to do it on their own, or they don’t. If they don’t, that is no one else’s problem.

    If the TRULY dirt-poor whites in the Blue Ridge Mountains, (some are lucky enough to have electricity or indoor plumbing; many still don’t) can get an ID AND HAVE, so can inner-city folks have have ready access to city buses, or whose clergymen can organize a day to take a bunch in the church bus down to get IDs. In short, there is no REAL reason beyond LAZINESS.

  23. Mike

    If these idiots oppose fixing stolen elections, my Ford count will stop at 65 cars. I will never buy another Ford or Lincoln again. What kind of idiots would oppose making sure elections aren’t stolen. Do they really think black people are too stupid to get an id, because that’s what they’re saying by opposing this. Can anyone in their right mind, other than people stealing elections, be against getting dead people and people that moved, along with illegal voters, off the voting rolls? I don’t just mean illegal aliens but also the freeloaders that collect welfare in multiple cities and vote in multiple cities. The only people against this are either stealing elections or are so afraid of they’re shadows that they’ll kill their businesses by backing these scumbags that are fighting these laws. I thought things were crazy under Obama administration, but this is pure insanity. GET WOKE GO BROKE.

  24. W Rhino

    Build quality vehicles and innovate. STAY out of politics OUT of politics. Don’t tell us your withholding your donations, you shouldn’t even be aloud to donate any corporates funds period ! Not to mention coming from an industry that has more bail-outs than any other business.

  25. Hendrik Joseph Haan

    Apparently, the Constitution does protect large companies who do the bidding of the CCP.

  26. William J.jr. Offutt

    Get out of Politics regarding Georgia Voting. I require ID Identification when I go to the Doctors Offices, Hospitals, get Blood work done, pick up medicines, pick up baseball tickets at the Will Call Window . Who are you trying to kid ? ID’s are required to buy fishing and hunting licenses, purchase tobacco products, alcoholic products, everybody requires one just to get on the radiology table,,as noone wants to make a mistake on the wrong patient. I’m a Senior Citizen and since 1941 ; i have to prove my Identity ! Even to buy a Ford truck or auto !

  27. William J.jr. Offutt

    Who is Kidding who? You need an Id to go to see a Doctor, get blood work, get into a Hospital ,purchase medicines, get on the operating table ! If you want to purchase a Ford Truck or Auto -you need an ID ! to purchase tobacco products , alcoholic products , purchase Baseball tickets at the Will Call window ! to check on your Bank account, you must have an Id, safe deposit box ! Every place that you are purchasing products, a age requirement to prove that youare a Senior Citizen Discount , you need that proof of age !



  29. Thomas Smith

    I have been a loyal Ford owner all my life, having owned over 35 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury products. I currently own 5 Ford vehicles and we have been looking to upgrade out 2011 Ranger to a new F-150 and thinking about leasing a Mach E when production reaches capacity. Mr. Farley has guaranteed that our next full sized Truck will NOT be an F-150 and we will NO LONGER consider ANY Ford purchases in the future. Sorry Ford, you have lost me as a customer.

  30. Hendrik Joseph Haan

    What’s really interesting is that the people they are trying to placate are the type who steal cars, not really interested in buying. If they have the means, they lean towards Caddy, Benz and Bentley. Ford’s reasoning just doesn’t add up… It’s like their strategy for winning with the Detroit Lions. LOL

  31. steve zaccari

    Bye bye Ford. Been American car owner for all my life. Too bad you need to be political. Leave that up to US citizens. Don’t forget corps have no vote in our Constitutional System. See you in China!

  32. #1 fan fordgt40mk11

    I don´t want ford gt to stop in 2022 i want them to try new things the ford gt has alot of potental
    i want ford to try to make a top speed car like they did in the 90s the Ford gt 90 top speed 253 mph they can probobly hit like 300+ or more 370 is what id say to be the fastest if they can do it then they can do it now call it gt20 they can do it later and call it gt30….ford can also make a new gt 2025 make it the best track car they can make 1000 hp yk what ford can do it IBELEIVE IN YOU yall can do anything you set your mind to you helped build america and you are the best car company in the world you can do this god bless 😉

  33. Katee

    Well dang! I just bought a new ford. I had to let them make a copy of my drivers license just to test drive the car. And had to show my insurance card to complete the purchase.

  34. William Sweitzer

    Mr Farley keep your nose out of where it doesn’t belong nobody is trying to suppress Black voters just scumbag democrats lies everybody should have to show proper Id to vote you have to have it for every thing else. Mr. Farley I think you are trying to sink Ford Motor Co instead of making it great you need to be gone like now. Mr Bill Ford wake up

    1. Thurston Munn

      Amen brother !!

  35. Lori Ziegler

    4 generations of Loyal Ford owners…not anymore! Just thankful my Dad isn’t around to see this treasonous behavior in the country that generations fought to defend and protect. Disgusting!!!

    1. Thurston Munn

      100 % Amen! My dad as well and 4 generations here too of loyal Ford owners. Now my kids and grandkids are buying other brands, tired of all the “woke” agenda crap.


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