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Ford Now Stashing Incomplete 2021 Ford F-150 Pickups At Dearborn Test Track: Photos

It seems that partially completed 2021 Ford F-150 pickup trucks are popping up in all sorts of random parking areas these days except for Ford dealers. With so many vehicles left unfinished due to an ongoing semiconductor shortage, The Blue Oval has resorted to storing them near assembly sites until the microchips required to complete the vehicles arrive. After recent sightings near Ford production facilities and Detroit-area parking lots, Ford Authority has now exclusively spotted them at the Dearborn Development Center test track.

Despite adjustments to FoMoCo’s supply chain strategy, such as cutting out the middlemen when purchasing microchips, the shortage continues to wreak havoc on the automaker’s production volume to the tune of 45,000 units just last week. Of those, 11,700 units are Ford F-Series pickups, including the F-150.

The lack of inventory is readily apparent at Ford dealers, many of whom are accustomed to having several dozen F-150s in stock at any given time. In some cases, stock levels have plummeted to a fraction of that. The low supply is unfortunately coinciding with an increasingly high demand for vehicles, especially pickup trucks. As a side effect, used vehicle trade in values are even higher.

Originally the site of Ford Airport, the Dearborn Test Track is part of the Ford Dearborn Development Center that was previously known as the Dearborn Proving Ground. When not storing incomplete F-150 trucks, the track is used to put FoMoCo vehicles through rigorous testing in a wide variety of conditions to ensure intended performance and quality control standards. With 2021 Ford F-150 assembly happening nearby at the Dearborn Truck Plant, it’s apparently a convenient spot for the pickups to sit until the necessary hardware arrives so they can be finished and shipped to dealers.

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  1. Michael Hubbard

    Is Ford ever going to communicate with customers that factory ordered F150 trucks when they are going to ship? According to my build sheet my truck was produced late February. That is along time for it to be sitting around in a parking lot in Detroit?

  2. AEC_III

    Mine is there too…I’m praying it’s worth the wait! scares me a bit that parts are going to be added in, after it’s built…time will tell… 6-20 is the estimated delivery date to my dealer.

    1. Robert A.

      Many, if not most of the chips that are missing are on plug-in modules that are installed by plugging the card into a computer bus, likely under the hood or the dashboard, not unlike installing a video card on a desktop computer.

  3. Gman73

    Mine was produced March 8th, has been sitting in some lot somewhere in Dearborn. Finally got from my dealer it is waiting on parts. Trying to wait patiently as this ongoing saga plays out. Creeping up on 6 months since my order was placed. I understood going in there would be some delays due to restricted or scare options that there would be some delays but now with the chip shortages its dragging this out longer. I also hope its worth the wait.

  4. Robert A.

    It’s a world-wide chip shortage! Beside Ford, GM and Stellantis, other vehicle makers such as Volkswagen and Hyundai are in the same boat, and are having to cut production or store mostly-assembled vehicles until the chips arrive.

  5. Val

    My new truck has been built since February and sent to transportation. Has been sitting in Flint since then, no carriers delivering. My lease was up on my 2018 a week ago, Ford told me to keep it for now. So, you can’t even get them when they are complete… I even offered to go pick it up!

  6. David A Morgan

    The posted comments are ridiculous. It’s a truck, nothing more, nothing less. If that’s all you have to worry about is the delivery of a truck, throw yourself down on the ground and thank God. Next time your about to engage in whining and crying, “I want my truck, I want my truck”, remember all those patients waiting for a kidney, lung or some other life requiring organ. Little boys and their toys.

  7. Paul Bird

    I ordered a 2019 Super Duty that was delayed during a fire at a Ford parts supplier that was manufacturing a support bracket for the front radiator assembly. When I ordered my vehicle I was informed these delays could happen, and Ford extended my lease at no cost for a month because of the issue.

    I never whined about Ford, or bothered my dealer. I was content on checking the status on their website and waiting and knowing my truck was going to be properly assembled.

    Some people behave as if Ford, in some dastardly move to drive up demand, decided to hold people’s trucks at will over a “supposed” supercomputer chip shortage.

  8. Tommy s

    Watch out rats going to eat the wires in these trucks just sitting in parking lots. It happened to my 2019 f-150 just sitting on the dealers lot!! You could not pay me to buy anything that’s been sitting out in a parking lot that long, not to mention they will probably screw up putting the chips in when they get them!!!

  9. Frank

    I bought a 2021 F-150 and it definitely is worth the wait! Awesome new truck and I love it, wait for the best!!!

  10. Chris -Kentucky

    I absolutely LOVE my ‘21 F150 XLT Sport. I had a 2018 F150 XLT Sport and the 2021 is SO MUCH BETTER and believe me I loved my ‘18 too! I thought it would be impossible to improve on the previous model. Wow!!! did Ford deliver a far superior truck to the existing market leader in quality, innovation and performance.
    I understand the worry, I traded 3 months early of my lease maturity just because I was worried there would be no inventory on lots in July. I purchased a dealer inventory unit that was built in December 2020 on April 24. The value of my ‘18 was over $7k higher than residual value which was a nice surprise and gave me a lot of equity on the new one (used values are through the roof).
    The new 2021 is amazing, the ride, handling, features and innovations have me a happy F-150 owner!
    Try to be patient w/ the great FoMoCo as I’m certain they are doing everything possible to get the trucks delivered and sold. You will love your 2021 Ford F-150!

  11. Mikr

    A few trucks that are parked are getting delivered. Question is how many come out a week . Do the math how many are parked . Will it take a year ??? Maybe if we all stuck together and threaten to cancel every order . We might get some response. Ford has chips for the line but not too many for the parked ones . And we don’t get any updates from Ford .

  12. Mike

    Trucks are coming off the line and getting delivered. But no news Ford letting us know what’s the plan and schedule for parked f150s they say Oct 31 2021 , oh boy lucky us . We need updates or maybe everyone should cancel

  13. Tom

    I ordered my 2022 f-150 Lariat on 12/15/21 and received it on May 5, 2022. My order included the 502A group, everything except massaging seats. Also ordered was spray in liner, wheel lines, and tonneau cover. Only option removed was the start/stop feature which I requested. Apparently high price trucks got priority.

  14. Festus

    I’d be more concerned that a vehicle that was built a few months ago and waiting for parts to complete it, has been sitting outside in the elements.
    Rain, dust and the other weather elements and even rodents will have an impact on these vehicles which doesn’t make then factory fresh anymore. Long term what will this mean.


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