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Ford Political Donations To Resume Following Completion Of Review Period

Back in January, Ford decided to suspend all political donations following the incident at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., when protestors gained access to the Capitol while members of the U.S. Congress were meeting to certify the electoral votes that would officially make Joe Biden the President-elect. At the time, the automaker said it would review its employee Political Action Committee (PAC) and how it made contributions, but now, it appears that Ford has completed that review.

The automaker has announced that it has resumed making political donations as of April 1st, according to a letter seen by Reuters, and would not rule out including those that voted against certifying Biden’s election win in January, as several other companies have. Those companies, including Walmart, Dow, Mariott, Amazon, AT&T, and others, chose to halt all donations to the 147 members of the House and Senate that voted against Biden’s certification.

Meanwhile, Ford’s Chief Government Relations Officer, Mitch Bainwol, also sent a letter to its employees who donate to the PAC outlining a few changes that have taken place. Bainwol noted that the company intends to strengthen the principles it uses to support candidates “by adding a new principle related to public service and integrity.”

Bainwol also said that the candidates Ford chooses to support must “demonstrate public service consistent with building trust and acting with competence, integrity and serving others.” The automaker acknowledged that it and the entire automotive industry are “in a period of massive disruption that is deeply connected with policy issues. Participation in the political process has been a constant over our 118-year history and is central to navigating Ford’s global priorities in a world of competitive voices.”

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  1. Thurston Munn

    Just stick to building automobiles, SUVs and pickups with your focus on quality and leave the political decisions to others.

  2. JimL

    They would far better off donating just to charitable causes that are not politically-aligned, like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, food banks, school music programs, scholarships…

    1. Bill

      Unfortunately, the left/ woke mob has deemed donations to such organizations to be racist/ bigoted/ etc., especially the Salvation Army. No charitable donations are apolitical to these fascists.

      1. Stephen Ketterer


    2. Mark L Bedel

      Jim L, Agreed!!!

  3. 2.7EcoBoost

    Politicians are supposed to work for the people, not the corporations. See the problem here??? Should be against the law for corporations to donate. If people like Billy and Marry want to donate, let them donate as individuals.

    1. Steve

      Corporate tax donations must be way better than personal

  4. Tom

    This is the same gobbledygook stuff that came out of Ford during the Hackett era. I agree with the previous comments to “just stick to building cars”. Ford better realize that probably over half of its customers voted for Trump (and this includes me). I don’t think it’s a real smart business decision to piss off this group; and all this political correct talk is doing just that.


    Hey Ford, how many leftists are buying your trucks ? Not too many. Piss us Trump supporters off and you WILL be sucking wind !

    1. Gregory T Logan

      You woke up the #magats with this article. Americans are united against the lunatic fringe. Accountability is here.

      1. Mike

        The lunatic fringe is in office, they didn’t win, but they’re in there. They’re also the people that broke into the capitol building, not Trump supporters, tho Trump supporters did follow them in.

    2. Gary .

      The only mob I’ve seen is the ones on the right killing police officers and trying to hang the vice president.Your so called patriotism just mystify me!😕

      1. Mike

        What are you talking about, the only police being killed are being killed by leftists. The Capitol officer was killed by an Antifa goon. They’re the people that did all the damage at the Capitol. The Capitol police confirmed that. Wake up already.

  6. Mark

    If corporations are forbidden to donate, then unions should be as well.

    1. Deborah A Liotard

      IMHO you are correct. To elaborate further, political campaigns should be taxpayer funded. It won’t solve the entire problem, but would greatly curtail political corruption. If Americans collectively endeavored to control their own destinies, instead of the powers that be, the sheer power in numbers would pretty much guarantee a positive outcome.


    Thanks Ford for supporting the Corruption they call government, all thieves, all the time. All have made millions off our “giving” but really trying to buy a thief’s loyalty—- to the highest bidder—

  8. Deborah A Liotard

    I can’t say that I’m surprised, that Ford reverted to the status quo. It’s no secret that our “politicians” enrich themselves by utilizing their power. Therefore, it be hooves them to work for corporate interests instead of a their constituents. It’s a win-win for them, and detrimental to those they are paid to serve, to our way of live, our health and welfare, and the sustainability of our environment.
    I’m a registered voter, who has never declared a party. It’s obvious that both parties partake in these abhorrent tactics, but the GOP is far more egregious.
    A Ford boycott should ensue.

  9. Jack L Sanstra


  10. Mike

    Screw it Ford, just do what you want, screw the American taxpayers and loyal customers, and cancel all donations to Republicans. It took balls to fight a stolen election and those people should be praised for doing their CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY, wether you like it or not. It’s obvious you were pissed at Trump and the Republicans for their stupidity in wanting you to build cars and trucks in America, how dare they. It’s so much easier dealing with a president who’s so beholden to China that he’s willing to turn American manufacturing over to our enemies so you can make a few more bucks on a $100k F150. I know that couple hundred dollars the tariffs might have cost was annoying, but it got China to sign trade deals that actually evened things out a bit. Tho I’m sure they’ve been torn up also. Henry Ford is spinning in his grave. I bought my 65th Ford/Lincoln this year, and I love it, but if Ford is so willing to send our money overseas, why should I worry about buying American anymore.

  11. Michael Scarpelli

    The criteria being used to select which politicians get a donation pretty much precludes most
    Republicans and all Democrats. In fact the way Biden Harris complete control of both houses by Democrats is working out they seem to be proving they are the party of crime every day.


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