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Ford VIN Decoder Tool Contains Wealth Of Info For 2018+ Blue Oval Trucks

Modern trucks are undoubtedly more capable than ever, particularly when it comes to hauling or towing. Problem is, max towing and payload capacity numbers can vary greatly depending on how a truck is configured, and in terms of the modern-day Ford F-150, there are many, many different ways those trucks can be configured. Luckily, there’s a handy online Ford VIN decoder tool available that helps owners of 2018+ Blue Oval pickups quickly figure out what their trucks are capable of handling in that regard.

The Ford VIN decoder tool, which can be found here, quickly displays a wealth of information once a vehicle’s VIN is entered. That includes the vehicle’s specifications – i.e. trim, series, cab, etc. – its gross vehicle weight rating and max payload, as well as extremely useful tools that allow owners to key in a trailer type, weight, tongue weight, as well as the passenger and cargo weights to calculate whether or not their truck is capable of hauling those loads.

Though the Ford VIN decoder tool is located on FoMoCo’s fleet site, this is obviously an incredibly useful tool for anyone that owns a Ford truck and uses it to haul or tow things. While we see plenty of folks exceed these ratings (often with disastrous results), most of us want to tow or haul safely, without causing unnecessary wear and tear or even damage to our pickups, and this is a quick and easy way to avoid all of that.

The tool should also prove very useful for anyone thinking about buying a truck who wants to make sure it’s capable of moving the sort of loads they need it to. The age-old debate of whether someone is fine buying a Ford F-150 or if they need to step up to a Ford Super Duty never seems to end, so this tool should help make that decision a bit easier as well.

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H/T: The Drive

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  1. Eli

    I think the link is dead for the VIN decoder.

  2. BPB

    I’d agree. It was a fantastic tool when it was available, but now it appears to be dead to most of us. I think it may still be available to fleets, but without a FIN (Fleet Identification Number) it’s not accessible.

  3. Dan

    Ive tried everywhere to get that vin calculator to work for my 2022 f150 xlt that I use for work/towing. it is FRUSTRATING that ford always seems to make promises and then its like they never promised anything, nothing happens. They say stuff, but you cannot count on what they say.

    I go to the link they provide for the calculator and get an add for some ford “concrete” event. Sorry, but that’s the last straw in listen to what you say and promise.

    I went to buy a new diesel one ton last week, got scammed by the sales rep, again, who farmed out my credit, again, even as I asked him not to–to only apply to one credit place, no more. He did it anyways…hurt my beacon score by 6 more inquiries on my bureau, so not only am I not buying the diesel one ton I was looking at…I will not be buying from ford again! Not because I think the trucks are bad, but because the sales staff and management keep bull-crapping me and pretending sales reps “just misunderstood” (always to their advantage, not mine). Good bye ford…that’s the last you will see of me after about 5 of your new vehicles. Im going to hang onto the 2022 I bought until because it does its job…perhaps the only person at ford I met who does. When Im done with it, Im going back to Ram trucks so I dont have to take ford’s word for anything ever again.


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