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Incomplete 2021 Ford F-150 Pickups Sitting In Parking Lots Due To Chip Shortage

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Months ago, Ford was storing 2021 Ford F-150 pickups in parking lots near the Detroit airport and the Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant as the automaker worked to complete final quality checks of its brand new pickup. Now, the same thing is happening all over again, but this time, it’s due to the global semiconductor chip shortage, which has led to a stockpile of incomplete 2021 Ford F-150 pickups.

According to the Detroit Free Press, these incomplete 2021 Ford F-150 pickups are sitting at a Department of Public Works rail yard off I-96 near Evergreen in Detroit. It estimates that there is somewhere between a few hundred thousand and one million dollars in inventory sitting in these parking lots, which are trucks Ford has produced but simply doesn’t have the semiconductor chips needed to finish them.

Despite this influx of incomplete 2021 Ford F-150 pickups, Ford has been forced to cut production of the model, along with most others produced in the U.S., as it continues to try and navigate the chip shortage and related supply chain issues, including a potential foam and rubber shortage.

Ford CEO Jim Farley also participated in a White House summit Monday with other automakers, chipmakers, President Joe Biden, and members of Biden’s staff addressing the global microchip shortage. In that meeting, Biden promised that legislation addressing the issue and congression funding to support production are on the way.

The funding would come in addition to a proposed $50 billion dollar investment in semiconductor manufacturing and research included in Biden’s proposed infrastructure plan. Despite some, like Farley saying that the chip shortage should be over by Q3, many analysts have recently stated that they believe it could go on at least through the end of the year, causing production shortages of two- to three million vehicles around the globe.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Instead of getting involved in politics and singing “We are the world”, why doesn’t Ford build their own chips in the USA? They are so involved with China and other idiotic pursuits, it’s a wonder they are still afloat. Isn’t it time for more bonuses for the brass?

    • Because that’s not their expertise and it’s very expensive to manufacture the integrated circuits onto the semiconductors. Those shiny round wafers are the semiconductors and blank. When you see them with a bunch of cool and different colors on them, the integrated circuit has been imprinted on them already. Look up how it’s made, it’s actually very interesting. Lithography, of all things, is used to create them. The same goes for the processor in your phone, pc, mac, ect.

  2. There’s about 300 trucks in that picture in the article, which is a lot more than a million dollars worth. Assuming they cost $25k to build, that’s more like $7.5 million. Which, really still isn’t absurd. 300 trucks isn’t even a full shift worth.

    As far as making chips themselves, you have to ask yourself if you’re really gonna do a better job than your supplier. Typically, the suppliers design and manufacture the chips. So not only does Ford have to figure out how to make the chips, but also how to design them. Could it be done? Sure. Are they going to do a better job than the supplier who specializes in it? Probably not. Are they going to make more money on their investment by starting up chip manufacturing vs designing a new truck? No. Usually best to stick to what you’re good at.

  3. I agree Ryan, and who said anything about China the chips are made in California by Intel, Nvidia, and Texas Instrument (Texas based) so as of yet China has nothing to do with semiconductors in our vehicles yet. However Asia is on the rise and fast becoming the number one maker of chips, that’s why it’s political China for one is beating us in so many sectors of business in the world. We need the infrastructure bill passed through Congress to catch up and regain our standing in the world as leaders.

    • Ed where are you getting your info???? Intel, Nvidia and TI design chips mfg equipment etc., but most of their chips are produced OUTSIDE of the US. Taiwan (for those that actually care to research the situation) is one of the largest Chip MFG in the world (they are not part of the US). BTW, Korea, is also a major chip MFG. But there is nothing to worry about, as biden stated, china can’t compete with us (come on man).

  4. Those trucks can sit in the lot until hell freezes over as far as I’m concerned. These things are really a scourge on the roadways. 99.9% of them won’t carry anything heavier than a load of groceries home from the supermarket.

  5. Well, JMO opinion and many others, putting those incomplete trucks in a parking lot somewhere has created a real mess for Ford. It is “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”. Just so happens one of those trucks is mine. It has shown in production for over a month now. People who have placed orders for the 2021 F150 are losing faith in their ability to get their truck. Based upon a Form Forum, some are turning to RAM. Ford cannot even give my dealer a date when they will be completed, it has turned into a real fiasco as obviously their is no plan in place to clean this mess up!

  6. Someone can have my 2021 f150, bought the truck March 3rd, it’s been in the shop twice with a power train module issues, (miss fire on cylinder #7 keep getting a low oil light come on when it has oil in it and a alarm that says alarm on hill decent, I don’t live near hills🤦🏻‍♂️, it only has 2000 miles on it,

  7. A million dollars worth of new F150’s wouldn’t fill a very big parking lot. If they averaged $40,000.00 each that would only be 25 trucks.

  8. Infrastructure Has nothing to do with Automotive industry. Ford needs to figure out this issue on its own. Ford needs to stay out of the political area and build good Vehicles. Everyone trying to say pass Infrastructure Former Vice President Joe Biden and his cronies call everything Infrastructure. Ford builds a good Vehicle someday I may be able to afford one. But My money will not be spent with them if I find out The push for this Disaster of a spending Bill.

  9. KTP was given the seat module from kcs to continue our production. Now we our taking up to 20,000 units to off site locations to sit for the up to 4 months.

  10. All manufactures are haveing chip supply issue’s so it’s simply a waiting game on when you get your new truck

    • Maybe, or maybe not-if the new bronco comes out on time, and deliveries are as promised, then those waiting on their f150 are taking it in the shorts. We shall see, less than two months before the ford promise of new bronco deliveries. One of two things will happen, ford will announce another bronco delivery delay (this time chip shortage), or everyone else with a contracted ford product, will be put on the back burner-chip shortage. as biden would say, “come on man”.

  11. How can ford tell dealers when a truck is going to be ready when the chip manufacturers can’t keep up with demand and don’t know when they can supply the chip.This is not fords mess it simply down to much demand for chips that would not be there in a normall year.

    • If Ford has contracted-ordered vehicles the line should form itself, if ford is holding off on one line F series, for example, in order to launch the bronco, then they are playing BS games with their customers.

    • It IS Fords mess! Making vehicles without parts “hoping to add back later” was a bonehead move. Now the choice is, shut the lines down again, lay off their folks and clean up the mess or play “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” Guess what is will be!

  12. What? I guess you know better than Old Henry himself! You’re the man. Henry Ford, as you may or may no know invented the auto industry in the US. He also insisted Ford make their product, with the exception of tires. Ford glass plants are an example. During WWII ford built more Jeeps than anyone else, as they were to the same specs, Henry wanted the F on every part of the jeep to include bolts, as he wasn’t going to offer a warranty for a product he didn’t mfg!! Stick to what you’re good at?????? Okay, good advice for yourself, Ford has many profitable divisions:
    Ford owns 100 percent of the stock of Ford Global Technologies and Livio Software. Although both serve the public, these companies also serve Ford directly by providing mission-critical products and services. Ford Global Technologies manages all of Ford’s intellectual property, while a separate division markets and sells technologies such as engineering standards and specifications, training materials and intellectual property to the public. Livio, which Ford purchased in September 2013, develops software that allows drivers to connect and use their smartphones in a vehicle.
    Ford Motor Credit Company LLC offers financing and insurance products to consumers and Ford dealerships. Consumer-side products include auto insurance, leases for new vehicles and installment sales contracts for both new and used vehicles. Dealership products include floor plan financing, and real estate, working capital and facilities renovation loan programs. Ford Holdings LLC offers insurance products through Associates First Capital Corporation and the American Road Insurance Company. USL Capital Corporation provides business-to-business lease and financing options.
    The Ford Motor LAND DEVELOPEMENT_ Corporation is a second-tier, global subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company and Ford Holdings LLC. In the continental United States, Ford Land owns the Michigan-based Fairlane master-planned community, and provides corporate real estate, planning and engineering, project management, facility management, asset management, energy and dealership design services in a number of states. Ford Land also serves as a global, full-service real estate company, providing services such as planning, construction and property development and management.

  13. Henry Ford also got a medal from Hitler, first name Adolph, for hating Jews too! I guess Henry Ford I didn’t back the winner that time. And his progeny owns the Detroit Lions, proud winners of one playoff game in 40 years, maybe longer!
    Now they are backing another losing cause, speaking out against fair and equal elections.
    Now you know the rest of the story.

    • And what does this have to do with making the parts you build with? What the hell are “fair and equal elections”? Is this a term you invented? do you mean, all qualified US citizens, with ID, are allowed to vote, who is against this??? Those wanting Fair Elections should be all for it, all US citizens (qualified and registered) with real ID, shouldn’t just be allowed to vote, but should vote. In fact, I believe, anyone caught cheating should face long terms in prison! Funnnneeeee thing, Hitler was MAN OF THE YEAR according to TIME, in 1938!! I guess more than just one person was fooled. But because of this, ford should not build parts for ford cars???? What is the connection?

  14. Just responding to your sycophantic praise of Henry Ford I. If it was up to him they would still be making Thin Lizzies. Talk about malignant narcissism! He drove Edsel to an early grave. He sided with his opportunist Harry Bennett against Edsel in many ways. Those personality traits are still evident in the family tree.

    • Just responding to your drug (maybe meth) induced response, or lack there of, What Does Your idiotic comments have to do with chip shortage, where chips are produced, why ford doesn’t have enough chips on hand, etc. I hope you are able to get some help.

      • Perhaps, but to be a sycophant like you, one must shape the mouth like an “O” and go bobbing for apples.

        • Once again you have lost control, and are unable (as usual) to discuss how/why this effects chips, and or chip shortages! You are an example of why post-menopausal females, especially those with a drug problem, should not be having children. Please get some help….

  15. Why isn’t Toyota facing a huge chip shortage?? Answer: they stock piled important components, just in case. This is funny, as Toyota seems to have invented/championed “Just in time” delivery, do as I say, not as I do….. Looks like ford fell for it, now Toyota is demonstrating how to produce vehicles…..

  16. Ford probably has them stashed away somewhere, like the high quality cowhides that were found during demolition. What did the genius management do? Donated them to a charity. Normal for the management, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is up to.

  17. Me to mate would love to have one of those great ford trucks it is a shame to see them sitting ide in the yards .

  18. Pretty easy to figure out if you read between the lines that it’s all about the Unions trying to help Biden get his $50 billion infrastructure plan passed.
    Typical corruption in America!

    • Even if that was true and a huge chunk was for the chip industry, the whole “Chip Industry” in the US is Intel. If you watched 60 minutes, they admit themselves they are three years behind in technology. Their chips are not even used in phones and vehicles because of this. In addition, despite making record profits, instead of investing in R&D, and expansion, they have used all that money to buy back stock.
      They were asked if they were given billions in government assistance, what would keep them from doing the same thing, use that money to just enhance their bottom line.
      For those of you that have not seen that recent 60 minute segment, it is worth a watch.

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