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Lincoln Nautilus Lands On Consumer Reports Most Satisfying Mid-Size SUV List

Earlier this year, the Lincoln Corsair and Lincoln Aviator scored highly on a Consumer Reports survey asking owners if they would consider purchasing the same vehicle again. Now, the Lincoln Nautilus is following suit, as it just landed on the Consumer Reports Most Satisfying Mid-Size SUV list, which is an indication of how satisfied owners are with their respective vehicles.

Owners are asked one simple question that helps determine which vehicles wind up on Consumer Reports Most Satisfying lists – would they buy this vehicle again if they had to go back in time and do it all over? The highest percent of “yes” answers determines which vehicles make the cut, and this time around, that includes the Nautilus, even though it hasn’t earned CR’s coveted “recommended rating.”

CR does praise the Nautilus for its “powerful” optional Ford 2.7L EcoBoost V6, which it says delivers “effortless acceleration.” “The SUV has a comfortable ride, a quiet cabin, and agile handling. The swanky cabin has been updated for 2021 with a larger 13.2-inch screen and the latest SYNC 4 infotainment system.”

The rag does have a couple of complaints regarding Lincoln’s crossover, however. “The only knock is its unintuitive, fussy push-button gear selector,” Consumer Reports notes. “FCW, AEB with pedestrian detection, and BSW are standard. “But well-below-average predicted reliability prevents us from recommending the Nautilus.”

Regardless of these perceived issues, it’s clear that Nautilus owners are quite satisfied with their vehicles. Fresh off a full cabin refresh, the 2021 Nautilus has clearly left a positive impression on those that have spent the money to bring one home. Now, we’ll just have to see if those feelings change in the coming years.

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  1. William Mullaney

    CR rates the Ford Edge very highly and the Nautilus is the same vehicle with a few additional luxuries and cosmetic changes. Sometimes it is infuriating that the CR reviews can be so inconsistent. For the record, I’m a long time subscriber to CR but I have learned over time that they are far from perfect in their methodology and recommendations.

  2. Jean-Francois Rivard

    I was a CR subscriber for years but canceled it about 10 years ago. I came to similar conclusions: Far from perfect and too often: Useless. I also found many of their comments to be flat-out false and transparently biased based on personal knowledge and reviews from more professional publications. That goes for other products as well. Not just their vehicle reviews.

  3. Richard

    CR only surveys their own subscribers. For this reason the results can be skewed and do not represent a truly random sample. I looked at the current new car rating issue at the newsstand today. There are numerous popular vehicles shown with no consumer rating, because they received a low response. Meanwhile, JG Power surveys registrations which should be more reliable.

  4. Colleen

    I love the push button gear selector, and the location of it! Not fussy at all and no issues in four years. The reviewer is just not used to it. Hope Lincoln keeps this feature. I am a Consumer Reports subscriber but not happy they usually recommend foreign cars.

  5. Stephen Tyler

    You got to be kidding me? You mean consumer reports only surveys people who subscribe to their magazine? If that’s true that explains a lot! I can’t stand the magazine I have seen videos of them on YouTube discussing automobiles and my only conclusion is that these testers are Clueless! Maybe they’re good at evaluating toasters but they should leave automobiles to somebody else.

    1. Richard

      That is right Stephen. CR will trash particular models for several years in a row and then their subscribers will quit buying it. This results in a low survey response with no rating given. The current new car edition is loaded with no ratings, even though the model may be a good seller.

  6. Gary De Risio

    CR, like many car rags and YouTube pundits forgets that the modern push button gear selector was essentially revived by Lincoln and is now being emulated by multiple vehicle manufacturers. Some (looking at you, Acura, Hyundai et al) are ridiculously configured with combos of push/pull switches. Others are hideously cheap looking like GMC’s attempt. But Lincoln always gets the criticism. Go figure.

  7. Dave K

    I would NEVER get one of these Lincoln Nautilus’s! I had one for a few weeks as a rental. Cup holders in an awkward spot, very poor acceleration, the ride was noisy and not smooth. My new Nissan Murano is a WAY better choice as is the Grand Cherokee or Highlander! The push button gear shift forces you to take your eyes off the road when backing up, increasing the likelihood of getting into an accident. This Lincoln is just not worth the money!!!!!

    1. Joe

      So how can you be backing up before you put it in reverse? With all vehicles you have to either turn a button, or move a shift level before getting it into reverse or drive, at that point you are stopped and then you begin driving. There are also reverse sensing warnings when you get to close and cross trafffic alerts. We have a 2022 and it rides perfect, quiet, and plenty of power and safety features.

      1. Dave

        🤦‍♂️ Whatever dude…

        1. Joe

          So no answer on how it is more likely to get in a accident when you are not moving and putting it in gear, the same as any other vehicle you drive?

  8. Joe

    I would rate the new one very highly but the old one was too much of the old Lincoln which I assume is the model that they’re basing it on

  9. Dave

    I had a 2021… My Murano is a 2021. Apples for apples my Nissan Murano is a way better buy!!!

    1. Joe

      Until the CVT blows out…
      And Nissan and even Infiniti are far from the same class as Lincoln. The right competitor would be the Edge but even then it’s pushing it and that says a lot


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