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U.S. Lincoln Sales Jump 45 Percent In March 2021

Lincoln sales in the United States increased 45 percent to 10,005 units during March 2021.

Individual model sales performance was as follows:

During the first three months of the 2021 calendar year, U.S. Lincoln sales decreased 0.6 percent to 25,410 units.

Sales Results - March 2021 - USA - Lincoln

MODELMAR 2021 / MAR 2020MARCH 2021MARCH 2020YTD 2021 / YTD 2020 YTD 2021YTD 2020
AVIATOR+63.57% 2,5321,548+7.41%6,086 5,666
CONTINENTAL-44.65% 274495-50.86%768 1,563
CORSAIR+98.34% 2,9791,502+25.47%7,114 5,670
MKZ-51.35% 415853-64.45%1,238 3,482
NAUTILUS+52.46% 2,0431,340+2.42%5,372 5,245
NAVIGATOR+52.03% 1,7621,159+26.29%4,832 3,826
LINCOLN TOTAL+44.66% 10,0056,916-0.59%25,410 25,561

The Ford Authority Take

Lincoln sales in the United States increased significantly in March. The results represent the brand’s first positive result not only thus far in 2021, but also during the past several months. The increase was due to a notable recovery in demand for and supply of vehicles in the U.S. market.

The strong Lincoln sales in March were enabled by the marque’s utility line, with each posting significant double-digit increases year-over-year. The new Lincoln Corsair was again the brand’s best-selling model, closely followed by the Aviator both during the month and year-to-date periods.

In contrast, the Continental and MKZ sedans declined in sales. Both models have since been discontinued.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Lincoln U.S. sales for March 2020, unless noted otherwise

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  1. Mick1

    My Lincoln dealer 10 minutes from me was forced to close. How is that going to help anyone.

  2. Mark

    Loved the Corsair and even considered a leftover MKC. Beautiful Lincoln showroom too.
    But the salesman dragged us over to a balloon filled Ford showroom, proceeded to want to haggle over price, and tried to slip an outrageous interest rate in the payment estimate sheet. We also drove over an hour to get to this dealership, yet went home with no new vehicle.
    Went to look at a BMW and what an entirely different experience!!! First foreign car purchase and was so impressed, we will probably go back to that dealer again.
    Maybe Lincoln will have their act together in a couple years when we need to replace our other car.

  3. Rahiem White

    Please Lincoln, please bring back the 4-door sedan. Please bring the Zephyr Reflection to the U.S. Also please bring back the ubiquitous Lincoln Town Car, one that’s worthy of the Lincoln Star that can compete with the S-Class and XJ

    1. MIKEinNYC

      There is no way that I am ever going to drive a little truck as my everyday car.

      Update the MKZ,((don’t call it a “Zephyr” which sounds stupid), and come out with a 2-door, upscale-Mustang type of car, call it a Mark X, and then we’ll see.

  4. Gary S

    I agree, I’m one of those people that aren’t into the SUV “crazed-craze”…. not in the mood to drive a truck around either; I do not have to drag a lot of people around with me so I’d like a decent good looking sedan. I did like the outgoing Lincoln Continental, it actually was a pretty nice car but was never given the chance in this SUV environment. Maybe Ford will wise up and bring back a decent sedan something that is competitive with the rest of the world. Note that BMW Mercedes Volvo and other upmarket brands still have their sedans. The market is still there ….some food for thought FORD!!!

  5. Chuck lincoln

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a Thunderbird in the Lincoln showroom as a sporty luxury with folding hardtop, 550 HP.. Remember the T-birds of the 60’s?

  6. MIKEinNYC

    Between my father and me we had 6 T-birds. Fun, Fun, Fun!

  7. David P

    The continental and MKZ sales are down because they are. NO MORE !
    The designer of the Lincoln Quite Flight is sadly gone, what were you thinking Ford Corp. His work was beautiful.

    And yes, to be considered a premium brand, Lincoln needs a sedan and coupe. With real power. Also, the dealerships need an incentives to become and or have a high end, full service Lincoln dealership.
    What do others think.


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