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Lincoln Zephyr Reflection Concept Debuts At Shanghai Auto Show

The Zephyr name has a long history with Ford Motor Company, originally debuting as a line of luxury cars back in 1936, used by Mercury in the late 1970s and early 1980s for a number of vehicles, and later coming back as a concept car that spawned the production 2006 Lincoln Zephyr that was soon renamed the MKZ. Now, the name has surfaced once again on the Lincoln Zephyr Reflection concept, which debuted today at the Shanghai Auto Show alongside the new Ford EVOS.

The Lincoln Zephyr Reflection preview car is designed to showcase the best of Lincoln’s global design expertise in a vehicle produced solely for the China market. The all-new Lincoln Corsair plug-in hybrid (PHEV) also made its debut as Lincoln’s first locally produced new energy vehicle (NEV). Lincoln also officially launched Lincoln ID, a single ID that enables customers to log in across Lincoln’s digital ecosystem.

“Our global momentum is building, and we continue to lean into the strength of our world-class vehicles and Lincoln Way experiences,” said Joy Falotico, president, Lincoln Motor Company. “Lincoln’s strategy for growth in China is firmly rooted in our deep understanding of the discerning Chinese consumer. Their desire for sedans is the inspiration behind this progressive and distinctive vehicle for China and underscores our commitment to the China market.”

The Lincoln Zephyr Reflection “teaser” model serves to preview the latest expression of Lincoln’s Quiet Flight product DNA and hints at the future of Lincoln’s design philosophy and signature features ahead of the production model’s debut later this year. Consumer demand for luxury sedans in China is strong and the Zephyr Reflection will provide Chinese consumers with a unique vehicle designed just for them.

Mao Jingbo, president of Lincoln China, added, “we gathered Lincoln’s global wisdom and Chinese design talent to create the Zephyr Reflection specifically for a more youthful, Chinese customer segment. With a dynamic and futuristic exterior design and a lightweight interior, the Zephyr Reflection embodies the current digital era with advanced, intuitive technology that redefines American luxury.”

The Zephyr Reflection’s striking, modern aesthetic is designed to emotionally connect with and captivate younger customers. Its signature Lincoln grille features a starburst pattern that cascades across the front facia. Moving to the side, the signature Lincoln star flows seamlessly to the flush door handles, while colors like satin silver, tinted chrome, and copper accents will be available.

“Our global design team leveraged deep insights from our talented team in China, and carefully considered the discerning expectations of our young and affluent Chinese clientele,” said Kemal Curic, design director, Lincoln. “The result is an evolution of our Quiet Flight product DNA. Quiet Flight has already proven to be a key differentiator for Lincoln globally, and now, showcases our drive for innovation, while addressing the evolving needs and wants of China’s new generation.”

When entering the Zephyr Reflection, a sequence of welcoming lights activates, including the full-width taillamp and headlamps. The Lincoln star lights up, and the welcome mat takes on a flowing, dynamic effect.

The Zephyr Reflection marks the debut of Lincoln’s coast-to-coast screen composed of a digital cluster and panoramic center screen. Nearly all the buttons in the console are equipped with smart surfaces, an innovative digital design where the key icons only appear when activated.

Other notable features include speakers that flow away from surfaces, a minimalist multi-function knob, and a futuristic steering wheel. The coast-to-coast screen combines three advanced screens that offer unique functionality for the driver and front passenger. The split-screen creates the effect of an ultra-wide, smart display where both sides can be adjusted independently, offering the driver relevant information, and the front passenger entertainment options and other information.

The Zephyr Reflection also features Lincoln’s new digital Human-Machine Interface (HMI) language – Constellation. The Lincoln-exclusive Constellation theme inspired by the night sky actuates the young generation’s dream of exploring the universe and accentuates the calming effect of the horizontal designs in the cabin.

The new Lincoln Constellation features three exclusive themes – Normal, Sport, and Zen – allowing customers to choose the interior theme that reflects their mood. The stars of the Constellation take on flowing, dynamic effects, even when doing something simple like turning on the air conditioner.

“Lincoln’s success is not accidental but a result of our ‘Luxury in Your Own Way’ brand philosophy,” said Anning Chen, president and CEO, Ford China. “People, trust, and courage are the three key words that represent Lincoln’s localization success in the China market. I am very happy to see Lincoln driving insights for a new chapter as a challenger.”

Unfortunately, the Zephyr Reflection will not be sold in North America, and as we reported previously, the automaker currently has no plans to sell sedans in the region any time soon following the discontinuation of the Lincoln Continental last year.

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  1. Jorge Esquinca

    Bring this car to the western countries!!! Now those who, like me, don´t like SUV´s or crossovers and are not willing to buy one no matter what, according to Ford nonsense, will have to import AMERICAN branded sedans from CHINA????!!!!

    1. Marcello Felipe

      It is not nonsense. Not only the global market, but the American market has changed the preference over the years and this can be seen by the fall of some segments to the detriment of the growth of others.
      China, as one of the largest and most important markets for many automakers, still has a strong appetite for certain types of bodywork. So it is natural that production takes place where it will be the main focus, exporting to markets that also want them, but that do not have the necessary appetite to justify an investment in local manufacturing.

      1. Jorge Esquinca

        It´s nonsense. I live in Spain and european market is not so SUV oriented as american market is. Over the 50% car sales in Europe are still of hatchbacks, SW´s and sedans. Although SUV´s and crossover sales have increased in Europe , preferences are not the same as in the US. Streets and parking places in Europe are narrower and smaller than in the US and people is more oriented in economy and efficiency. If there´s a vehicle that´s not economical nor efficient, is an SUV. Proof of that are the new sedans (even electric) that MB, BMW, Volvo, Audi, Porsche, VW, Peugeot, Renault or Opel among others have recently developed or are developing. Other example is Tesla, who as an EV is a seller and is not due to the Model Y, but due to the Model 3 and the Model S. Due to sales, Ford itself sells the Focus and the Fiesta in Europe and kept the Mondeo one more year than the Fusion. Even if produced in China, cars like the Zephyr should be exported to other countries.

      2. CEO at Continents Apart

        While Marcello actually understands business and marketing, others with only their own self interest see nonsense.

  2. Crabbymilton

    Well now how can this be? I thought FORD/LINCOLN were finished with sedans? Could we perhaps be seeing some walk back?

  3. Hendrik Joseph Haan

    As always, we are tantalized with external design features that never materialize in the production of the car. The internals aren’t always realistic in a production vehicle, but the external features can be duplicated.

  4. Alan N

    VERY disappointed in Lincoln! I like the MKZ’s. Bought 8 since 2013 model year! I feel they are telling me what to buy or what I like by discontinuing sedans and only offering tall, boxy enclosed truck-like SUVs. What they are doing is making me to look elsewhere, like 2022 ES hybrid SEDAN. Sedans are streamlined and more fuel-efficient. Sad!

  5. KnightSnake

    This car looks stunning. Absolutely stunning! Production model should look virtually the same. The sheet metal seems to be production ready.

  6. jlee

    Just another example of US based companies giving the American consumers the middle finger. They give us crap buy yet they bend over backwards for the Chinese market! Why not put this same energy towards the US market. BTW, I do have a 2017 MKZ and I love it.

  7. JimL

    Come on Ford/Lincoln, bring it to the States!

  8. Peter

    Read my lips said one day an American President!
    Anyway, you can read mine… Lincoln needs a saloon and even Ford.

  9. Marc

    Same for me ..If they don’t announce anything new in the car segment soon . I am looking elsewhere as well .

  10. Lincoln Fan Mark

    Wow, terrific design that takes the Lincoln styling the next evolutionary step. Lincoln MUST get this in USA showrooms and if it’s in production in China there is no reason not to.

  11. Venom5.0

    Bring it to USA, would love to park one next to my mustang. Looking for a 4 door sedan in the future, don’t want a crossover.

  12. Jean-Francois Rivard

    I’d love to see this car in the showroom. This is what Lincoln should have done years ago.

    About the crossover hate: I too was very reluctant to get crossover but needed a roomy / responsive car for family trips to replace my aging Saab 93 Sport Combi (Wagon) as it got to 200,000 miles and felt none of the other Euro wagons satisfied my overall ownership wants.

    I had all the pre-conceived notions about crossovers being inefficient (Not true), heavy (True) and not very responsive (Depends which one you buy)

    We ended-up getting a new 2019 Edge ST and after 1.5 year and 20,000 miles here’s the verdict: It’s comfortable and quiet, roomy, surprisingly efficient, and satisfyingly responsive.

    Despite carrying 4400 lbs vs my Saab’s light 3200 lbs and having 345 HP vs the Saab’s 220 the Edge only gets 1.5 MPG less overall (Gotten over several months / many thousand miles) than the Saab and that’s mostly surface street suburban driving.

    Just for the extra omph gotten by the 120HP and torque / acceleration advantage it’s more than worth the 1.5 MPG cost. The Edge is also capable of 29-30 MPG on the highway at 80 mph (Same as the Saab) which is pretty stunning, the 8 speed automatic / twin turbo V6 pair gets it done.

    As for the responsiveness and handling. The Edge has a heavier feel but equipped with much wider / more aggressive tires and torque vectoring AWD it ultimately has more cornering grip and is more adept at accelerating out of a corner.

    As for the back seat room and cargo utility… It’s pretty obvious which one is the clear winner.

    So after actually owning a sporty crossover and driving it over 20,000 miles the darn thing is mighty impressive.

  13. Bronco forever

    Nice vehicle but the reason Ford/Lincoln can afford to put better materials into Chinese vehicles is because their cost to build vehicles in China is so much less. There is no way they could build these vehicles here and make money. In the past, Ford would put lower quality parts such as hard plastic panels instead of leather. Then hope the customers don’t notice, but we do.
    Some Ford customers complain that vehicles are made outside the USA. I don’t like it either but until someone can come up with a way to lower costs of USA built vehicles its going to continue. Federal, State, and Unions should be working with Ford to solve this problem. This infighting ensures China will continue to win.

  14. Hendrik Joseph Haan

    Are the Chinese safety standards easier to comply with than ours? That might be one reason they make them for China and not us.

  15. Tom

    I agree with other comments, if FOMOCO doesn’t get a sedan into the lineup when it’s time for me to replace my current 2017 model, I’m going elsewhere. I have no interest in an SUV; not to mention mention driving a ridiculous pickup truck for general transportation.

  16. Mike says..

    I can only repeat a familiar refrain…. if Lincoln has nothing for its car customers… Lincoln/Ford will lose them…. maybe forever. The design is a real ‘looker’ having has some similarity to the Lucid Aire. I think Lexus in particular will see its market dominance grow doing the one thing that still challenges Lincoln and Cadillac….. build quality! Just sayin….

  17. James

    I agree with others, Lincoln should have already made this everybody’s not a suv lover, some of us older Americans would love to have a choice of an American luxury car. If it was here I would buy one instead of looking at other manufacturers.

  18. Michigan Guy Driving BMW

    Bring this to the USA and I’m sure it would sell. From all the remarks, people love a beautifully styled luxury sedan.

    Ford – Cadillac has kept two sedans in their US lineup. Lincoln needs to do the same.

    I’ve got a BMW 3 series sedan and would like to park an American luxury sedan next to it in a year or so. Make this a BEV and damn, it will sell. I don’t like the interiors of the Teslas…

  19. crabbymilton

    Yes. Plus, CADILLAC will build that beautiful CELESTIQ here which is great. Perhaps if it draws enough interest, there will be BUICK and CHEVROLET versions based on the same concept.
    Time will tell if LINCOLN will bring this thing over here but it’s best not to hold one’s breath and just take a “whatever” view on cars instead of being fixed on one builder.

  20. Roy Chile’s

    FORD – LINCOLN is sending the wrong message to it’s buying public. A sedan just for them “ CHINA” ? If FORD can build and ship MUSTANGS on both sides of the water which didn’t out the Fusion, why can’t LINCOLN do the same with a new ZEPHYR ? Am done with LINCOLN until they get a real luxury sedan in their US showroom period point blank the end

  21. Roy Chile’s

    FORD – LINCOLN is sending the wrong message to it’s buying public. A sedan just for them “ CHINA” ? If FORD can build and ship MUSTANGS on both sides of the water which didn’t out sale the Fusion, why can’t LINCOLN do the same with a new ZEPHYR ? Am done with LINCOLN until they get a real luxury sedan in their US showroom period point blank the end

  22. ed

    WOW, WOW, WOW, what a gorgeous styling car that is, the Chinese are so lucky to be enjoying beautiful styled American cars, not only from Lincoln, but all the American car brands over there are styling masterpieces. Not like us here in the USA, we love BOX shaped, NON aerodynamic, slow, dump truck handling and the need for a ladder to get into SUVS. NO wonder the Chinese people are the most intelligent people in the world.

  23. thomas

    I am TOTALLY sick of SQUARE SHAPED suvs, i am a fleet owner, seem there are no more cars in America, i am now buying Mercedes and Bmws for my taxi fleet, rear drive as well, thats the way to go.

    1. crabbymilton

      I’m not trying to disparage here Thomas but is there a cost/benefit to buying those over let’s say a TOYOTA CAMRY? If it works for you and your cab company all the more power to you. I just never see MERCEDES BENZ and BMW’s as cabs over here. I know MERCEDES E CLASS’s are very popular in Europe. I do see some METRIS vans in hotel/airport shuttles. Just curious.

  24. Hendrik Joseph Haan

    Ford must think that 80 million people love China as much as Biden does.

  25. Mark

    This is everything the Continental should’ve been. There’s still a market for Sedans but just not ICE sedans anymore and it looks like it has good aerodynamics so it probably would have good range and every luxury brand needs to have options for its customers but they actually need to be good and desirable such as this prototype

  26. Mike

    The new Lincoln Zephyr is a beautiful car. Designed and built in China. Maybe Ford US will be able to produce it in 2025.

    1. Hendrik Joseph Haan

      Don’t for get that when they make it for our market, it must comply to environmental and safety standards of the USA that are non-existent in China. That might price it out of our market.

  27. Jesse Ray

    I buy nothing but american mostly ford but since they allow these car dealerships to markup prices i might be moving on.

  28. Jesse Ray

    What is wrong with our country. I do see more foreign cars than american on the road. They might make a good car but not a great car and they are all made of same materials,people we need to depend and believe in our own products and make our own electronics. My mids drive Subaru couldn’t be more disappointed.

    1. Crabbymilton

      Well if you buy for example a TOYOTA CAMRY, they are built here. My ‘04 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS was built in Canada. Until not too long ago we had a POTUS who was encouraging the idea to build things here. Sadly we now have one who doesn’t.


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