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One-Off 2021 Shelby GT500SE Will Be Given Away To Benefit Cancer Research

Shelby American has revealed a one-off 2021 Shelby GT500SE that was commissioned by the non-profit Cruise for a Cause. Named the “Hope Edition,” the car will travel the United States to help raise funds and awareness in support of cancer research. The special Shelby will also help accumulate additional funds for the charitable organization via a sweepstakes, with the car being gifted to its new owner this fall.

“Everyone has been touched by cancer, whether personally or through someone they love,” said Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American. “We were honored to build this one-off car for Cruise for a Cause’s fundraising campaign. While every vehicle built at Shelby is special, we really poured our hearts into building a car that would inspire people to open their hearts and wallets to help eradicate this horrible disease.”

The 2021 Shelby GT500SE Hope Edition builds on the Carroll Signature Edition (SE) package for the 2021 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. It has over 800 horsepower and a host of upgrades ranging from a lighter dry carbon fiber performance hood with functional air vents to high flow cooling, suspension modifications, and styling updates. Shelby American’s SE package takes the 2021 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and gives it a sharper edge with even greater capabilities, without voiding the warranty. Only 98 SE package vehicles for this model year will be available in North America.

“Since a portion of the sale from each SE package benefits the Carroll Shelby Foundation, it seemed the perfect foundation for our one-off car,” said Dan Neve, founder of Cruise for a Cause. “Collaborating with Gary Patterson, Vince LaViolette, and their team, we chose the options that people want the most, like the Carbon Fiber Track Pack and stunning Anti-Matter blue color. Then we added bold ‘Hope Edition’ graphics in key places within and on the outside the car, plus an official Shelby badge noting that it is one of one.”

Neve founded Cruise for a Cause in 2010 after his mother and wife Linda were each diagnosed with breast cancer, only about one month apart.  At the time, Neve was pursuing his dream car, the new 2010 Shelby GT500, which is when Shelby American became an integral part of his mission. Neve bought a Shelby GT500, which was added to the Shelby display at the EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It was there that Neve became friends with Carroll Shelby and his team.

“My initial plan was to travel and deliver hope wherever I could for one year,” said Neve. “Now after traveling thousands of miles and attending hundreds of events, Cruise for a Cause is known across the country for our dedication to supporting cancer research. We still continue to meet with survivors, victims, and caregivers to offer hope to those who battle this terrible disease.” Today, Cruise for a Cause has no paid employees as Neve donates his time to the charity.

The Hope Edition will make its public debut at the Shelbyfest event in Jefferson City, Missouri, on May 6th.

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