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Vermont Ski Resort Pulls Out Of Bronco Off-Roadeo Following Residents’ Complaints

Days before the 2021 Ford Bronco was revealed last summer, Ford also announced that it was going to host an off-road driving school called the Bronco Off-Roadeo in four different cities across the U.S., and all Bronco Sport Badlands and Ford Bronco buyers would get free admission to the experience with their vehicle purchase. Those locations are Austin, Texas, Moab, Utah, Vermont, and Nevada. But it seems that there’s already a problem with the Vermont location, which was scheduled to take place at the Woodstock Inn & Resort.

The ski resort has now pulled out of the Bronco Off-Roadeo, hosted by a company called Adventure ORX, following a number of complaints from nearby residents voiced during a virtual Pomfret Planning Commission planning meeting that took place this week. The residents were concerned that the resort’s plans to transform its Suicide Six ski area into an off-road course would lead to an influx of activity in the town that could overwhelm its unmaintained roads.

“My initial reaction was this has the potential to create a number of off-site impacts, which may be fine on Suicide Six but (outside the property) could result in traffic congestion and safety issues,” former commission member, Scott Woodward, told the Valley News. Woodward also noted that the Class 4 roads are used by hikers, dog walkers, mountain bikers, and horse riders.

“First and foremost it was the lack of prior consultation and notice that took everybody completely by surprise,” said local resident Richard Cellini. “A dog doesn’t get lost on the road here without people noticing,” he said, adding that “you can’t have Broncos and horses on the same trail.”

The news comes as a blow to both Ford, which now has to find a new location for the Bronco Off-Roadeo, and the ski resort, which needed the event to help it stay afloat financially during the offseason. “We’re talking a significant investment that turns us from a completely not viable business to making our business potentially viable,” said Tim Reiter, general manager of Suicide Six.

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  1. Central Jersey

    “ you can’t have Broncos and horses on the same trail.”.
    You sure can Bronco’s are horses right ?

    1. John

      Yeah, but raised by goats, makes the new Bronco Sport the dirty stepchild of the late lamented Pontiac GTO (not Ferrari, too much bad blood between the F’s)

  2. Paul Vigil

    They can’t help a local business out ? This resort is struggling and they won’t allow this business to help itself?
    Well when he’s forced to sell his business due to the community being uncooperative and he sells his property to Amazon for a new warehouse they’ll wish they could have been slightly inconvenienced.
    You get what you give!

  3. Me

    Of course it’s a bunch of Karens in a blue state, imagine that.

  4. Bronco Fever

    I am sure you can find something here in upstate NY, they have Unadilla and plenty of ski resorts that would probably accommodate such an event.

  5. Michael Fornetti


  6. John

    The original tree huggers would have prevented themselves from 3 days of love and music at Max Yasgur’s farm

    Maybe they could make a deal with Land Rover whose Defender is a prime target) which has a deal with the Biltmore Estate for off roading.

    There are plenty of mud pits that ATVs compete at trailing mud down the highway after, and what about Bristol , the new dirt over asphalt debacle.

  7. Rob

    Wow, these people are a bunch of socialist granola munchers. The icing on the cake is the last paragraph of the article.

    “…which needed the event to help it stay afloat financially during the offseason.”

    Come on people, local business is what keeps your town running. Without the influx of “outsiders” the town will dwindle, business will close. As someone else said, I guess Amazon has it’s eyes on the location now…lol, however, may be a bit to hilly for a warehouse haha.

  8. YankeeTraveler

    Typical Vermont. Snowmobile clubs maintain trails but keeping them clear of overgrowth and fallen trees all summer only to have cross country skies take them over in the winter. But the skiers have the right of way and can complain about the noise.

  9. Hank

    I grew up in Vermont when it was occupied by hardy free thinking hard working Europeans.Then, the woke liberals from New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut bought up all the small farms, turned them into winter ski vacation homes, took over the politics, and now oppose any kind of growth unless it is tied to the”New Green Deal”. I can’t stand to visit even my own relatives who spend most of their time hugging trees. Hope the ski area shuts down and the skiers have to travel to Montana for their ski vacations.

  10. Joe Smith

    Welcome to Berney Land! What would you expect? Tree huggers and not in my backyard supporters.


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