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1978 Ford Mustang II With 20K Original Miles Isn’t A Common Sight

Many Blue Oval and Ford Mustang fans tend to conveniently “forget” about the Mustang II, that disgraced generation of the otherwise beloved pony car. Regardless, the Mustang II was a strong seller in the real world, and there are folks that still love the car today. And for them, we don’t believe that it gets any better than this 20k original mile 1978 Ford Mustang II that’s currently up for grabs on eBay.

This could very well be the lowest-mile, nicest original 1978 Ford Mustang II on the planet, so far as we can tell, though that doesn’t necessarily make it valuable. It’s not uncommon to see cars like this from the Fox Body or even SN95 era, but the “II” is a different story. Regardless, the car has received over 30 bids as of this writing with just under two days to go, pushing the price up over $10k. And it’s selling with no reserve, so this true survivor will be finding a new home soon.

The seller does note that this gem of a Mustang II was repainted back in the 1990s, but it’s in otherwise remarkable original condition. The interior and exterior literally look factory fresh, and there’s no rust to be found underneath. The seller has also gone through the car’s mechanicals and notes that it runs and drives great, which isn’t hard to believe. As an added bonus, every little switch and button works, too.

As far as performance goes, there isn’t much to be had with the car’s 2.8L V6, which was originally rated to produce 104 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque from the factory, and the automatic transmission doesn’t help in the acceleration department either. Heck, it isn’t even rare, as Ford built nearly 200,000 Mustang IIs in 1978, its last year of production before the Fox Body launched in 1979. But if there’s a nicer, mostly original, lower-mile example out there, we haven’t seen it.

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H/T: Barn Finds

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  1. JimL

    I feel an awkward fondness when I look at this. My first car was a Mustang II.

  2. Kenneth Abrahm Lichtig

    If it wasn’t for Lee Iacocca foresight, there would not been a future Mustang as we know it now. Remember the Ford Probe?

  3. Mr. Gary

    Been a Stang guy since the summer of 1964 as a young boy. I did not like the 1974 change back then but thou the years I have become a big fan. They were the right car for the time with good fuel mileage. And really a good looking car too. But that’s in the eyes of the beholder…

  4. JimL

    Amen. #respect to Lee Iacocca and the Mustang II.

  5. Mark L Bedel

    Thanks to John Clor and others, the Mustang II is finally getting it due. Many seem to forget that when you have an icon like the Mustang, each evolution is going to be a reflection of the times in which it was conceived. Hey, it’s been around for more than 50 years of uninterrupted production, not many other models can say that.

    I remember purchasing my first, a ’85 GT H.O. and intentionally waited for for the horsepower rating to crest 200 thinking that this would be the or a high water mark! Shows how wrong one can be given the perspective of time. Now 460 HP is considered “average” in the latest S550!!!

  6. Mark

    I’m still driving my ’74 Mustang II Mach 1. 360,000, Philco-Ford AM/FM with 8-track (it works).

  7. Stephen Dutton

    Back then I remember thinking that the Mustang II was a good looking car. And after I saw it in person I agreed, it is a good LOOKING car. I couldn’t ever buy one.

  8. Arthur Freeman

    I still remember my first brand new car 1978 Mustang II white tan interior and vinyl tan top. Custom wheel caps AM/FM radio. Loved the style, on weekends dressed myself up black outfit, tan leather jacket, tan driving gloves and tan penny loafers. Man that was the good old days!

    1. Greg

      I have a black 78 T Top w/ a 302 V8. Got it in 1991 or 92, don’t recall. It only comes out of the garage in the summer and I get lots of looks and comments, usually thumbs up. The main 2 questions I get are what is it and is it for sale. And they weren’t built on a Pinto frame, that’s a rumor.

  9. Alan Harwood

    I currently own 5 “old iron” mustangs including a 1978 T5 King Cobra which is the crown jewel of my thundering herd. It never fails to attract a lot of attention at car shows and on those rare occasions when I take it out of storage for a cruise. According to Kevin Marti, only 11 were produced and all 11 were exported to Germany and mine was the only one painted Polar White making it a one off vehicle. I feel very fortunate and blessed to own this rare stang.

  10. Dan

    I had a 76 Mustang II with a 4 cylinder and a 4 speed. It was red with a red cloth interior and had a hatchback. It was a good looking car, but wasn’t very fast. It was a blast to drive though. Also had one with an automatic, and it was even slower than the 4 speed. It eventually broke down too many times to fix and I ended up junking it.

  11. Mark Jones

    I had a ’75 Mustang II badged as a Mach I, although I think the only difference was the paint. It was a pretty car, silver-grey over black along the lower panels, and a charcoal interior as I recall. It was a nice car and had enough pep with the four speed for a long interstate trip. Comfy. Decent quality interior, certainly better interior quality than my 2020 GT.

  12. Ll cool c

    My Second brand new car was a 1976 mustang 11 had the
    302 V8 .it had decent performance but I wanted more
    So I had the engine pulled and souped up to 302 boss specs .That made it s barn burner.i couldn’t keep tires on it so I got a positive tract rear snd
    And traction bars.too much fun lost my license!! Would love to get another and do the same mod

  13. Steve Swiftss

    My first Stang was a black and gold ’77 Cobra II with 302, 4 speed, pop-out quarter windows and sunroof. It would wrap the seedo needle around and bounce between 15/20 the second time around, don’t tell me they weren’t fast. Owned it for 16 years and led me to now owning 76 Ghia, 77 Cobra (this one a rare white with green stripe 302 auto with am/fm/cb radio), 78 ghia and 78 Rallye (this one black and gold in and out with 302, 4 speed, both factory ac and t-tops, am/fm/cassette). The last two are both about 400 hp.) Love em all, always will!

  14. Joey Joes

    I have a 1978 Mustang II Rally Appearance Package with only 33,400 original miles on it. It’s white also with the original paint on it. I wish I could post pics of it. But it’s already on here. There’s a video of it.

  15. AztroRover

    The door card/trim has a similar style shape as my Gen 1 S197, lots of generational elements from the mustangs interiors seem similar through the the years. This even shares the side panel swoop. Wild, neat looking era.


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