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2021 Ford Bronco Production Potentially Disrupted By Chip Shortage

Just yesterday, Ford reported that 2021 Ford Bronco production would not be affected by the semiconductor chip shortage, which has slashed the automaker’s Q2 production in half. However, Ford did note that it was having trouble sourcing certain popular parts for the SUV, and those that order them will face delays. Regardless, now it appears that the chip shortage could possibly affect 2021 Ford Bronco production after all.

According to a memo sent by Ford to its employees and seen by Automotive News, the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant – where the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger are built – will close the weeks of May 17th and May 24th. While most of Ford’s North American and European plants have faced closures in recent weeks as a result of the chip shortage, this is the first time it will idle the Michigan Assembly Plant.

As we reported late last year, Job 1 2021 Ford Bronco production began on May 3rd, though production won’t fully ramp up until August. Order holders recently began receiving their scheduled for production emails with VIN numbers, the vehicle’s trim level and configuration, an estimated delivery window based on the order holder’s reservation timestamp, the options and packages chosen, the number of similarly configured models, and the number of allocations the order holder’s dealer has received.

Some Bronco order holders are seeing summer build dates for their vehicles in those emails, so as of right now, it’s unclear if this closure will push those dates back even further. Though Ford has been adamant that the chip shortage will not have some sort of impact on Bronco production, it seems almost inevitable that it will, given the gravity of the situation at the moment.

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  1. royl

    It seems as if ford has plenty of chips for the new bronco (or so they say), but not for other customers, with pending orders…sad. All those waiting for a new bronco, a MY2021, are in for a surprise, the Majority of actual orders ( not the $100 refundable to get in line to order), made when ford “OPENED THE BOOKS”, will not be delivered (if delivered) until 2022-and you can bet at a higher price….we shall see.

  2. Mike says..

    I thought you knew? The Chinese bought up the global supply and hid them in the basement. In time, they will resell them all back to us at a much higher price. The previous administration dreamt this idea up during a trip to Russia……

    1. royl

      What??? This is the most off-subject, poorly informed post I’ve ever read. Trump (the previous admin) Worked tirelessly to bring Production back into the US! This included ford, trying to bring ford production back from mexico Toyota stock piled chips, ford did not. Mfg chips and pharmaceuticals (and those chems needed to produce pharmas) outside the US is insane, something that did not happen during the Trump admin, the swamp is not only big and deep, but-they have succeeded in destroying many peoples critical thinking skills, and their ability to research anything prior to posting crap…..

      1. Mike says..

        You keep believing that….. if it keeps your boat afloat. When you buy in like you have, they stop caring for you or about you…. you are just a number in a bigger plan that you will never be a part of. But I digress, the chip shortage is a problem… to bad you cannot see a US made and led solution. No wonder our competitors are laughing their buts off.

  3. Carlos

    I don’t get it, major company aka (FOMOCO) should have anticipated and seen this coming, isn’t there an American company that could produce these chips?
    JIT does not always work, specially when you’re building a product that’s being long anticipated… I guess I’ll be waiting for my wildtrak a very long time…. but I’m not getting any younger…. let’s see how much patience I can endure… ✌ where’s my Bronco!

    1. Laura

      Carlos, Man, I hear you! Ordered mine April 5 with a build date May 28; delayed til July 12; delayed til July 28. Fingers crossed.

  4. Thomaas Podd

    Make up your minds on the chip shortage for the Bronco. It seems this storage is caused by the Chinese and you have lost control of the production of all Ford products. Maybe you should get President Biden to help China release thier hold on the parts Ford needs or his it his way of stopping production of gas vehicles.


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