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2022 Ford Maverick Reveal Could Be Scheduled For The First Half Of June

For months now, we’ve spied a number of Ford Maverick prototypes driving around and learned a lot about The Blue Oval’s first compact pickup since the previous-gen Ford Ranger was discontinued following the 2011 model year. However, it won’t be much longer before we actually get to see the new pickup in the flesh, as Ford Authority has learned from sources familiar with Ford’s product plans that the 2022 Ford Maverick reveal could take place in the first half of June.

That means the 2022 Ford Maverick reveal is possibly just a couple of weeks away, at the most. And needless to say, there are still a lot of unanswered questions revolving around the new compact pickup, though we already know quite a bit about what we can expect.

For starters, that includes the fact that the Maverick will be quite a bit smaller than the current, mid-size Ford Ranger. However, the base model will also be considerably less expensive, with an MSRP of less than $20k, as Ford Authority exclusively reported some time ago. That will make the Maverick the most affordable pickup in Ford’s lineup – roughly $4,000 less than the cheapest 2021 Ranger, which is a SuperCab, not a SuperCrew like all Mavericks will be.

The base model Maverick will come equipped with incandescent exterior lighting, steelie-style wheels, a lower-cost, twist-beam rear suspension, and a rather strange exhaust setup in a front-wheel-drive configuration. An all-wheel-drive version with an independent rear suspension will also be available, as will a more rugged, off-road-oriented trim level that could be called Timberline.

The 2022 Ford Maverick will be available with either Ford’s 1.5L EcoBoost I-3 or an optional 2.0L EcoBoost I-4, both of which will be mated to the automaker’s eight-speed automatic transmission. A naturally aspirated four-cylinder remains a possibility for the entry-level model to keep costs down, while the Maverick will also come with a hybrid powertrain option.

The Maverick be built alongside the Ford Bronco Sport at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant, with which it shares the Ford C2 Platform along with the Ford Escape. The Maverick is expected to enter production in July.

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  1. Mike Parnell

    About time.

  2. MAJB Retired

    Need a two door, a longer bed and a standard transmission.

  3. Joel Thornburg

    Mexico? Really Ford? Not getting my money!

  4. Seth Benowitz

    You did not specify the bed dimensions. As any hard core trucker knows, that is critical in evaluating whether this model will be of interest to me. Please specify.

  5. Roger Housley

    Will the 2022 Maverick be able to be towed behind RV’S. Because be light weight it would be perfect.

  6. Richard Jensen

    This pathetic excuse for a truck will not start under $20k. First off, it’s Ford so it will be massively overpriced for what you get but also the same as the equally garbage Ecosport. Not happening.

  7. Lee

    Revealed in June, huh? So it probably won’t be available until 2030+? Sounds about right.

  8. James

    What is a “naturally aspirated 4cyl. engine”? Is it just a basic 4cyl. with fuel injection and no turbo? A 3cyl. engine doesn’t appeal to me, how do they keep it balanced! I hope it is short enough to fit in my driveway in our the trailer park.

  9. Mark Probst

    I have had 3 F-150’s and loved every one of them. However since the price of a new one has far exceeded what I could afford and the used prices continue to stay high as well I was resolved to continue driving my nearly 20 year old F-150. Back in 1999 I purchased a Chevy S-10 and it was a great little truck for me. Would possibly still own it but it was a manual and my knees no longer could deal with driving a manual. I am ecstatic about hearing of the Maverick. I hope it is what I would be interested in. Quad cab, a bed large enough for what I need to carry and provide good gas mileage. It is about time that an automaker, like Ford, makes an affordable and small truck for us who don’t need the big and expensive trucks that are made right now.

  10. Mike

    Ford wanted and might have worked to get Trump out so they could build this in Mexico, along with the Bronco, without having to worry about the president calling them out. I planned to get one, but not now. Unless something changes, I’ll be done at 64 Fords bought.

  11. Christopher Edward Riggin

    Amazes me when I hear the trash talk from people. First off not everyone needs or wants a large truck. The current ranger is larger than a 200 f150 was. The people that talk shit about price well do a little research and you’ll find that ford is one of the few companies that actually charges the same for hybrid as mid level ice. As for people complaining about the 3cyl ecoboost almost all manufacturers are going to a turbo 3cyl including chevy on the new camaro. I give ford and hyundai credit for recognizing a market that the rest have ignored

  12. Roger Housley

    Will this maverick be able to tow behind RV’S ?

  13. Roger Housley

    Can I maverick be towed behind an RV

  14. Roger Housley

    Can Maverick Towed behind RV’S

  15. Roger Housley

    Will this maverick be able to be towed behind RV’S

  16. Mark Wilkins

    Eco sport is jnk. I leased one. Made in mexico what a joke.

  17. Roger Housley

    Will there be a 4×4?

  18. STEVE



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