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Biden To Tour Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center Before F-150 Lightning Reveal

Last fall, Ford Motor Company announced that it had already broken ground on the brand new Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, which will build the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning, adjacent to the Ford Dearborn Truck Plant, which builds the ICE-powered Ford F-150. Just yesterday, Ford announced that it will reveal the F-150 Lightning on Wednesday, May 19th, but President Joe Biden will get a sneak peek at the new Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center the day before that – on May 18th, according to Crain’s Detroit Business.

The new manufacturing center at the Dearborn-based Rouge EV plant, once complete, will add 300 jobs and is part of a $700 million investment in building the all-new 2021 Ford F-150 lineup, including the first-ever F-150 PowerBoost hybrid. The new jobs will support battery assembly and production of the F-150 PowerBoost hybrid and fully electric F-150.

The first-ever all-electric Ford F-150 is scheduled to enter production at the new Rouge Electric Vehicle Plant in mid-2022 for the 2023 model year, though its body and paintwork will still be completed alongside ICE-powered F-150 models at the Dearborn Truck Plant. Ford says that the F-150 Lightning will be more powerful than any F-150 available today and will provide owners with the lowest expected lifetime total cost of operation of any existing Ford F-Series truck.

Biden’s visit to the new plant underscores his heavy involvement in the automotive industry since taking office back in January. The president has already pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, a goal he intends to reach by investing heavily in electric vehicle incentives and constructing 500,000 additional EV chargers across the U.S. However, to date, Biden has resisted setting a date to end new ICE vehicle sales in the country.

Another major task facing Biden is addressing the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage, which has resulted in millions of vehicles being cut from production in recent months. Biden has thus far promised congressional funding and legislation designed to help in that regard, but he may stop short of invoking the Defense Production Act to redirect chips to automakers from other industries.

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  1. Mark B

    Hey, at least he drives a ‘vette!

    1. Bill

      We can all hope he no longer is allowed on the road.

  2. Me

    He’ll already have forgotten about it the next day.

  3. Bard

    This infuriates me. Biden doesn’t give a damn about American workers. I’d bet less than 10% of F-150 owners are Biden supporters.

    1. Jake

      You’d be surprised. The F-150 is the best selling truck in America so I doubt that 90% don’t support him. 60% maybe but I doubt 90%. Also one of the main campaign pledges (and he still is talking about) is taking back American jobs back from China and some of his efforts are starting to show. He recently made it mandatory that all government purchases (such as solar panels, pencils, paper, chairs) must be made in the USA to help the US economy instead of going towards Chinas or Mexicos. (Which should’ve happened many years before but it didn’t but now it’s done). Not to mention all the American job creation that happened since he took office and how well the stock market has been functioning.

  4. BC

    Todd get your head out of trumps-ss

  5. Tom

    Biden will have no clue what he’s looking at. He’ll wander around like a zombie and maybe say a few words (looking directly at a teleprompter) that are incoherent. What a disgrace for a U.S. President. Shouldn’t there. at least be a requirement to have held a real job before you can run for any gov’t job?

  6. Lee

    Ok y’all, stop calling Sleepy Joe the president. The phony, fake, washed-up wannabe couldn’t pour p!$$ out of a boot with the directions printed on the heel. God help us…


    I’ll bet he thinks he is @ Disney.

  8. Mike says..

    Clearly…. some of you guys used way too much bleach!


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