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Carroll Shelby Commemorative Whiskey And Vodka Announced As Unconventional Tribute

The role of Carroll Shelby in FoMoCo racing endeavors and go-fast vehicles is the stuff of legend. His last name has become synonymous with extremely-capable, high-performance Mustangs, like the 2020 Shelby GT500 and Shelby GT350, and there’s even a street named after him in Dearborn. In honor of his contributions to the automotive industry, and in cooperation with Carroll Shelby Licensing, GLACIER45 Distillery has released a limited-run of commemorative bourbon whiskey and premium vodka bearing his name.

“Carroll Shelby and his racing team celebrated their victories with almost as much vigor as they did earning them,” said Neil Cummings, CEO of Carroll Shelby Licensing. “Having spent decades working closely with Carroll, I’m confident he would love the quality of the new premium bourbon whiskey and vodka. Both were crafted and perform to a level that would meet his approval.”

Shelby’s personal racing number 98 has been incorporated into the bourbon, which is distilled to an alcohol strength of 98 proof. Production of the whiskey will be limited to 2,000 bottles, each of which will be numbered for collectability. The 80 proof vodka is a gravity-fed custom blend that is naturally gluten-free, and will only be available from a single run of 3,000 serialized bottles. Distribution is currently limited to the western United States, with retail partners in California and Nevada. It can also be purchased on-site at the GLACIER45 Distillery in Baker City, Oregon.

“Carroll Shelby has ascended from automotive icon to pop culture legend,” said Ryan Chaves, CEO of GLACIER45 Distillery. “His legacy as an automotive designer, racecar driver, entrepreneur and author has created a massive fandom over that past six decades. GLACIER45 Distillery received a license from the company that he founded to give all those fans another way to celebrate Carroll Shelby through a line of premium spirits that reflect his passion for performance. Distribution continues to grow across the Western United States as word spreads about these collectible bottles.”

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  1. Lee

    Hmm, may be time for a road trip to Oregon in my diesel powered Ford truck, c’mon. That would make room for several cases of each while towing a 40′ toy hauler. Try THAT in y’all’s MachE or Tesla.

  2. royl

    Oregon is the second to last state you want to purchase liquor in, their liquor tax is 500%-600% higher than many state, even commiefornia! All drugs are legal in Oregon, but alcohol is taxed as if it were the plague! Heroin, meth, crack, are okay in oregon-talk about being woke! I wonder how many childern have died due to this “policy”?

  3. Lee

    Royl, I’m aware of can/bottle deposits at point of sale but liquor, not so much. Here in Washington…dang near as much tax (more in some instances) as the base price of the product. We travel about 45 minutes (in our non-electric vehicles) to avoid the exorbitant taxes in Washington.
    Beyond that, having a few cases of the Carroll Shelby branded bottles could be worth serious money 🤑💰 a few years down the road and we enjoy camping in Oregon (after we stock the beer coolers in
    Washington). Giddy up.

  4. todd sperber

    Too far to drive from Pa. Anyone shipping??

  5. Ken McDonald

    Will we be able to get Mr, Shelby’s
    Whiskey and or vodka
    Throat medication in Australia
    Or we to be overlooked again !


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