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Commerce Secretary Raimondo Strongly Supports U.S. Chip Production

As the global semiconductor chip shortage continues to have a major impact on automotive production, automakers, chipmakers, and government officials are working to figure out how to solve the ongoing crisis. Regardless, once the shortage is a thing of the past – which may not happen for months or even years, depending on who we’re talking to – it’s clear that U.S. chip production is key to preventing it from ever happening again.

Increasing U.S. chip production has been a key point pushed by President Joe Biden and is a component of his proposed infrastructure plan, but now, Biden’s commerce secretary, Gina Raimondo, is throwing her support behind increasing domestic production as well as a way to reduce America’s dependence on Taiwan and China.

“Right now we make 0 percent of leading-edge chips in the United States,” Raimondo said during a recent virtual conference. “That’s a problem. “We ought to be making 30 percent because that matches our demand. So, we will promise to work hard every day, and in the short term also see if we can have more chips available so that automakers can reopen their factories.”

Currently, 47 percent of global chip sales stem from U.S.-based semiconductor firms, but only 12 percent of production comes from America. Most of that has been outsourced overseas, though 37 percent of global semiconductor production does occur in the U.S. Intel, for one, is currently working on converting its U.S. plants to produce automotive chips, but that process will reportedly take around six to nine months.

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During a recent White House summit with automakers, Biden called the chip shortage a “top and immediate priority” and stressed “the importance of encouraging additional semiconductor manufacturing capacity in the United States to make sure we never again face shortages.” Biden’s infrastructure plan includes a $50 billion dollar investment in semiconductor manufacturing and research.

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  1. Richard

    Big deal, Trump already proposed less foreign dependence and got no recognition or support. Then, got voted out in a fraud.

    1. Tommy Striker

      Trump proposed tons of things he never made good on…ask anyone he’s ever married or done business with. Good on anyone for bringing manufacturing back to US! Been long overdue!

    2. Mike says..

      I thought you knew? The Chinese bought up the global supply and hid them in the basement. In time, they will resell them all back to us at a much higher price. The previous administration dreamt this idea up during a trip to Russia……

  2. Steve

    Richard you nailed it all except for the “voted out part” he was pushed out….

  3. Me

    We were headed down that road with 45, but allegedly 80 million voters want us to go back to being buddies with China.

  4. Lee Glidewell

    Why is this even a topic for discussion/debate? P!$$ on China/Taiwan. Also on ‘chips’ and China’s buddy, Sleepy Joe.
    Go back to building simple, basic ICE vehicles without all the electronic gobbledegook distractions the way Henry intended.
    As long as y’all are still p!$$ing, include the battery operated unsafe junk wherever it’s from.

  5. Mike says..

    Blah Blah Blah….. whiners, haters and complainers…. good news is, I doubt FORD would ever want you in the room with them….. why are you so bent on hurting American workers? Just sayin….

    1. Lee Glidewell

      Seriously Mike says? Biden put over 100,000 Americans out of work the first time he sat in the oval office when he signed the executive order to stop the pipeline construction.

  6. Mike says..

    I don’t see the whole country up in arms at this decision…. even thought I think it was a bad decision. You seem to be fond of looking backwards in time as a way to hold your beliefs and have something to talk about. You cannot un-ring the bell. The current administration would appear to be doing things differently…. hate them for it? fine… if it means you don’t have to deal with the here and now.


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