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FoMoCo CEO Jim Farley Hints At Future Ford U.S. Plant News

Ford CEO Jim Farley has quickly developed a reputation for spreading rumors and speculation via his Twitter account, something that his rival/budding pal Elon Musk is famous for. This includes, most recently, hinting at a possible future all-electric version of the Ford Bronco, as well as his desires for a North American Puma. Now, Farley has dropped a hint that some Ford U.S. plant news is forthcoming, most interestingly, in a reply to a tweet wishing his daughter a happy birthday.

The response stems from a question asking Farley why Ford is moving significant production to Mexico while other automakers are investing in U.S. production, to which Farley responded “Pls wait in the coming months, we have something for you.” Currently, the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant builds the Ford Bronco Sport and soon the Ford Maverick, while the Ford Cuautitlan Assembly Plant builds the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Mach-E Production

However, the tweet is referring to Ford’s decision to built two future EV crossovers – one Ford and one Lincoln, codenamed CDX746 and CDX747, respectively – alongside the Mach-E at the Cuautitlan plant in Mexico, a decision that drew the ire of the United Autoworkers Union (UAW) after it originally planned on building the EVs at the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant, then the Ford Ohio Assembly Plant.

Regardless, it’s worth pointing out that Ford hasn’t closed a U.S. plant in several years (save for the Ford Romeo Engine Plant, which will close next year, though employees will be offered positions at nearby plants), and continues to produce a large number of vehicles in America. Meanwhile, the automakers mentioned in the tweet only choose to do so because it’s cheaper than producing those same vehicles in their home countries.

We’ll have more on this forthcoming Ford U.S. plant news as soon as it’s announced, so be sure and subscribe to Ford Authority for non-stop Ford news coverage.

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  1. Tigger

    Hopefully an additional product for Flat Rock.

  2. Lawrence M Brennan

    Maybe the IDIOT aught to get all the plants running and shipping cars and trucks. This guy should be FIRED.

    1. Jim

      Couldn’t agree with you more my friend..Farley has demonstrated that he’s not capable of managing a hot dog stand let alone FoMoCo!! Focus on what Americans want and stop jamming the green agenda down peoples throat!!

  3. Ken

    Not true about plant closing. Romeo Engine plant is closing next year.

  4. Ted

    Romeo engine is slated to close in 18 months. It’s had the highest quality and best quality launches ever in Ford history. We’ve got a great team out at Romeo. Keep Romeo open and keep Ford alive and well in a great community!!!!!!!

  5. Randy

    Romeo Engine has been known as having “The Best Engine Builders in the World” along with quality recognition. We are slated to close in Nov. 2022. I invite you to come out to visit our facility Mr. Farley, we can build anything Ford Motor Company needs. We just want to continue working for Ford in Romeo, Michigan. We just need the opportunity with new product.

    1. Tigger

      Romeo is a great plant with great people. Too bad the union “leadership” threw you under the bus the last contract. Hopefully it will be repurposed to build batteries or something.


    Gee, Another wet dreamer. This boob sends out tweets to his daughter and that’s how he tells of Ford’s future?Ford has been mismanaged for years. This clown is making all the right noises for the stock holders, however he is not for Fords future. BTW he is closing the Romeo engine plant !!!

  7. Robert Smith

    Perhaps the reason BMW, MB, Toyota, Honda, Kia, can build in the USA, is because they aren’t union workers. Get rid of the Unions and watch the jobs move back to the USA.

  8. Richard Malott

    Did Ford forget about closing the Batavia Ohio plant a few years ago

  9. Fred

    Romeo Engine is a great place with great people. No reason to shutter this plant. Very disappointing to watch a U.S. plant close while adding new work in Mexico. If you want us to buy new cars we need to build new cars.

  10. Victor Morella

    Ford is on the right track, now that Hackett s gone. Farley is the right choice.

  11. Charla Pauley

    Romeo Engine is a great place to work. We do have a great history of quality here. I’m a 3rd generation auto worker and would be delighted to see Romeo being apart of this new work.

  12. David A. Losey

    Please keep Romeo open they have a great workforce , and has stepped up to the plate for the company for years

  13. David

    I implore Mr. Farley to bring new product to the Romeo Engine Plant. The people have pride in anything they do – it doesn’t have to be engines anymore! Bring them product and they will show you how invaluable they are to Ford Motor Company.

  14. Eric

    Romeo Engine is slated to close November 2022.
    We have a great Workforce here and Very Diverse Members.
    Be Great to be a Part of Fords Future Electric Vehicle Ops!
    Keep the work here at Romeo Engine and in the U.S.

  15. Tammy Aguiar

    I have had the pleasure of working for Romeo Ford Engine Plant for almost 27 years. Right out of high school, this was my second home and second family. This plant has had the best quality. I still don’t understand why it’s being closed when we have so much to offer. I remember when we were first told, the area I work in was complete silence, for a week or so. Utter shock. We bust our butts in here to give the customer the best and they shut us down. We could do any work that is thrown our way. I believe we have proven that over the years. SAVE ROMEO ENGINE PLANT!

  16. Melissa Thompson

    Save Romeo engine we are the best engine builders, we have a great team here quality is always first.

  17. Leslie

    Romeo Engine Plant is a great place to put new work! I drive an hour from the north to support my 3 kids and myself. I appreciate this job every day! Hopefully this plant can remain open for not only my family but also the city of Romeo.

  18. Mike

    Hopefully we get some good news from Ford about keeping union jobs in America with his coming announcement. Mexico has gotten far too many new products. Ford says they are an American family company, prove it.

  19. Ben theredunthat

    Rumor has it the big news is Romeo engine plant is closing a year early due to chip shortage, and employees will be NOT be offered a bridge. Current behavior of management points to this.

  20. Enrique R. Zambrano

    Romeo is a great place to build anything that Ford asked to buildo or make, we just need for the Company to keep us open, send more work and we will showed you what we are capable to do.

  21. William Shakespeare

    Rumor has it that Mr. Farley is planning to announce the build of the new Joule-e-ette EV battery at the Romeo Engine Plant. Now that is a play that everyone would love to see!

  22. Ken

    Very clever Bill S…..

  23. Cary

    Another perfect example of mismanagement at Ford Motor Company! Makes perfect “Ford Sense”! Do everything they can to screw the American middle class. Romeo was originally built to be supplement to Windsor engine production. We have built more engines with better quality than them with half the people since 1994! It has never been enough for whoever is in charge! Keep your eye on that dividend Farley!! That’s all that matters I guess.

  24. Matt

    It’s great to finally see a car guy running an automotive company.
    Mr. Farley is the right choice for Ford. I am an engine builder on the Romeo Niche line hand building the Shelby GT 500 engines. Romeo has built many iconic products. Romeo engine is ready to build the future. Keep the Romeo Engine Plant Mr. Farley.

  25. Cedo stojanoski



  26. Nicholas Stefani

    That would be awesome if Ford could find a way to help out the workers at the Romeo engine plant. There’s a lot of great people that work there and it would also be great for the community. From The VDPL Chairman Nicholas Stefani and local 2280 President Paul Lafave

  27. Beverly Patton

    The family we have Romeo are a very diversified group. Romeo Engine Plant is a virtual melting pot of employees. We can build anything put in front of us. We have built seats, door panels, instrument panels, bumpers, transmissions, axles all the way to building the whole vehicle. All that we all want and need is to be given a chance to stay open to support our families. Please put Romeo Engine Plant your top priority and keep us open. Keep us working.

  28. Jason

    New products are good. Especially if they can save an existing plant from closing. A plant like, oh I dont know, Romeo Engine perhaps? Pretty please with crankshafts on top….

  29. Oreo


  30. Lee

    The people at Romeo are hard workers and willing to do whatever it takes to keep Romeo alive.

  31. Doug

    Romeo Engine is slated to close in 2022, We have a great team of employees here and we just need new work there to prove again that we are the best, Please bring in new work, we would all be happy and work even harder yet.

  32. Trixie

    SAVE ROMEO! We drive from all over to work at this location. These people are family and this is home. We have been assured that the majority of us will be placed at close plants such as Sterling Axel and Van Dyke transmission. I, on the other hand, am not so sure that ALL of us will be making the cut. This will mean the rest of us will end up at plants over 50 miles away. I already drive an hour to get to this location…. another 50 miles away means I’m selling my house and up rooting my children’s lives. Please save Romeo Engine! Keep work in the US and Keep Romeo thriving.

  33. Travis

    Been at Romeo for 26 years, it’s the only home I know! That being said we are closing November 2022 and are being offered temp jobs at Sterling and Van Dyke which is BS. It sucks that foreign car companies are more American made then our own. One last thing is it’s hard to be loyal to a company that isn’t loyal to you! FAMILY.

  34. James P

    How about a honest update on 2021 Bronco’s that people are waiting for, are they coming or not?

  35. Ronald Houle

    Ive been reading what most of my co-workers have wrote above. There is nothing I can say that they havent said. We by no means are millionaires. Like the people who make these decisions on weather Romeo stay open or not. We are people who moved are families closer to where we work so we can work a good day and get home to see are families play sports, do dance, or whatever they enjoy doing. With Romeo closing it adds at least a 20 minute drive if you live north of Romeo if we’re lucky enough to go to van dyke or sterling plant. I hope you hear these people Mr Farley. These are hard workers and I think that counts for something. Thank you

  36. Michelle Stratford

    The assembly workers at Romeo Engine Plant are The Best Engine Builders in the World. They are good, hard working people. Please send new work to Romeo Engine Plant.

  37. Maria Maniaci

    Please keep ROMEO ENGINE open !!

  38. Antonella lupo

    Mr. Farley, If you take the time to come and take a tour to Romeo Plant Accomplishment , You Will see that Employees at Romeo have always exceeded all challenges to build all quality engines so please keep Romeo plant open for many more years to come thank you .

  39. Richard Malott

    Keep fighting for your jobs maybe someone will hear you and keep your work in U.S.

  40. David Hill

    I would think, as a person such as yourself, a business man, you would take what is already given. The future IS electric. There is no doubt. Why build a facility when you have a building in Romeo, completely paid for. FoMoCo owes the building outright. It has for over 40 years. This building and its people are family. ONE TEAM. Use electric trucks to deliver parts to the plant. Save this building like this building did in WWII. Making airplane wings, trucks, tractors, engines and battery packs. Save these families.


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