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Ford China Strategy Primarily Focused On Crossovers

Chinese Ford customers, unlike those in North America, have a few sedans still available to purchase, including the recently updated Ford Mondeo, Escort, and Taurus. Then there’s the gorgeous Lincoln Zephyr Reflection concept that debuted at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show to much fanfare. Regardless, Ford CEO Jim Farley insists that the overall Ford China strategy remains focused on two- and three-row crossovers, which he called the “heart and soul” of the automaker’s business in the country while speaking during today’s Capital Markets Day presentation.

This crossover-focused Ford China strategy is evident in the automaker’s multitude of new products in the country. This includes the recently-revealed Ford EVOS, which was specifically designed for the Chinese market, as well as the Ford Mustang Mach-E – which is produced locally and utilizes Ford’s China-specific SYNC+ operating system – and the all-new Ford Equator.

Lincoln has also found great success in the Chinese market, having doubled its market share in the country over the past year. Additionally, Farley noted that a total of 90 percent of Lincolns sold in the market are now produced in China.

And even though Ford still sells a handful of sedans in China, Farley referred to them as “supplemental” during his presentation, which could indicate that they might be going away at some point in the future there as well, even though the automaker recently updated not only the Mondeo but also the Escort in that market.

Either way, it’s clear that crossovers aren’t just incredibly popular in North America – they’ve also caught on in places like China and Europe. What that means for the future of the passenger car, and more specifically the sedan, remains to be seen.

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  1. Jorge Esquinca

    Ford inisists in the nonsense of cancelling all its sedans and letting a whole market segment go. Not everybody likes SUV´s or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what. Those customers forced now to go to other brands looking for a sedan may not come back to Ford when market trends change again as they will become familiar with other brands. Market is cyclic and no human activity lasts forever. The actual SUV cancer will pass too. Particularly when SUV or crossover box design results boring to the eyes quite fast. The high position when driving is also not atractive for those who like a sportier and more stable driving. All Ford competitors know this and are keeping at least one sedan in their lineups. For a company with the experience and expertise of Ford there´s no excuse in not being able to do this. After 30 years buying Ford products (Mustang, LTD, Thunderbird, Crown Vic, Mercury Cougar, Mercury Grand Marquis, Lincoln Town Car, etc.) and as actual owner of a Mondeo, a Focus and a collectible Scorpio Cosworth, when the time comes to trade the Focus or the Mondeo (I´ll keep the Scorpio) I will look somehere else but there´s no human power that´s going to make me buy an SUV or a crossover for the simple reason that I don´t like them.

  2. Mark L Bedel

    If that is what seems to be selling there, I’d say go for it. If Ford is going to sell Crossovers and SUV’s there because that’s what they are primarily manufacturing, I’d say be careful. Understanding the market you plan to sell in is crucial for any level of success. Ford does have sedan, hatchback and wagon, (shooting brake), alternatives manufactured in Europe though, so it isn’t like they don’t have any offerings if that market reads in that direction.

    Maybe the Chinese still actually enjoy driving though…so be careful!


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