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Ford Expects 70 Percent Of Full-Size Van Segment To Be Electric By 2030

Currently, Ford enjoys a dominant position in the commercial vehicles market, owning a 43 percent share of the full-size commercial market alone, while its next-closest competitor commands roughly half that amount. Much of that is due to the success of the Ford Transit, which the automaker is electrifying with the forthcoming E-Transit. And that’s just the beginning, as Ford expects that 70 percent of the full-size van segment will consist of EVs by the year 2030.

The automaker revealed that prediction during this year’s Capital Markets Day presentation, which was chock full of EV and commercial market news. Other tidbits include the fact that Ford believes 30 percent of the full-size truck market will consist of EVs by 2030, news that the automaker plans to reduce its EV battery costs by 40 percent in the next few years and invest more into electric vehicles in general, unveiled a new name – IonBoost – for its battery packs, shared news that a Ford Explorer EV is in the works, and launched Ford Pro, a commercial vehicles service company, and a connected vehicle platform called Blue Oval Intelligence.

Thus, it became crystal clear from Ford’s Captial Markets Day presentation that its focus remains laser-sharp on both electric vehicles and the commercial vehicle market. It plans to grow the latter through Ford Pro, which will function underneath the automaker’s umbrella but as a separate entity, creating a one-stop shop for fleet customers in an effort to increase uptime and productivity while reducing complexity and the total cost of ownership.

In addition to substantial growth in the full-size van segment, FoMoCo also believes that the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro will find success in the commercial market as well, helping to dramatically reduce costs and improve uptime thanks to the truck’s electric drivetrain and lack of moving parts.

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    Just like we were all going to have autonomous self driving cars !
    All the talking heads parrot what they think the people want. Never mind feasibility or reality. The current CEO is the new darling spewing out all the things the board and shareholders want to hear. My favorite recent deposed prediction was the autonomous car fiasco. It was the wave of the future till they killed some people then a very low key “ I guess we were a little too optimistic in our timetable”
    Don’t believe Fords propaganda machine is all I am saying.


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