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Ford F-150 Lightning Makes Guest Appearance On Tonight Show: Video

Ford Motor Company went to great lengths to ensure the reveal of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lighting – the first-ever all-electric Ford F-150 – was as a big a spectacle as possible. The reveal itself took place at Ford’s Dearborn headquarters, blasted across a massive screen that covered the entire front of the 12-story building in a mesmerizing display. But aside from that, Ford ran quite a few ads leading up to the reveal across a number of platforms, including a bit on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Mind you, the F-150 Lightning itself didn’t appear in the bit, at least, only in Fallon’s crude drawing that makes a humorous attempt to replicate it. Otherwise, the comedian just discusses the truck’s many virtues with Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins as he attempts to justify buying one to haul pumpkins around during pumpkin season.

After noting that he saw President Joe Biden driving one, Fallon says “I gotta get it, I wanna get it. I looked into it because you know, I’m a truck driver.” Fallon notes that he already owns a Ford F-150, which is actually true. Back in 2015, Fallon turned his truck buying decision into a whole recurring bit before choosing a 2015 F-150 King Ranch. Hopefully, if he’s serious, Fallon already secured a reservation for the Lightning, however, as production in 2022 will be limited.

Fallon reckons that he can fit around 100 pumpkins in the bed, and notes the interior is more spacious than his first studio apartment. But he’s enamored with the F-150 Lightning’s 0-60 time, Mega Power Frunk, towing capability, and ability to power an entire house for up to three days. However, his attempt to show how the frunk actually works, well, is pretty hysterical.

We also get to hear quite a few potential uses for the frunk, including having a place to store beer and even the possibility of turning the whole thing into a hot tub. We’re not so sure if anyone will actually do the latter, but the former? Well, that’s guaranteed to be a hit during the 2022 football season in every tailgating lot across the country.

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  1. Jukka Häyrinen

    He’s dull. What ever happened to Conan O’Brien..

  2. RRJ

    I want one.

  3. Mark L Bedel

    The Frunk is the real fascination…only limited by what the mind can conjure!

  4. Bob Dobson

    Fallon is a SJW POS, the coward who told his lifelong friend Norm MacDonald he couldn’t come on the Tonight Show because a staff member was upset that an allegation was made against McDonald that turned out to be 100% false. Thats what kind of guy Fallon is so nobody gives a Sh!t what he wants to drive, him in the F150 only devalues it. His ratings have dropped just like all the other SJW, we can only hope he fades away into the distant past. Good Riddens!

  5. Mortimer Duke

    Fallon is a tool. Silverado material at best. Kimmel and Myers too.

  6. Richard Tweedle

    Thanks for reminding me why I don’t watch Jimmy Fallon.

  7. Tom

    If he (or any of the other late night “comedians”) were actually funny instead of liberal mouthpieces this discussion may have been meaningful. All this does is alienate a significant portion of the F150 market. Besides, way are we even hyping people up on something that’s not even going to be available for a year.

  8. Gary.

    Such hate in your 💕

    1. Bob Dobson

      Your confusing honesty with hate

  9. Dave Mathers

    Fallon has raved about his F150 for a couple of years now. And he was really excited about the new Lightning the other night. Great PR for Ford.

  10. William H Lanteigne

    The EV mpg-e is calculated in with the rest of the fleet to lower the overall CAFE, allowing Ford to sell more polluting, inefficient, gas-guzzling trucks and keep within their CAFE requirements.
    EV sales allow companies like Ford to better manage their carbon credits (Tesla makes more selling carbon credits than it does selling cars).
    ICE vehicle sales are at a plateau; EV sales are growing fast. Growth appeals to investors. Flat sales figures do not.

    Interesting that some who will never buy an EV under any circumstances are so threatened that Ford would design, build, and sell a vehicle they don’t want and won’t buy.

    Chill, snowflakes.
    Nobody is going to force you to buy an EV.
    Nobody is coming for your guns, nobody will make you burn your Bible, nobody will force you to eat broccoli.


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