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Ford F-150 Lightning Reservations Reach 70,000 In One Week

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In just one week after its debut, the all-electric 2022 Ford F-150 Lighting had secured 20,000 reservations in just the first 12 hours they were available. Just a few days later, Ford revealed the F-150 Lighting Pro, the entry-level, commercial-focused version of its EV pickup. Now, F-150 Lightning reservations have reached the 70,000 mark just one week later, the automaker has announced, a number buoyed by the less-expensive model’s unveiling.

“The F-150 Lightning Pro is much more than an electric utility,” said Ford CEO Jim Farley. “Made for commercial customers, it gets better over time and is connected to services that will help drive business productivity. More and more companies are committed to becoming carbon neutral and expect electrical products that can easily integrate into their operations. Ford is uniquely positioned to meet this demand because we have a zero-emissions pickup truck and van, and many of our customers want both vehicles in the fleet.”

“Telemetry data from more than 144 million miles shows that the average commercial F-150 customer in the U.S. travels less than 174 miles on 95 percent of their daily trips,” added Ted Cannis, general manager of Ford’s North American commercial business. “And they control their costs closely – they buy what they need and not a penny more.”

The F-150 Lightning Pro starts out at $39,974 with the standard range battery, which provides an EPA estimated 230 miles of range. Adding the extended range battery, which provides an estimated 300 miles of range, adds another $10,000 to that price. However, it’s worth noting those range numbers might be a bit understated, as Ford Authority recently reported.

Meanwhile, the non-Pro XLT trimmed Lightning will start out at $52,974. Pricing for Lariat and Platinum trims has not yet been announced, but the automaker did say that prices can reach as high as $90,000, depending on how the truck is equipped.

As Ford continues to add to its tally of F-150 Lightning reservations, future owners will have to wait until production of the all-electric pickup begins at the new Ford Rogue Electric Vehicle Center ahead of the vehicle’s launch in spring of 2022. Unfortunately for some, production will be limited for the Lightning’s first model year, however.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Do not get too excited if the marketing is anything like the bronco you might receive your vehicle by 2026. Great vehicles poor delivery.

    • Ford has a 8 year 80,000 warranty for hybrid batteries and systems, and the F-150 doesn’t have a 100k warranty anyway.

  2. I ain’t too sure about this whole electric stuff, solar panels included! I’ve been watching some videos on taking trips and finding/using charging systems out and about. In particular the The new Mustang MachE. Seems like this (4Door Mustang)????? Has it’s fair share of Issues Already just “Trying” to receive a decent charge so you can Continue on your Trip somewhere? Has issues with FORD PASS??? And on and on! If this F-150 Lightning cant get a Recharge in a decent amount of time, what good is it for Anyone? Also, it’s a bit unclear “To me anyway” as to just what it entails to charge these Electric Vehicles on a 110VAC Household Current, and just how long to get a Full Charge, and the Cost’s to do so?? “O” someone says Just Put up SOLAR PANELS?? It’s FREE THEN??? And PG&E will pay You instead of you paying them??? U F R!!!! FORD Has Got to Step up there game, make things seamless for there customers to do things with there Costly New products. And the up front cost of this New Lightning needs to be doable for those interested in this Technology. Anyway, it can’t be full of BUGS at Launch, but it will be without doubt, just based on what I’ve seen up to this point. And $90K. Ain’t hapnin here!!! I already own a house!! Jesus, get real FORD!!!

    • Ken: Unfortunately your government does not want you to drive, plain and simple. This issue with the chip shortage is awfully convenient for setting up this EV changeover, don’t you think?

      We’re being talked into surrendering our freedom over a glacier that’s been melting for over 18,000 years!

      Think about that.

  3. Since Ford thought up this thing; In my opinion: the 2000-2004 Ford LIGHTNING is better in every way that the 2022 150 LIGHTNING is not! If & when i buy a Ford Lightning: it will be the 2003!

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