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Ford Maverick Spied Testing Alongside Ranger Provides A New Size Comparison: Photos

With production of the 2022 Ford Maverick expected to start in July, Ford Authority now has additional photos of this new model testing with its mid-sized stablemate, the Ford Ranger. We’ve spotted this duo together before, but these new angles and less camouflage on the Maverick provide yet another perspective on FoMoCo’s upcoming compact pickup truck.

Even with some distance between them, the difference in overall height is significant. The pictured Ranger is clearly taller than the Maverick as a result of the former’s body-on-frame construction and the ensuing ground clearance.

Set to be produced at the Ford Hermosillo plant in Mexico, the new Maverick will share its C2 platform with the Ford Bronco Sport and Escape. Standard front-wheel-drive models will feature a twist-beam rear suspension, while all-wheel-drive variants will have a more complex independent setup to accommodate the rear axle shafts.

The picture below shows the two distinct Maverick rear suspension configurations. The example at left (technically at the front) appears to be front-wheel-drive, with a simple rear chassis configuration. The one on the right has low-hanging silver control arms and the exhaust routed close by, signifying the independent suspension of the all-wheel-drive model.

Pricing for the new 2022 Ford Maverick will start at just under $20k, as Ford Authority exclusively reported earlier this year. Powertrain choices are expected to include FoMoCo’s 1.5L EcoBoost Dragon three-cylinder engine, along with the 2.0L EcoBoost four-cylinder as an option on higher trim levels. Both would be mated with The Blue Oval’s new eight-speed automatic transmission.

It’s possible that Ford may equip base trim Mavericks with a naturally aspirated four-cylinder, in order to meet a lower target price point. For those looking to venture off the pavement in this new compact pickup truck, a rugged off-road focused trim level is expected, likely named Timberline.

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  1. commbubba19

    what is the market segment these vehicles are targeting? i wasn’t aware there was a demand for ‘compact’ pickup trucks.

    1. Ryan

      People that liked the old S10s and Rangers. The current ‘small’ offerings (New Ranger, Colorado, Tacoma) have grown quite a bit. My wife is very excited for this actually, she drives an Escape. She misses her old Ranger though but doesn’t like how big the current generation has become. Guy next to me at work also said he was excited for it. He has an Equinox, and a Duramax truck. He said I always just end up using the Equinox as a mini truck though, stuffing all kinds of crap in the hatch. If he can get a truck that gets similar mileage to his Equinox that he can daily drive, he’s all for it.

      So just 2 anecdotal examples of the market for it. There’s people out there that want a truck but don’t like the size, cost, or mileage of current options. Exactly how many is yet to be seen, but seeing as how it shares a platform with the Escape/Bronco Sport I don’t think the volume has to be enormous to be profitable.

      1. Bob

        I have owned a S-10 and loved the size of the pick up truck. I rarely haul anything and I have never hauled anything over 2,000lbs. Most people use a truck for daily use instead of a car and this vehicle will be perfect for that purpose. Good gas mileage, can handle 4-5 people and still haul a small taller or camper. When it comes to doing chores around the house/yard, a small truck is all one needs. I currently own a 2011 F150, this is too big for me and would prefer a vehicle I don’t have to climb into and but will do some hauling. I’m looking forward to test owning this truck.

    2. Patrick Ford

      These are for people who generally drive alone or with just one other person and make the occasional trip to Home Depot for their gardening and small project supplies. Its actually a fairly large market, depending on pricing. It could be a perfect vehicle for a 2-car family.

    3. Hawke

      I personally heavily prefer smaller trucks to full-size trucks. I absolutely love the older Ranger, S10, and Older Tacomas, but they’re getting harder to find in decent condition for reasonable prices. Depending on how this thing looks and the price they want, It’d be down to this and the new Hyundai Santa Cruz for my tiny truck needs. Something that can haul garden supplies, the occasional furniture purchase, bikes and gears, all while being small enough to navigate much easier on small city streets and get decent gas mileages compared to their larger cousins. Shame it doesn’t look like it’ll have a supercab, let alone regular.

    4. Gary Hickerson

      There will be a market for “small” pickups, when biden gets gas over $5 per gallon.

      1. R.L.

        Well, knowing how liberals operate, that should happen in about another month.

      2. Bob

        since the price increase is due to the pipe line shut down, no one can blame the President of a Cyber attack.

        1. GC

          The price increased a week after Biden became President. It will get to over $4-$5/gallon before he leaves. NOTHING to do with the cyber attack. Biden shut down the Canadian pipeline project so his cronies could haul it with their trains and trucking companies. Common knowledge.

  2. whypac

    Ford’s market demand for this segment is Ford building these instead of cars.

  3. Ron Wilkinson

    I’m really excited for this vehicle. I absolutely love my 2001 Ranger but it is getting tired. I’m a handyman and it is really easy to work out of my truck bed toolbox. The bed on the new Ranger is much higher. Wish I could post a picture of my 2001 next to a new model to show the size difference. My wife thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to buy a Ford Maverick. Her first car was a rusted brown 73’ Maverick.

  4. Pop-Pop

    I’m looking forward to this truck for my grandsons. I currently drive an F-150 Supercrew FX4, Yukon and S-10. I see the Maverick as a starter truck for them to take to college, etc. Than one day they can move up to the F-150 if they desire.

  5. bill

    As suspected, the Maverick isn’t much smaller than the Ranger, which isn’t much smaller than the F150. Mere inches difference between the three.

  6. Mike Parnell

    You would think, with this truck supposedly starting production in July, that Ford would have revealed it already, especially considering Hyundai has already revealed their new Santa Cruz small pick-up, and are taking orders for it, which is starting production in July. With Ford, it is all about the Mustang Mach E and the electric F150, every other launch ( like the Explorer ), has been terrible.

  7. Bob Hoehn

    I have a new Ranger XLT. Didn’t really want or need the extra size of the F150. The Ranger fits in my garage and gets pretty good mileage. It really fits my needs perfectly and is just the right size for what I need.

  8. James

    I looked at Rangers, I liked them a lot, but they are a struggle to get into without running boards or a step. Do we really need 17″ & 18″ wheels? The Maverick may be what I am looking for, I’m not wild about a unibody truck though. I can’t wait to see one! Also I hope Ford improves on their body rustproofing for all vehicles.

  9. stryder13

    Definitely would like to see a standard/regular cab version. I do not like the look of a 4 door pick up. Maybe an extended cab two door but not a 4 door. Probably not likely to happen with a uni-body truck though.

  10. Gary Turner

    Bed length in the Maverick is too short. Better to add 2 feet longer bed length and configure it with a regular / standard cab. Extended cab another option. Add a diesel motor and a plain jane 4 cylinder engine without turbo. Many of the older Ranger’s had 4 liter V6 from Germany and 4 wd option. Rear drive models could be had with the small 4 cylinder, initially a push rod motor which got decent fuel economy. Times do change.

  11. Rod

    Looks the size of my 2001 f150. Why do they do this?

  12. Gary Turner

    The vehicle industry will reach a point where larger & fully loaded features is no longer feasible. The buying public will reach a point where they cannot justify paying $30,000 to $75,000 for a new vehicle. I would think mainstream downsizing will be the most practical approach. Many buyers only need basic vehicles that cost less = roll up windows, high torque but much less horsepower. Skip the heated seats & power windows, go back to simple keyed doors & ignitions. Regular cab trucks with 6 & 8 foot beds were once fine but now we see 2 rows of seats and a short bed. If all you haul is a washing machine I guess a 4 foot bed will have to do…but why?

  13. Rick Drackert

    Well there is kind of a market for it I still have my 2011 ranger 160,000 trouble-free miles but I want a new truck but the price f-150s I mean $80,000 I’ll buy a condo before I do that these guys driving brand new raptors using them as work trucks that’s a waste all you need is something with a five and a half foot bed gets decent mileage you got a great work truck

  14. Rick Drackert

    I mean sent it as a as a work truck and I see these guys driving a ram rebels and big $70,000 Silverados and it’s got buckets of paints spilled in the back and everything customers freak out when they see a vehicle like that because of the they are afraid your prices are too high you just have a nice looking truck to get the job done that’s it I’ve had nice trucks I at least trucks for 25 years sometimes after one year I would return it and get the next model and after it was all said and done what was the point I mean you you’re not going to drive around town and take the trunk lid off your wife’s car and use it as a pickup truck you just need a small truck something to throw a sheet of drywall in carry a couple of buckets of paint I imagine soon you’ll see brand new 100,000 plus Hummers setting used as work trucks I had to work trucks when I was in business and am paying six and seven hundred dollars a month on each one plus insurance that’s taking money out of your pocket it’s not helping you make money with your business

  15. Misty Bee

    I disagree. I’d love a truck but have no desire to drive a massive gas guzzler that barely fits in my garage all the time for the convenience of a monthly fishing or camping trip and the occasional yard work requirement. The benefit isn’t worth the trade off for some of us. My dad owned many smaller trucks when I was growing up, and they were always sufficient for our needs. My son wants a truck, but is very frugal and refuses to ditch his 30+ mpg compact just because he likes the look of a truck better. To each his/her own. ::shrug::


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