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Ford Mustang Lawsuit Filed Over Defective Trunk Lid Wiring Harnesses

With electronics and technology dominating modern vehicles, one faulty harness or wire can wreak havoc on a number of features. That is apparently the case with 2015-2017 Ford Mustang models, which are the target of a new class-action lawsuit. The Ford Mustang lawsuit – Enrique Rodriguez, v. Ford Motor Company, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois – alleges that the wiring harness located in the trunk lid is defective, according to Car Complaints, which causes a myriad number of features to stop working.

Those features include the car’s backup camera, satellite radio (causing poor reception), and the trunk lights and trunk release, and can also cause trouble codes B115E, C1001, and B1A89 to appear. Ford apparently knew about the problem and issued a technical service bulletin back in 2018 that addresses the defective trunk wiring harness, which is located in the right side trunk lid hinge, and also recommends a repair procedure.

However, the automaker has not issued a recall or offered any sort of extended warranty to address the issue, and plaintiffs argue that the TSB procedure – which involves splicing a new wire into the harness and adding two new solder joints – doesn’t solve the problem, and in fact makes the harness even more likely to fail, as the solder joints are inflexible and prone to breaking.

The plaintiffs in the Ford Mustang lawsuit claim that the wiring harness failure is a critical safety issue, as it disables important features. At least one owner has had his Mustang repaired under the TSB, only to continue to suffer inconsistent outages in regards to the backup camera. Others have said that they’ve taken their cars in for repairs, only to be told that nothing is wrong.

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  1. Mark B

    Stay tuned I guess? I fortunately haven’t yet experienced any of these travails with my ‘17 Mustang GT.

  2. Gary.

    Well they sold more then 300,000 those years so that would cost what we call a pretty penny. But ford needs to step up.

  3. Floki

    Had a 2015 v6 mustang and had nothing but issues with the rear camera due to the faulty Wiring Harnesses. Had the car taken in and repaired 3 time for this same problem… And it was never resolved

  4. Quinn

    I had to fix mine twice, once at a dealership and once on my own. It was absolutely ridiculous

  5. The Gentle Grizzly

    What is it with Ford? I’m an old man, and can recall neighbors having electrical issues with their Ford cars as far back as the 1950s.


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