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Ford Says Google Android Operating System Will Have Robust Third Party Apps

Earlier this year, Ford Authority reported that Ford would begin using the Google Android operating system in its vehicles starting in 2023. That revelation was part of the two companies’ newly announced six-year partnership that will also include the use of Google technology in Ford’s internal operations. Now, Ford has revealed (via last week’s Capital Markets Day presentation) that its new Google Android operating system will also have robust third-party apps available when it launches.

Ford has long worked directly with a number of other companies to develop its SYNC software, including Mappo, TomTom, Blackberry, and Panasonic. Consumers have enjoyed the convenience of integrated third-party apps on a number of platforms, which only enhances the ownership experience. The difference is, with the new Google Android operating system, Ford will save a ton of money over developing its own software.

“We were spending hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions every year, keeping up with basically a generic experience that was not competitive to your cellphone,” Ford CEO Jim Farley recently revealed.

In addition to third-party apps, Ford’s new Android operating system will contain a number of Google apps as well, including using Google Maps as its main navigation system and Google Assistant for voice commands. The Google Play Store will provide easy access to a wide array of other Google and third-party apps, too.

It’s believed that FoMoCo will begin to phase out SYNC once Ford and Lincoln vehicles adopt the new Android operating system starting in 2023. The two companies will also create a new entity called Team Upshift, which will develop new software-based systems for Ford, encompassing the vehicle development process, assembly plant operations, mobility operations, and the retail side of the business.

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  1. Truck Guy SC

    Android… robust… 😆😆😆
    Just give me an entertainment unit w the CarPlay interface… I’ll take it from there..

  2. Lee

    Oh great 😌. More electronic gobbledegook distractions.

  3. Town Crier

    MyLink doesn’t have problems? BS! Google a bit before you post such nonsense! There’s a class-action lawsuit out there for MyLink, and bunches of problems documented.

  4. Neil

    Android is the operating system of the people. It is super easy to use, not as restricted as anything apple makes, and just plain works. This will lead to massive savings on Ford’s end. The question then becomes, will they pass that savings on to the customer or just continue to screw them with the same crazy high prices they currently offer. I used to be a Ford guy. Once it got to the point I could buy a Lexus or BMW for the same price that is a substantially better vehicle, I left and never looked back.

  5. John M Russell

    Ford sells the best selling sports car in the world, (look it up)……not BMW or Lexus. And which BMW or Lexus gives you 460 HP for $40K. Nada, zero, zilch. 5 years and my Ford has seen the dealer one time for an a/c vent issue. Wife’s Mustang GT Coyote will eat any BMW’s lunch anywhere close to what she paid and has never seen the dealer for 2 years so far. Even an oil change for a BMW is a bad joke at $150 to $175 compared to $30 to $40 for a Ford and about $80 for a 10 QT Coyote. Maintenance costs on a BMW is a seriously bad joke. Loved our 320 iS and put over 300K miles and never opened the engine but today’s BMW’s are ugly, very expensive to buy and maintain plus many are just not so good drivers.


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