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Ford Shares 2021 Bronco Production Update With All Order Holders

After waiting many years for the Ford Bronco to return, fans waited several more years following the announcement that the rugged off-roader was coming back before Ford revealed it last summer. The automaker started taking reservations for the 2021 Ford Bronco that very day, with the expectation that deliveries would begin this spring. However, a number of supply chain issues soon pushed deliveries back to summer. And while a handful of order holders have received scheduled for production emails now that production has begun, many are still waiting. Today, however, Ford provided a 2021 Bronco production update for all order holders.

Unfortunately, it isn’t good news, nor does the email, which we’ve included in its entirety below, provide any specific details about when order holders can expect to see their vehicles enter production. Instead, the 2021 Bronco production update email largely reiterates the fact that a number of supply chain issues are causing delays, most specifically, the molded-in color hardtop.

Ford’s production capacity for MIC hardtops is far exceeded by the number of orders it received for them, and its supplier simply can’t keep up. The automaker said that it is “investing millions of dollars to fix our roof supply issue,” but admits “that investment, unfortunately, won’t materialize overnight.”

According to Bronco Nation, hardtops aren’t the only thing holding back a number of orders from reaching production. It also suggests that those who want to ensure they receive a 2021 model year Bronco also consider switching to trim levels other than Wildtrak and Badlands and remove the Sasquatch Package and tow package. According to a Bronco Nation source, “a Big Bend four-door automatic with the 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 engine will catapult you to about as close to the front of the line as you can get.”

Otherwise, this email doesn’t contain any sort of specific information and is rather vague in tone. Ford admits that it cannot provide order holders with any specific delivery window, but also provides a bit of a consolation prize for those waiting – priority access to the Bronco Off-Roadeo. But for those awaiting some sort of idea of when their Bronco might actually enter production, well, they’ll just have to keep waiting.

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We’ve all been waiting to get back to the wild for a long time now.

You’ve been patient. And we thank you for that.

We’ve been doing everything we can.

Through the pandemic.

Through unprecedented demand.

Through supply-chain hurdles and countless other things you don’t give a damn about.

All you want is a Bronco.

The reason this email is down to the wire is because we’ve been doing everything we possibly can to avoid the need to send it. This launch has scuttled our best intentions and assumptions, so we want to set things right by talking to you straight: we are not yet able to give you a delivery timing update.

This is due to our Achilles heel in this launch, the hardtop roofs. Our production capacity doesn’t match up with the actual orders we received. And while we are investing millions of dollars to fix our roof supply issue, that investment unfortunately won’t materialize overnight.

Given these challenges, we unfortunately can’t provide you with a definitive delivery window. Instead, we will alert you as your Bronco achieves every milestone in the production process:

Scheduled for Production – This email will provide an approximate build week.
Built – This email will confirm your vehicle is produced and awaiting final calibrations and accessory installs. It will include the estimated arrival date at your dealership.
Shipped – This email will confirm your vehicle is on its way to your dealer and include the latest estimated arrival date.
We know those emails can’t come soon enough. So for those who need to get off-road right now, we’re offering priority access to our complimentary off-road driving experience, the Bronco Off-Roadeo. Register here. We’ll also keep creating opportunities for you to experience these beasts in person in your local area, which you can learn more about through Bronco Nation here.

We are deeply grateful for your undying love for this vehicle and we thank you again for bearing with us. We’re going to get these Broncos out there, and we can’t wait to see you out there. Doors off. Roof off. Way off of any paved surface.


The Entire Bronco Team

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Tim papirnik

    Well I’m not waiting for a email as Ford of Canada has done absolutely nothing to inform its bronco customers. We are told to go to the Ford of Canada website to check the progress on our bronco with updates, all it says is to contact your dealer. The dealer is pissed because they know nothing. This is the worst vehicle introduction and your customer service is a joke a poor one at that.

  2. commbubba19

    hilarious as usual that a manufacturer doesn’t understand it’s target buyer. of course everyone wanting a bronco will want a badlands or wildtrack. Then you offer a pure off road package with 35’s and are surprised that everyone orders that? hahahaha

    way to go Ford

  3. Don Wood

    Ford’s new vehicle production foot-dragging must be doing wonders for the sales of Jeeps and Land Rovers. Who made the brilliant decision to contract out the manufacture of roofs and other key components of the new Bronco. What happened to the days when Ford manufactured every part of the old Broncos?

    1. NCEcoBoost

      Yeah, I’m sure that Jeep is doing cartwheels in mid-air (not so much Land Rover as this is not competition as much). By now, I’m tired of hearing endlessly about this vehicle and I’m not even a target customer.

  4. Tim papirnik

    Yesterday I checked the websites of twelve jeep dealerships within three hours from where I live. Not one had any Jeep’s in their inventory one had three on route. So if I even wanted to drop my order and purchase a jeep I would be waiting.
    Frustrating times, I agree why did Ford not either build their own roofs or at the least have two manufacturers supply the product.

    1. Greg

      Because China told them they couldn’t thats why

  5. Benny Bryant

    I’m 59 years old and a lifelong Ford buyer. This launch has been terrible . I am now forced to go hunting for something else in a sky high used vehicle market since I sold my king ranch f150 too early in anticipation of getting my Bronco this summer. If I buy new it certainly will not be a Ford 🙁

  6. John

    Brett, the email I got said the Achilles heel was the painted roofs, so apparently Ford has 2 Achilles heels. Does this mean they cannot ship ANY hardtops?

    Why not just build and ship sans hardtop, to be supplied later.

    1. Brett Foote

      You can opt for the soft top and get bumped up the list, according to Ford. The painted hard top has been pushed back to the 2022 model year already, but the MIC top is also proving to be a problem as well.

  7. Tim papirnik

    Just read an article to what the major cause of the delay is. Seems if the report is correct the problem is not with Ford manufacturing but a suppliers inability to perform and deliver.

  8. Carmen Groditski

    Guys, don’t feel too bad, at least you get updates. I ordered the Ford Bronco SPORT 3 months ago and have NEVER RECEIVED ANY NEWS!. Dealer says the same, we know nothing, until we are notified we do not know what to tell you. But I do see in the news that plants will be idled for 2 weeks, so more delays and yet the SPORT model doesn’t have too many problems with roofs, etc. It is primarily chips.

    1. Greg

      Congratulations on the purchase of your new Ford Edge

  9. Tom L

    The Off Roadeo is also a failed launch. It doesn’t exist. Just another empty promise by Ford. Oh, sure, you can register….but you can’t make a reservation because the venues aren’t set up yet, and one has folded completely (Vermont).
    When I tried to register for the Roadeo, the website couldn’t even confirm my purchase. (No access to Ford’s purchase data base. What?) They’ve only had two years to figure this out and have completely dropped the ball. The website looks and operates like it was designed by grade schoolers.
    And now Ford will give priority Roadeo reservations to those with a Bronco order but no vehicle ? What about those of us who have already paid for and received our Bronco Sport?
    “Back of the bus, you losers! We already have your money, so get out of the way! Fresh fish are on the hook. Once they’re in the boat we’ll talk to you. Maybe.”

    I’m so disappointed with Ford’s unrealized expectations that I’m almost ready to walk everywhere.

    1. Greg

      I mean why would they invite a Ford Edge to the bronco off roadeo?

  10. Mike says..

    This is all very frustrating to be sure…….. but life happens and there has been a ton of interference coming at FORD from so many quarters that they have no control over. For those of you that still think only your issues matter, please cancel your order and move along to a competing brand. I suspect that they also will not relish having you as customers either! Now before you start setting your hair on fire, really think about it and what you sound like.

    1. Habeas Porpoise

      Here’s my thoughts on the whole “no control” thing…
      1. You exercise control when you choose to relinquish control over aspects of a plan, to third parties. Thats still your problem when they cant come through. Slight excuse because thats basically how everything is done these days.

      2. If you truly cannot control the performance and delivery of something, then the product you’re offering is communication. You have to be on top of this so I dont feel like I just gave you some money and have no idea what’s happening. I’ve been hearing “well based on allotments and your delivery group, we think June/July is when you’ll see delivery.” Sure, this was from my dealer, but Ford cant use the excuse that the dealer shouldnt have given that timeline, when the only info on my ford reservation page is “contact dealer”

      3. I was already asked to switch from dual tops to carbonized hard top, to avoid delays. I was supposed to get a credit (still havent gotten that) to compensate for that — and now its this same hard top thats causing Ford to issue this “you’ll know when you know” bs? Clearly they severely missed the mark here.

      Im in an OK position because I have until end of year to make a decision on my current car, but it would be nice to take advantage of the used market and make some nice coin of the sale. Hoping that might still be the case whenever Ford gets around to making good on my order.

      And yeah, I’ve been poking around my local dealers for a wrangler 392. it scratches a different itch and is actually available, so, I dont know maybe I’ll just do that.

      1. Naissa

        $75K price tag for the 392 is nuts, though.

  11. Jay Sweezey

    I’m sure glad Mike is here to lick the boots of Ford, because there are very few Ford fanboys left right now. Someone has to do it!

    Mike must have somehow missed the part where Ford thought it would be cool to add over 3 THOUSAND “priority” orders ahead of the people waiting in line for nearly a year.

    1. Greg

      You sound like a very entitled person

  12. Tom L

    Thanks for your comment, Mike.

    I know it’s been a difficult year for all of us, but I’m getting tired of everyone blaming Covid for everything. That’s a cheap excuse for consciously making bad decisions.

    You know nothing about me nor how much it hurts to be told I’m not as good a customer as someone waiting in the wings, who has not spent any money or taken any risk.

    I did everything Ford asked of me. I paid for a reservation to build my Bronco Sport. Waited 2 months before the order banks opened. Waited 8 months for it to be built and another month before delivery. At closing, I found that Ford raised the price from the signed contract price. Stab in the back number one.

    Been looking forward to the Roadeo since placing my reservation. Now, to be told that others will get preferential treatment is offensive to me. Stab in the back number two.

    Again, I did everything Ford asked of me and I expect them to live up to their end of the bargain.

    I’ve been a loyal Ford customer, stockholder and employee for over 30 years. To be kicked aside and be criticized for venting my frustration is, as I said, offensive.

    The Bronco Sport is a great vehicle. It does so many things so well. (Except for Sync 3, but that’s another story ). I feel sorry for all the men and women who poured their life into this product, only to have some marketing person make the purchasers feel second rate.

    The value of the Roadeo may be only 1% of the purchase price, but this decision about who gets to participate first has made me 95% dissatisfied with Ford.

    1. Mike says..

      You seem to ignore the fact that COVID was not and could not be ‘planned for’. As ‘for consciously making bad decisions’, you really think FORD or any company that wants your business would ‘consciously make bad decisions’? You are right, I don’t know anything about you and I am sorry your feelings got hurt, but its not about really about you. This whole thing sucks big time for companies and customers. If you really are so offended, the smart thing would be to take your business elsewhere. Stab in the back, kicked aside, criticized and offended…. I don’t think so but thankyou for putting your thoughts to paper…. you do make some very valid points.

    2. Greg

      Then sell your new Ford Edge and go buy something else stop crying. You think they want a bunch of broke down Ford Edge on the roadeo?

  13. richard thomas

    I did get tired of waiting and when to JEEP. Sorry but they also say never buy the first model year. So after 5 years in 2026 you Guys will be ready. And it better be available with a 5.0

  14. John

    It’s astounding how entitled and weak so many commenters are. For f’s sake, it’s a car. Buck up.

    I own a company involved in the supply chain of the Bronco. Some genius wants to know why Ford outsourced the hard top and doesn’t make their own anymore. As if the solution to a stronger supply chain is a dedicated Ford plant that molds its own roof tops, instead of a group of diversified global manufacturers of things such as molded tops.


    1. Greg

      Stop lying you don’t own anything bro.
      You don’t gotta lie to kick it.


    Can you communicate to Ford that ordering Bronco with the Soft Top would be an easy choice for us if Ford would just pre-wire & pre-plumb the chasis for a future hard top. As it is now, any soft top vehicle cannot operate the rear window heat & wiper of a future hardtop.

  16. Chris

    So it’s delayed because of the hardtop and you’re going to have to wait a little longer…omg . So your going to get a jeep or take your business elsewhere because your butthurt. What if Ford never decided to re launch the Bronco? What would you complain about then? It sucks and nobody is happy about it, but it will get here, in the meantime get over yourself. Ford doesn’t owe anybody a pat on the back for buying their product. You buy it because that’s what you wanted. You didn’t order a jeep because you wanted a Bronco.

  17. David Dickinson

    I will buy a Bronco…when I see one on the lot and can drive it off. Realistically, I have tempered my own expectations and plan to get a 2023 Bronco. Serenity now!

  18. Lou

    The only thing I’m expecting at this point is an honest time frame of when my Bronco will come in.

    I’m 63 years old. I suffered a catastrophic motorcycle accident last fathers day. A month later I was diagnosed with cancer that left me having an organ removed. I’m willing to wait until 2022 for my Bronco. 2023 would probably be a no go.

    At this point I’m just looking for an honest time frame so I can make good decisions for myself. It shouldn’t be that difficult for Ford to look at current production capacity and give that to people. If it shows up early I would have a smile on my face, the way they are doing things now not so much.

  19. Dale

    Did everyone get an updated production email by the end of May? I didn’t. I have an email dated 2/27/21 from Ford when my order was confirmed. Why didn’t I get an email towards end of May?

  20. Benny Bryant

    The email may have went to your spam folder but it basically just stated that Ford has no freaking clue when they can build our Broncos that were reserved almost a year ago. In closing it stated that Ford is proud to offer us a Bronco exactly the way we want it as long as it is 4dr Big Bend with soft top and no options.

  21. Paul Doelle

    “Provided production updates for all Order holders”. Are you kidding! NO information is what is being provided. The Dealerships are being left in the dark. This is probably the worst product launch in automotive history. The revamp Bronco was hinted in 2018. I made my reservation in August of 2020. No information on any aspects of when this car will ever be produced. I am scared to think of the engineering problems that will arise on this first run. Look at the 2014 Escape transmissions failures. Treat your loyal customers like mushrooms.

  22. Jerod

    Has Ford delivered any of the new Broncos to customers? I do have an order and I know they will send an email with dates specific to me, I was just wondering if any of them are getting to their anxious new owners yet??

    1. Benny Bryant

      I don’t think Ford was even supposed to start building Broncos for customers until this week and then it’s usually 6 weeks to get it to a dealer .

      1. Jerod

        Thanks. As soon as I asked the question I started seeing stories that production has begun. Maybe it won’t be too long now!


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